Psycho II

Psycho II You remember Norman Bates the shy motel manager with the fatal mother fixation Now years after his bout of butchery that horrified the world Norman is at large again breaking free from the psycho w

  • Title: Psycho II
  • Author: Robert Bloch
  • ISBN: 9780743474726
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • You remember Norman Bates the shy motel manager with the fatal mother fixation Now, years after his bout of butchery that horrified the world, Norman is at large again, breaking free from the psycho ward, cutting a shocking swath of blood all the way to Hollywood where, so it happens, they are making a movie about Norman s life and crimes A movie that suddenly and terrifYou remember Norman Bates the shy motel manager with the fatal mother fixation Now, years after his bout of butchery that horrified the world, Norman is at large again, breaking free from the psycho ward, cutting a shocking swath of blood all the way to Hollywood where, so it happens, they are making a movie about Norman s life and crimes A movie that suddenly and terrifyingly becomes a lot like real life.

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    1. Norman Bates is still insane, but he's treated well enough as a librarian overseer in the the mental ward of a psychiatric hospital. Years of therapeutic work unravels when a nun confronts his enemies for him. After his great escape, his psychiatrist hunts him down, tracking him to the places he's most likely to hit next. A very quick read - mainly due to Bloch's easily absorbed writing style - Psycho II mainly offers general slasher quibbles but does toss in a small surprise or two. It's not a [...]

    2. This is the story of how this book came about, as related to me and others by Robert Bloch at a party. Robert Bloch first heard that Universal Pictures were planning a sequel of Psycho through the studio grapevine. They didn't even bother to call him. He called the studio and offered to write the screenplay to which they replied "No thanks, we'll write our own." So the author said he would simply write his own sequel. In spite of threatened law suits, Bloch went ahead and wrote Psycho II before [...]

    3. I. Hate. This. Book.Wow. I can truly see why this has such low ratings. There are so many reasons. In fact, I will just list them for you. Warning: Some spoilers may be graphic.1. (view spoiler)[Norman kills an old nun and proceeds to have sex with her dead body while trying not to think of his mother. I just no. This is disgusting and unnecessary even for shock value's sake. Necrophilia involving a nun and incest is just a recipe for NOPE. (hide spoiler)]2. (view spoiler)[Rape. (hide spoiler)]3 [...]

    4. Almost thirty years after the horrific events at the Bates Motel, some Hollywood sleazebags are getting ready to produce a major motion picture about Norman and his mother. Norman, meanwhile, unaware of the plans the west coast vultures have been making, and having spent the decades cooped up in the local asylum and convinced of his innocence, manages to break out and begin a rampage of murder and sex and possibly revenge. When it seems Norman has been killed, his therapist Adam Claiborne knows [...]

    5. This was a strange book. Started off very promising, the focus - as you would imagine - squarely on Norman Bates, now a patient in a mental institution following the first book/ movie adaptation's outcome (and if that's a spoiler for you, you must have been living on the moon since 1960 :D). Safe to say, ol' Norm escapes, and we're back in business. This part of the book was excellent: Norman's twisted logic is brought to life brilliantly by Bloch, his stalk and slash scenes wonderfully realised [...]

    6. Oh, my. I sincerely hope that there was no-one actually waiting the 23 years that went by between the effective and thrilling Psycho and it's follow-up. This one starts off as a huge Halloween (movie, 1979) rip-off and then goes from campy, trashy, b-movie-style, run-of-the-mill schlocker to worse. It does have it's moments (and sometimes it's actually evident that the same writer penned the first part) but you are going to have to stomach a lot of suspension of disbelief, cardboard characters ( [...]

    7. Segunda parte de Psicosis, donde vemos el regreso de Norman a las matanzas después haber permanecido muchos años encerrado en un manicomio del que logra escapar. Esta vez la historia tiene más nudos que en la primera novela. Tiene un gran comienzo que te atrapa, pero desde la mitad del libro se pone muy pero muy lento, y vuelve a ponerse bueno sólo al final del libro. Personalmente me quedo con la película de Psicosis 2, que es totalmente diferente (otra historia) y nos muestra principalmen [...]

