I love Tiffany

I love Tiffany Trascorrere un estate a New York quale migliore occasione per due ragazze che arrivano da una cittadina di provincia Trovare un impiego nella gioielleria pi famosa del mondo quale emozione pi grande i

  • Title: I love Tiffany
  • Author: Marjorie Hart Annalisa Volta
  • ISBN: 9788854139657
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trascorrere un estate a New York quale migliore occasione per due ragazze che arrivano da una cittadina di provincia Trovare un impiego nella gioielleria pi famosa del mondo quale emozione pi grande il 1945, quando Marjorie Jacobson e la sua migliore amica, Marty Garrett, arrivano nella Grande Mela Dopo avere ricevuto una serie di rifiuti, quasi per miracolo riescTrascorrere un estate a New York quale migliore occasione per due ragazze che arrivano da una cittadina di provincia Trovare un impiego nella gioielleria pi famosa del mondo quale emozione pi grande il 1945, quando Marjorie Jacobson e la sua migliore amica, Marty Garrett, arrivano nella Grande Mela Dopo avere ricevuto una serie di rifiuti, quasi per miracolo riescono a ottenere un lavoro da Tiffany come commesse, suscitando l invidia di tutte le amiche Come per magia, per loro si spalancano le porte di un mondo scintillante e alla moda conoscono personaggi ricchi e famosi, incontrano Judy Garland e Marlene Dietrich, si trovano alle prese con famosi gangster e affascinanti playboy, frequentano i locali pi in voga E proprio a una festa esclusiva in cui riuscita a intrufolarsi, Marjorie s innamora un giovane della Marina fa breccia nel suo cuore e la ragazza dovr prendere una delle decisioni pi importanti della sua vita

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    1. What a delightful read! My favorite thing to do this past week was wake up, make my cup of tea, and sit and read this while listening to the birds outside. The perfect beginning to summer days. It's hard to pinpoint what makes this book so good--it's really just the sweet, simple, humorous and touching reminiscences of one small-town Iowa college girl's summer with her best friend in NYC when they become the first female pages at Tiffany's in the final summer of World War II. Yet, as we all know [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars* I was going to start this review by saying that Summer at Tiffany by Marjorie Hart is the perfect summer read, but I can’t say that because it’s a fantastic read no matter the season. This completely delightful memoir tells the author’s story about the summer of 1945 when she worked at the iconic Tiffany & Co in NYC. There’s something completely transportive about this enchanting book. After only a few pages, I felt like I was right there feeling the sticky summer heat in [...]

    3. This book was so delightful. Being a vintage and New York City fanatic, this was a magical read. Learning about Tiffany & Co behind the scenes (and in the forties) was so awesome, and the fact that the author and her best friend were the first female employees to work on the sales floor is amazing! I've never been inside the Tiffany's on fifth avenue but I have stood outside it and it is a magnificent building, I remember first learning about Tiffany's after watching "Breakfast At Tiffany's" [...]

    4. If you’ve ever wanted a short escape into the innocence and charm of bygone years, this is your book. In 1945, college student Marjorie and her friend have the amazing luck of spending the summer not in dullsville Story City, Iowa, but in the Big Apple! Their miniature apartment is a dream, seeing all the famous stores on Fifth Avenue is a dream, but the biggest dream of all is landing a job at Tiffany & Co! Can you imagine?! They spend the summer working, window shopping, entertaining vis [...]

    5. When Marjorie and Marty, two pretty Kappas from Iowa University, arrive in New York in 1945 looking for a glamorous summer job on Fifth Avenue, little do they know that they would land a job at Tiffany's of all places.In this sweet and charming memoir, Marjorie tells the story of the best summer of her life, she and Marty being the first women ever to work on the sales floor at Tiffany's. It is full of awe and wonder and made me long for a time when getting dessert in a fancy restaurant was a sp [...]

    6. What is not to love about this sweet book, written by an 82 year-old woman about her 1945 college summer as a page at Tiffany's? I loved all of the authentic references to the styles and events of that time. Marjorie and Marty are college girls from Iowa, on an adventure in New York City and enjoying every minute despite the war. Hart details the enchantment of the city and the thrills the girls experience. From the way they landed jobs to their first glimpse of the ocean to the things that are [...]

