Rings of Gold

Rings of Gold Very Short Promotional Story Around k words and then first chapter excerpts from select Michelle M Pillow titles Contemporary RomanceVery Short Promotional StoryRyan Anderson had expected retaliation

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  • Title: Rings of Gold
  • Author: Michelle M. Pillow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Very Short Promotional Story Around 3k words and then first chapter excerpts from select Michelle M Pillow titles Contemporary RomanceVery Short Promotional StoryRyan Anderson had expected retaliation in some form A guy just didn t cross a woman with a sword, especially if that woman was Molly Shanahan, 2016 Olympic women s fencing hopeful She d been born with the gliVery Short Promotional Story Around 3k words and then first chapter excerpts from select Michelle M Pillow titles Contemporary RomanceVery Short Promotional StoryRyan Anderson had expected retaliation in some form A guy just didn t cross a woman with a sword, especially if that woman was Molly Shanahan, 2016 Olympic women s fencing hopeful She d been born with the glint of a gold medal in her eye She might be the girl of his dreams, if he can get past her guardOMOTIONAL COPY INCLUDES This is a promotional short story, Rings of Gold , provided by Michelle M Pillow and The Raven Books After the story there are several extended first chapter excerpts to help give you a taste of the author s many titles.First Chapter Excerpts from Dragon Lords The Perfect PrinceLords of the Var The Savage KingMaiden and the MonsterEmerald KnightCall of the Lycan Call of the SeaDivinity Warriors I Lilith Enrapturedand This novel contains adult content Mustbe 18 years or older to read.The purpose of this collection is to give you free long excerpt samples of the author s work so you can sample before you buy.

    One thought on “Rings of Gold”

    1. Hmm, yes it was short and that was fine. Bute's a brat and she gets her way. Hero's background and storyline was the bright spot.

    2. This was one of the freebies on . Nice story line, but way to short. Since it was a freebiee the author decided to use it as a promotion opporunity to promote the rest of her books. 8% was the length of the story and the rest of the mateiral was parts of other books she has out. I don't know how I feel about that, what I do know is that it's taking up precious space on my device, that doesn't need to be taken up.I would have like to have read the story since when Ryan (Main Male Character) start [...]

    3. Short but sweetI found a lot packed in to a short story. Well written fun read. I hope to read more by this author

    4. Short and sweet comes to mind with this one and very timely with reading it when the Rio Olympics was on.Ryan and Molly have known each other for years. After Molly’s father saw his potential in fencing from a young age he decided to get him to be his daughters training partner. He has been paying Ryan’s mum, almost as a thank you, for years due to this. He agreed to help fund Ryan’s hopes of being an Olympic fencer just as his daughters is. Even to the point of Ryan moving in with them so [...]

    5. I really enjoyed reading this book. It's definitely a steal (freebie). I had fun reading this and it kept moving and pulled me in from the beginning to the end. It would have been great for it to have been longer, but! It's a promo and a Short story. I loved the characters and the plot and story-line were great. I would definitely read this again. Great for an anytime pick-me-up or to read just because. I've only read the first excerpt but I'm thinking this is another author to add to my favs li [...]

    6. really good short story. would of been a good book if they had done it that way the chase would be longer etc but they would be together in the end kinda thing would be going on and there would be more pranks played on both sides like the Christmas tree thing and what happens when he asks her to marry him would be said at the end then in the epielog they would be getting married! haa i've just planned out the whole book and all you really needed to know was that it was great, defiantly a good 15 [...]

    7. This was really short, but really cute! It's not often that I read short stories I enjoy, so this was a pleasant surprise. The background information between the characters was especially well done because it wasn't inserted in such a way that would drag the story. Just what you needed to know, then moved on to the present. I only wish there were a full-length novel version of these characters' story.I'll definitely be exploring this writer's other works.

    8. I did not read the excerpts because I am reading short stories to clear the Kindle. This was a really cute, sweet, but entirely too short story. The good thing is the author warned me of this before I read the story so I knew what I wasgetting into. I liked the characters and this is the start of something that could be great. 3 stars!

    9. This was a great introduction into Michelle Pillow's works. I really enjoyed the characters and the depth added for such a short but sweet read. I would love to have seen more for sure I really liked the characters. Short n sweet but certainly a free treat !! I cant imagine what a full length novel of these characters would be ;) Id certainly read it for sure !!!

    10. "Rings of Gold" by Michelle Pillow is a short story about two people who hold the dream of being Olympic gold medalists in fencing. Is the sharpness of the sword more important than life and love?Approximately 13 pages of what was a promising story but it was too short and I would've loved for it to be much longer. 3.5 stars

    11. This is a very short story and the author does give you a heads up that it's a promotional story with a great deal of Excerpts to follow. As I got this for free I can honestly say I did enjoy the story, though it was rushed. Had I paid for this story though I might have been upset but for free its a score. Will I read more from this authorYes.

    12. II do not care for novellas.I have rarely found an author that I thought could put out a good short story. This little guy was like trying to publish a film from the editing floor.

    13. Review to come: I just wanted to get my numbers for the year updated but fighting the flu and not in my right mind. Lol, anyway review to come!This was so funny. It is extremely short but entertaining.

    14. It was a good novella, but was way to short! Just as you were getting into the story it cuts you off I felt she could have went a little longer.

    15. A very short romantic read. A lot of excerpts at the end that I never read. A sweet story ideal for the train ride home.

    16. Ring of LoveThe beautiful thing about this story, is they were best friends first and fell deeply in love with each other and wouldn't allow anyone to separate them.

    17. Rings of GoldNice little scene. Cannot really call it a book, or even a novella. Maybe just a scene, I don't know. But it was cute.

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