    8. I have read this book a bunch of time and there is always something new to enjoy in it. Bloch was a master and this is him at top form. In many ways it's the ultimate Bloch book. It's got the thrills, the satire, the humor, the insanity and the vicious puns that litter his entire output. I wouldn't dare give away the ending. I so wish Hollywood had the balls to adapt this book instead of going with the film they eventually put out (although granted, it wasn't too bad). But this book is really so [...]

    9. "There is a part of the Devil in every man. And I will show him to you." (Santo Vizzini, Chapter Twenty-Four)And Robert Bloch does. Part pot-boiled paperback page-turner, and part biting criticism of the Hollywood horror/splatter film genre he had, in part, helped to create, this novel is twenty times better than any of sequels or prequels to Hitchcock's faithful adaptation of the original novel that have been churned out.Norman Bates escapes from the mental ward where he has been imprisoned sin [...]

    10. Who would have thought the sequel to Psycho would involve necrophilia, gang rape, and a closeted gay actor playing Norman Bates in the movie of his life? Actually, aside from Norman's escape from the mental hospital in the opening chapter, pretty much nothing else goes the way you might expect.This is just pure pulpy goodness. Not the least bit subtle, but a hell of a lot of fun.With Psycho, of course you know the twist, but the pleasure comes from Bloch's clever misdirection. With this book, yo [...]

    11. Psycho was what pulp fiction can be. This lame sequel is what happens when an author tries to take it to another level.I don't think anyone was asking for all the psychological insight, the commentary on violence in the media, the studio executives. I don't care about any of that. All I cared about was Norman Bates who leaves the book at 20% and doesn't come back until 96%. The actor who is working undercover in a gay male strip club with Burt Reynolds and John Travolta is never heard from again [...]

    12. I knew in advance that Bloch wrote this primarily as a big "fuck you" to the movie industry but despite that, or perhaps because of it, I wanted to check it out. Most of it was a 3 star read that seemed to lack direction and I had no idea where everything was headed but my disappointment was a product of my own lack of imagination and faith in this author to impress me with a sequel. The ending changed all that and quickly brought this up to 4+ stars. Brilliant. Highly recommended.

    13. I had great hopes for this book, but was left dissapointed when I realized that Bloch used this sequel to write his own parody of slasher films instead of a proper continuation to Norman's story. As a thriller is not that bad, but I liked Psycho so much that I was expecting something more Psycho II starts great, with Norman returning to his old self and trying to end what was started 22 years ago, but things go downhill from there, and I quickly lost most of my interest.

    14. So so so so bad. Bloch should have stopped at Paycho. I certainly should have. Lady who lost her copy on the train, you have no idea how lucky you are

    15. The story and themes here are very different from the first book, to the point that it doesn’t feel like a follow up, it wants to stand alone as its own piece of work. There were also a couple of twists that were unexpected and pretty cool. This isn’t as good as the first book but still a decent follow up that tried to do something different, it can't match the brilliance of the original but it does manage to be engaging.

    16. I really had doubts going into this one but surprisingly it wasn't bad. It has some real nice twists I didn't see coming. Definitely worth the read.

    17. Norman, now the librarian of the State Hospital where he has been incarcerated, is looking out of the window.Not crazy anymore, with the help of Dr Claibourne, he now knows who is and who is not.Sister Barbara and Sister Cupentine are visiting the hospital with the intention of doing a kindness for the patients and Sister Barbara, who previously studied Psychology, hopes that this will lead to a meeting with the notorious Norman Bates. Talking of Normans treatment and progress she is pleased tha [...]