    7. I really thought this was a delightful and charming book! It's the true-story of two girls from Iowa, best-friends Marjorie and Marty, who take a summer to find jobs in New York. It's mid 1940's (already a plus for me as it's one of my favorite eras for stories) and the war is coming to a close, so in addition to the story itself being simply lovely, there's a fair amount of historical information as well. Marjorie and Marty are loveable characters and it's easy to see why the make such great fr [...]

    8. I almost didn't write this review, because I picture the author as someone's grandmom and I hate hurting grandmoms. They're pretty much my favorite class of people, but while this book seemed like such a cute summery read - girls in the 40s going to the big city to take on the world - it was no substance, mostly fluff, and not even enough fluff to make it through the 150+ pages. I was hoping for a memoir that would be like a real world Breakfast at Tiffany's. Instead, its a watered down nostalgi [...]

    9. It has the formula for a GOOD story, perhaps even a novel. But instead it's a (bleh) memoir. I loved the details about Tiffany & Co. circa 1945. And the descriptions of young women living in NYC at the time were also lovely. I felt nostalgic without having been alive then.But the structure irked me. Some plot points were dropped entirely, two in particular that could have been embroidered into a truly interesting story: Jim and Yale!! The author dispenses with both as if they were of no impo [...]

    10. Such a delightful tale of two girls' adventures in New York! The 1940's setting was nice, and I enjoyed the many references to fashion and music. So neat that it is a true story as well! Great fun!

    11. I was drawn to this book given the author's Iowa roots. The way she describes a summer in New York between school years reminded me of myself during a summer internship in "Hollywood." Unfortunately her POV and tone of voice made me cringe more than smile at the similarities. Overall, this just felt like an unnecessary memoir with nothing unique to warrant its publishing.POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2017: A book with one of the four seasons in the title

    12. An adorable and fresh coming of age tale. "Marge" recounts in vivid detail the B-25 Empire State Building crash, VJ Day in Times Square, and the magic and wonder of Tiffany. A sweet treat of a read!

    13. Do you remember the best summer of your life?And so begins this memoir that spans one summer in a girl's life. I didn't think much about the question when I started reading, but soon as I was done, I spent some time wondering which summer I would write about. At 26, there are only that many summers for me to remember, of which, of course, I barely remember the first 10? The jury is still out on this.Summer at Tiffany is the story of Marjorie Jacobson and her best friend Martha Garrett (Marty), d [...]

    14. I don't know about you - but when I think memoir I think of some of the more depressing stories I've read; stories of abuse and abandonment. I don't know when Memoir became synonymous with those subjects in my head but thank goodness Marjorie Hart was there this week to show me how different memoirs can be.This book was one of the most pleasant, most nostalgic memoirs I've read. It almost felt like fiction in spots so fantastic were the names and the places being seen.Tiffany has always been a m [...]

    15. I can't remember the last time I stayed up all night devouring a book in one sitting like I just did with this one. It took me back in time to 1945 and gave me as close a look as I've ever had into what my grandma's young life must have been like. To a sorority girl from the Midwest, a summer job at a fancy store in NYC must have felt the height of glamour, fashion and fun. BUT(in a weird and striking contrast), life also came with hardships as they made the most of what they had during WWII, an [...]

    16. This was a charming light read. A perfect little postcard of a young woman's adventures in New York City during the summer of 1945: working at the world famous Tiffany, dating a soldier, surviving Times Square on VJ Day. It was sweet and fun. Not very deep, but heartfelt.

    17. Happy, superficial and short (though it could have been even shorter). It was an easy, not especially reflective glimpse into an 18yr-old girl’s life in the summer of 1945. She stretches the limits to turn some minor episodes into drama, but I could forgive this when I considered that in the adolescent protagonist’s mind, they would have felt dramatic. I’ve often wished there were more novels that showed ordinary life in a more favorable light, rather than making the ordinary seem bleak or [...]

    18. This memoir tells the author’s story of her summer working at Tiffany & Co. Audrey is iconic for making Tiffany's lovely but Hart makes it lovely too! In 1945, Marjorie and her sorority sister traveled from Iowa to New York City and managed to become the first female pages at Tiffany's. Nowadays, in a world so ruled by online shopping, it was enchanting to read about the store and well-dressed shoppers of the time. While online shopping does have its perks (especially when done to avoid cr [...]

    19. What a delightful story!!! I love NYC and if money were no object I would live there in a heartbeat. This memoir is set during World War 2. On a whim Hart and her room mate Marty move to NYC in the summer. Looking for a jobs, because of the shortage of men in the work force they become interns at Tiffanys.

