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  1. Brave By: Jennane ReobaukThis book could be used to demonstrate the importance of families, relationships, and there culture. The goal would be for the child to demonstrate understanding of his/her family and an emerging awareness of their own culture and ethnicity. The objective would be for children to describe his/her family structure and family role.

  2. Brave is, essentially, a picture book version of the film (highly condensed, of course). As such, it doesn't really offer anything new to anyone who has seen the film. I loved it anyway, though. I mean, come on. Merida is a fiery-haired Scottish warrior princess with personality. She has relationships with her family that people can actually relate to. She's fiercebut she's also funny and kind and she loves her family. Oh, and she's in no rush to be married off to some random prince, handsome or [...]

  3. when reading this book I think it would go great for todays kids because this book is a movie too. the movie is called brave, you can assign the student to write about lessons they learn from their parents and what they are good at. when doing this I thought it could be good for 1st and 2nd graders because you can do literature study follow along with you children.

  4. My son chose this because he's excited to see the movie. Book is very quick and quickly goes through plot points with not to much elaboration. Artwork is nice just felt like any ordinary small children's book.

  5. This is my favourite book its funny and really cool my favourite character is the three twins there so Hilarius.I recomend from ages 4-12 depending on you're personality

  6. I purchased this for my daughters Nextbook. I don't see a way to get it downloaded in order to transfer it.

  7. Kids gave it 4 stars and 5 stars so 4.5 is the overall. Kids really liked it, laughing alot and interupting to ask questions or state what they thought was going to happen next.

  8. Good beginning, great ending, the middle? Mehh It's ok, but not Disney's or Pixar's best. Merida is a cool heroine. I liked the triplets too.

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