Gilbert the Great

Gilbert the Great From the time Gilbert the Great White Shark was a tiny pup Raymond the Remora stuck to him like glue Raymond was always on Gilbert s side Then one day Gilbert wakes up to discover that Raymond has g

  • Title: Gilbert the Great
  • Author: Jane Clarke Charles Fuge
  • ISBN: 9780439819374
  • Page: 476
  • Format: None
  • From the time Gilbert the Great White Shark was a tiny pup, Raymond the Remora stuck to him like glue Raymond was always on Gilbert s side Then one day, Gilbert wakes up to discover that Raymond has gone Mrs Munch does everything she can to help her little shark come to terms with his loss and slowly but surely Gilbert learns to smile a wobbly smile through his sa From the time Gilbert the Great White Shark was a tiny pup, Raymond the Remora stuck to him like glue Raymond was always on Gilbert s side Then one day, Gilbert wakes up to discover that Raymond has gone Mrs Munch does everything she can to help her little shark come to terms with his loss and slowly but surely Gilbert learns to smile a wobbly smile through his sadness He knows that Raymond will always be in his heart and, when mum takes Gilbert to the wreck, a chance meeting helps him find happiness once Jane Clarke s heart warming story, exquisitely illustrated by Charles Fuge, is funny and sad in equal measure friend or the joy of making a new one.

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    1. As a childhood shark nut I would have been delighted if this wonderful story about a young great white shark who loses his friend had been around. But it wasn't so I had to make do with stories about anthropomorphic bears and giants and dragons and so on. Poor Gilbert loses his remora friend and attempts to deal with the feelings of loss and sadness. Along the way he meets another remora who has lost her friend and bound together by separation anxiety the two become fast friends. The story deals [...]

    2. Gilbert is a Great White Shark and Raymond the remora is his best friend. They have been together through thick and thin as long as they both can remember. Until one day when Gilbert's mom tells him he has to move away. Raymond cannot go, he has to stay with his family so both of them are very, very sad. Their moms both help them through their sadness and in the end both of them have learned to adjust and make new friends. This is the perfect book if your child has to move to a new place or has [...]

    3. Gilbert The Great is a book all about friendship and how lonely you can feel after losing a friend. This book could appeal to all ages as the emotional side of it affected me now at 20. I would aim this book at year 2/3 as some of the concepts may be difficult to understand any younger. This book could be used throughout key stage 2 as some of the themes could apply to older ages appealing to situations they may have gone through recently.I would use this in the classroom across the curriculum. [...]

    4. Gilbert the Great is an extremely cute story about having to deal with a best friend moving away. Gilbert, who is a great white shark, was best friends with a remora fish named Raymond. They were inseparable until the day that Raymonds family decided to move across the ocean. Gilbert was not sure what he would do without his best friend. In the end, Gilbert finds another remora fish who becomes his new friend. This is definitely a story that would appeal to children because all kinds of differen [...]

    5. I read a book called Gilbert the Great. It was a sad but it turned out in the end. This book is about friendship and it is a very good book. I thought that it would be a non-informing book but it taught me that there isn’t just one friend there is a lot many fish in the sea. You can’t always have your heart set on one person, you can pick and choose. There is this shark named Gilbert that had a best friend for a long time his name was Raymond and he was always by Gilbert's side. Then one day [...]

    6. Gilbert the great is a tale of a shark who looses his best friend. The story deals with loss and how when a friend moves away it is ok to mourn them or to be sad, angry or to cry. The story then goes on to explain that there are always new friends to be made, but it states that just because you have made a new friend, they are not necessarily replacing your old friend. Your old friend and all the fun times you spend with them will be forever in your memory, therefore they are never completely go [...]

    7. Gilbert is a family favorite (also starring in "Gilbert in Deep") due to the shark fanatics in the family. Lovable Gilbert is deeply saddened when his friend Raymond the Remora relocates. Children will easily empathize with his emptiness after his friend has moved, especially if they've experienced the same loss. Gilbert's mother is a gentle and reassuring character who encourages him. Illustrations perfectly mesh with the story and endear the reader to the characters. I was happy to see a recen [...]

    8. Gilbert and Raymond are two best friends, they do everything together. One day Raymond's family has to move away, Gilbert the shark is struggling with the change. Playing, school, nothing is the same without his friend. When Gilbert's mother took him to eat lunch he spotted a fish that looked just like Raymond, and she was crying. She was sad because her mother made her leave her shark behind. The two played fin ball and became great friends! This is a fun read aloud book, the illustrations are [...]

    9. PB9: This is a perfect book for any child who has had a friend that moved away. So many children have to deal with the sadness of losing a close friend during childhood and this book is a great way for children to see that you can get past the sadness and that there will always be more friends that a person can make. It is a very simple story that is not hard to understand, so I think it is fitting for most children. I was happy to see that Gilbert does not stay sad throughout the whole story, b [...]

    10. This is a classic picture book. It has great, simple characters. It starts with an introduction to the characters. There is a build up of the relationship between Gilbert the shark and Raymond the remora. Then the first problem comes in (won't give it away). It shows a good relationship with his mom, which is good as a role model. She tries to help him with his problem and in the end he has what he started with, the same but different. Really nice illustrations too.

    11. This book has great illustrations, but the story line is boring! There are witty phrases and words, but there isn’t a climax. It first appealed to me because it was about sharks. So of course being obsessed with sharks, I bought it without a second opinion. Now, I wish I had had a second opinion. If I had to recommend this book, I would give it to girls and boys between the ages of four to seven.

    12. My 3yo son really loved this book but I did not! From an adults perspective I found it did not engage me at all. The story is a little too long and the writing is bland. But as I say, my son loved it so it doesn't really matter what I think! I just thought it was worth mentioning as I love reading with my son and often enjoy many picture books as much as he does but I didn't like this one.

    13. A very simple story about Gilbert, a shark, having to deal with his best friend Raymond, a remora, moving away. Gilbert is super-sad, blames himself and eventually meets a new friend. The drawings are great. It's a quick read straight-through or you can ask your child what will happen next or how they might deal with a similar situation. 2 thumbs up!

    14. This book would be good for children going through transitions with friends or family. If children are moving away or when getting news students. It also talks about feelings of loss and anger when losing friends.

    15. My son and I love this book, it's so sweet, the illustrations are beautiful, very cute son thinks this shark is named after him and loves pointing out each time his name appears on the page (he's only three) a sad story, with a happy ending.

    16. I'm not going to lie, this book made me tear up a little. It's a great little story about two best friends who are forced to separate (one moves) and Gilbert, who is left behind, is completely crushed. Good for kids to teach them how to deal with losing a friend and making new ones.

    17. Good to read when children have friends that move away. You make new ones like Gilbert! A very sweet story.

    18. A cute story about a shark whose friend is moving away. There are several different types of sharks in the story.

    19. Gilbert and Raymond do everything together. But one day Raymond has to move away with his family. Poor Gilbert has a terrible time cheering up until he makes a new friend.

    20. 2005. Picture Book. I thought this story was so cute and sweet. I love that this book talks about loneliness and making new friends in a very age appropriate way.

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