    20. A heartfelt and wonderfully told story about two best friends sharing the best summer of their life in 1945 New York as the first female employees at Tiffany & Co's prestigious NYC flagship store. 3 1/2 ⭐️s out of 5.

    21. From My Blog[return][return][return]If one is looking for an absolutely delightful and engaging novel, Summer at Tiffany by Marjorie Hart is an excellent choice. Marjorie Hart writes a beautiful, heart-warming and witty memoir that will take the reader back in time to 1945 Manhattan and the unforgettable summer experienced by two college students working their dream job at Tiffany's for the summer. Hart's novel is beautifully written, richly vivid in imagery, vibrant characters and the lure of a [...]

    22. Infused with numerous historical details (including a New York Times article about a B-25 Army bomber crashing into the Empire State Building on July 28th!), this memoir turned out to be more substantial than I had anticipated. The chapters about WWII were moving, particularly Hart’s recollections about VJ Day and celebrating in Times Square with over two million people. It’s a quick and charming read, but not sentimental or sappy, and one which, I believe, will stay with me for a long time. [...]

    23. This book was a jewel (pun intended!) - I really loved it! It is a memoir, so it is a true story, so no need to fuss about how the story goes and whether or not you like the plot choices - it's a true story, so it is what it is! The author writes about the summer of 1945 when she was in college and went with a girlfriend to NYC to get a job and have some fun and adventure. The parts about being the first women to work on the sales floor of Tiffany's are so interesting, but equally interesting we [...]

    24. This is a memoir about the best summer of the author's life (1945) when she worked at Tiffany in New York City. She and her friend, Marty, journeyed from Iowa to NYC together to spend a fabulous summer there.I read a review for this by Jennifer at Justice Jennifer Reads and decided I needed to read this too. What could be more fun than to revel in the shared love for the best city ever? Then when I was browsing the local bookstore one night I was trying to remember the name of the author; I rand [...]

    25. First off, let me say that this book lived up to every expectation I had when I first bought it impulsively at a local bookstore. I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and love anything vintage. This book is so artistically appealing that everyone should be enticed to pick up a copy. I love the Tiffany blue on the cover and the historic Tiffany building in the background. I was fortunate enough three years ago to visit Tiffany & Co. in NYC, but was unable to step inside and gaze at the jewelry sinc [...]

    26. I would describe this one as an airport book, light, sweet, easily digestible, and you can lose it in the cab and not feel sad. Marjorie Hart was 19 when she and her friend Marty decided to spend a summer in NYC working at a "glamorous store" like Saks Fifth Avenue. It was 1945 and they each had about $30 - plenty of money, right? Saks and Bonwit Teller rejected them, but Tiffany's offered to employ them as pages at near-starvation wages. They knew they would be on the Wheaties and celery diet, [...]

    27. A charming memoir looking back on a spontaneous and fortuitous adventure of two Iowa sorority girls in 1945.Marjorie and Marty, two college friends, decide to follow some friends to New York City for a summer job. Their sorority sisters assure them that jobs in the nicer department stores are plentiful and fun, but by the time Marjorie and Marty make it to NYC, all of the shopgirl positions are snapped up.Naively, the pair stop in to Tiffany, and using a trumped-up recommendation letter from a f [...]

    28. I started reading this book in large part due to the fact that it referred to the wonderful Tiffany jewelry store.So I figured it was worth reading.The story is all about two best friends who move out to New York from Iowa for the summer in the 40's and the experiences they have while living one incredible, unforgettable summer in the place where movie stars are always out and about.It started off a bit slow for me in the beginning. I had to fight to keep myself interested.But about halfway thro [...]

    29. Just a lovely, easy summer read. It is a memoir of a young midwestern coed's summer working at Tiffany in the 1940s. I loved the detail and, having spent so much time in the city, I had never realized that the original Tiffany building was on 36th and 5th. The city's architecture is so unique and from so many different periods of time that it was fun to read about such a landmark location and how it used to be. What I would give for people to still enter Tiffany dressed for the event it is rathe [...]

    30. This was such an easy read and exactly what I needed. The author writes about her summer working at Tiffany's in NYC in 1945. She was on her summer break from college in Iowa, and spent the summer with her best friend in NYC, right as World War II was ending. There were many times that I had to remind myself that it was a true story it was so well written. Plus, I loved reading at the end how she got inspired to write this book by just doing a little summer writing program, when she was already [...]

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