One thought on “Гея”

  1. The book had told me the the truth about my personality just before I realized it myself. The thing is I can get incredibly fascinated by reading fantastics. To read it without tracing the time and absorbibg the information like a sponge absorbs water))) I suppose this is not a masterpiece of a book, but surely a mustread for those who loves getting fascinated by fantasies ;)I did read the book back in 2002, and all I remember it was summer, middle of it, and it was hot but I did not care. And [...]

  2. Героические инженеры, покорение природы, уникальные технологии, победа воли над материей и т.д. и т.п. Читалось с приятной ностальгией, но особенно сильного впечатления не произвело.

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