    18. (J'ai beaucoup hésité entre le 3 et le 4 étoiles pour celui-ci)(spoiler du tome 1 dans ce paragraphe) Psycho 2 est, comme son titre l'indique, la suite du roman à succès (et source des deux films) Psycho. Nous retrouvons Norman Bates, qui s'échappe, après plusieurs années, de l'institut psychiatrique où il avait été enfermé après les événements du premier roman. Celui-ci part dans une cavale et découvre qu'ils sont en train de faire un film sur son histoire, et décide d'aller fa [...]

    19. I was extremely excited to read what comes next after the first book. It was catchy when Norman escaped the asylum dressed as a nun. I loved that part. This book concentrates a lot on the characters that are involved into making a movie about Norman Bates and the events that happened at the famous Bates Motel. Frankly, I got bored of them, until I reached the end. I thought Robert Bloch would come up with something else besides that alter ego schizophrenia thing. Even if I kinda expected somethi [...]

    20. রবার্ট ব্লক 'সাইকো' লেখার ২৩ বছর পর এর সিকুয়েল 'সাইকো ২" লিখেছিলেন।প্রথম বইটা যেভাবে ঝড় তুলেছিল,সে রকম দ্বিতীয় বইটার প্রতিও আলাদা একটা প্রত্যাশা ছিল হয়তো।লেখক সে চেষ্টাও করেছেন।কিন্তু সাইক [...]

    21. As a big fan of both the Psycho films and the first book, I had high hopes for Psycho II. Unfortunately I was left feeling disappointed after finishing this book which in itself I found a chore to read. I felt that it seemed rushed and poorly written and for something that started out as quite a good concept, the plot just went into decline very fast leading to a very abrupt ending. Without giving any spoilers, I did find the ending interesting in a way, however it still does not sit quite right [...]

    22. I never knew that Psycho was a trilogy! So, of course, when I discovered this I knew I must read all three.This book was okt what I expected. I can't say more on that without spoiling the book.This book was filled with cheesebut that's ok sometimes. I just read several serious gut wrenching intellectual books, so a "cheeseburger" book every once in awhile is fine among the gourmet.Honestly, if you liked Psycho, I would tell you not to get your hopes up about thid book. Just take it or leave it.

    23. How was the first one so good and this one so terrible? The most engaging thing about the first one was Norman. There's something fascinating and engaging about him. I didn't care at all about the characters in this one. The twist was boring, and even if I dislike a character, I should find something interesting about them rather than just hold them in utter contempt. Read this first one, skip this one.

    24. I enjoyed this just as much as I did the first one as I really find Norman Bates to be a very good character and he plays an amazing chilling insane person. This continues the story of the first book and really goes into detail of how crazy Norman really is and how he has such an obsession over his "mother".

    25. Si te digo que trata sobre que quieren realizar la película de lo sucedido en Psicosis I y que Bates se escapa del manicomio y se dedica a matar. ¿A qué piensas que este autor quiso aprovechar el tirón de la película que hicieron sobre su primer libro? Con esta premisa e intenciones sólo puede salir este somnífero libro.

    26. Este libro es una paranoia constante. La historia de Bates debió empezar y terminar en una historia cerrada. Esto es una ida de olla considerable y lo peor es que la escribe el mismísimo Bloch. Se me escapan las razones por las que seguir una historia y además con un argumento tan absurdo. En fin Mi segunda lectura de Halloween y las dos se llevan un 1/5. Esto si que es terrorífico.

    27. I kept waiting for the part that was in any way like the movie. Nope. Completely different. I kind of wished it wasn`t so long, parts that had absolutely nothing to do with the story could have been left out. I liked the parts in the asylum, gave some background. But overall, I definitely appreciated this novel way more than the movie.

    28. It starts off well and makes an interesting alternative to the film which bore a completely different storyline but the middle section in particular drags on and does not pick up the pace until the last few chapters which was disappointing. Still it was good to see Norman back ( albeit briefly ).

    29. Perhaps one of the weirdest horror/suspense books I've ever read. Sure it kept me guessing till the end, but the ending left medisappointed. Could have used a little more, but just didn't have it.

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