Playing by the Rules: A Story about Autism

Playing by the Rules A Story about Autism Jody and her brother Josh love to play board games In particular Josh loves to play Animal Sounds Bingo When Aunt Tilda wants to play too Josh suddenly gets up and leaves All the better thinks Jod

  • Title: Playing by the Rules: A Story about Autism
  • Author: Dena Luchsinger
  • ISBN: 9781890627836
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jody and her brother, Josh, love to play board games In particular, Josh loves to play Animal Sounds Bingo When Aunt Tilda wants to play too, Josh suddenly gets up and leaves All the better thinks Jody, who wants to play a different game anyway and have her Aunt s undivided attention.

    One thought on “Playing by the Rules: A Story about Autism”

    1. "Playing by the Rules" was an interesting book to read. It takes place in a house setting. It talks about the lives of two children, Josh who is autistic and his sister. The story starts off by the two children playing animal sounds bingo. Josh always wins in that game because he knows each sound that's getting ready to come next, which makes his sister a little upset. Aunt Tilda, who is a visitor in their home, comes to where the kids are playing and ask to join in. Not used to unfamiliar peopl [...]

    2. Josh has autism and his great aunt has come to visit. His sister teaches his great aunt all about Josh's special needs. This book was interesting but it was poorly written. The ending was just thrown in and comes far too suddenly. There are other books that handle autism better than this one does. Even the illustrations look unfinished and the color escapes some of the lines. This like The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time is an book that includes an autistic character but fails to c [...]

    3. Like several other reviewers have stated this book is pretty poorly written. Probably the best thing about this book is that it introduces the reader to PECS as a form of nonverbal communication. The sister is kind of a jerk, too. I was hoping to see more acceptance/inclusion towards the end of the book, but no.

    4. Another excellent children's book on Autism! It captures so very well some of the unique characteristics of children with autism. We especially liked how they described the boy not liking new people for the same reason he didn't like new shoes: "new people gave him blisters on his brain." His reaction to their great-aunt reminded us so much of Mikey and Nonna!

    5. while the purpose of the book (to help others understand children with autism) is great, the attitude and delivery are not the best. sister explains much and does it sometimes snidely.

    6. Terribly written and just thrown together with no real point. The sister character was so selfish too! Not a book I would ever reccommend to learn about autism.

    7. "autism, brothers, board games, Aunt Tildy visits so sibs get special treats, aunt learns about communication and rules of autistic

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