The Druid of Shannara

The Druid of Shannara The battle against the evil Shadowen continues as Walker Boh embarks on a perilous journey to recover the black Elfstone and restore the lost Druid keep of Paranor

  • Title: The Druid of Shannara
  • Author: Terry Brooks
  • ISBN: 9781857233803
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • The battle against the evil Shadowen continues as Walker Boh embarks on a perilous journey to recover the black Elfstone and restore the lost Druid keep of Paranor.

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    1. The Heritage of Shannara quartet of books continues with The Druid of Shannara. As the book begins, the King of the Silver River is reflecting on the events of the previous book. The King of the Silver River is a powerful “fairy spirit” that is sort of a minor god/angel that was assigned by the Word (the God of the Shannara universe) with governing over the area where he lives (in a caring for that part of the natural world sense, not a political sense). That area, the “Silver River” is [...]

    2. Book #15/29 in my Epic Shannara Quest. A unique and very well-written entry into the Shannara legend.This one chronicles the quest of Walker Boh to restore Paranor and the Druids to the Four Lands. Great characters and exciting action make for a splendid read. The character of Carisman the tunesmith did not make sense to me, but he was entertaining. The interludes of the trials of the other children of Shannara are thankfully few, but the overall stucture of this saga is quite effective.Brooks h [...]

    3. Verso la Città di Pietra Come da prassi, Brooks calibra piuttosto male il ritmo narrativo e quello che rimane al lettore è una storia asfittica e poco armoniosa nelle unità che la compongono.Viridiana e l'idea della desolante Città di Pietra riscattano in parte il volume e tengono deste un interesse che oramai procede con la forza dell'inerzia.

    4. This is the second book in The Heritage of Shannara story arc. I liked the book. I didn't love it, but I liked it. I could have done without several of the main characters second guessing themselves since that sort of thing seemed to take up about a third of the book's length. I think the main characters in this story line are also Par and Coll who more or less are left out of this book in favor of the secondary (in my opinion) characters.I really liked the initial introduction to the character [...]

    5. Maybe I'm just getting a little burnt-out on the Shannara books, 'cause I've been reading so many of them now that the show's come out (and I'm still praying that MTV renews it for a second season, 'cause it's a hell of about time they have something worth watching other than Teen Wolf.) But I feel like every Shannara book I read now ends up being a bit more of the same. Case in point with this book, which repeats a storytelling tactic that showed up in one of the earlier Shannara books - not ex [...]

    6. The Druid of Shannara by Terry Brooks is the second book of the Heritage of Shannara series set in the Shannara universe. This book deals with four characters journey to deal with the threat posed to the world by Uhl Belk a stone spirit who wants to change the whole world to stone. The first of the character is Quickening who is a the elemental daughter of the king of the silver river. As such she has great magic but was created fully formed for a purpose. The second of the four main characters [...]

    7. One of the best Shannara books for sure. A true adventure fantasy. I was already losing hope that Brooks has just degenerated into generic fantasy, but this book really stands out on it's own. A little bit of doubt, soul searching, interesting characters and the big picture coming together. Still "young adult" friendly, but not as naive.

    8. The offspring of Shannara have been tasked by Allanon with four quests that will aid in restoring the Four Lands. Walker Boh and Morgan Leah are tasked with recovering the Black Elfstone. With the aid of a beautiful elemental they will seek out to Stone King to recover it. Another outstanding and gripping tale by Brooks.

    9. While not as good as The Scions of Shannara, the first entry in the Heritage of Shannara quadrilogy, The Druid of Shannara (#2 of the series) had some great moments and an interesting overall plot. I enjoyed the new characters it introduced and the ultimate battle with the Stone King and his minions was very satisfying. That being said, it left a lot to be desired.Druid is a continuation of the overall story arch started in Scions. In the first book, Par, Col, and Wren Olhmsford along with Walke [...]

    10. Il secondo libro della seconda saga.Avevamo lasciato Walker nella Cripta dei Re in preda al veleno dell'Asphinx, Par nella disperazione più nera per la consapevolezza di aver ucciso il fratello Coll, ma in possesso della Spada di Shannara, e Morgan con Padishar in procinto di abbandonare la Sporgenza.A Culhaven, dove Morgan si è recato per prestare soccorso a Nonna Elise e Zia Jilt, le due nane che gestivano l'orfanotrofio e rischiavano di essere state tradite da Teel come lo era stato il Movi [...]

    11. The Druid of Shannara focuses on Walker Boh this time. We didn't really get to know him very well in the first book in this series and I wasn't sure I wanted to read an entire novel that centered around him as the main character. Then when he lost his arm, I wasn't sure how this story was all going to turn it or if I was going to end up like Walked Boh any more than I did at the beginning of the tale. How can he be a druid with only one arm? But, in the end, I found that I did enjoy reading abou [...]

    12. The second book in the Heritage of Shannara series, the Druid of Shannara encompasses the second quest in this series, the quest of Walker Boe and the search for the Black Elfstone. This novel lived up to the promise that the first novel in this series created. It was fast paced with great new characters and a wonderful story full of tension and twists. The introduction of Quickening, the daughter of the King of the Silver River, starts the tale as she goes out into the world and encounters the [...]

    13. This whole series is one of my all-time favorites. I adore fantasy and Terry Brooks is definitely a favorite author of mine who really pulls you into the characters and struggles each face, externally and internally. I highly recommend this book and series for anyone who appreciates good fantasy, magic, witches, and the fight between good and evil. This author is similar to Robert Jordan (in my opinion).

    14. I am getting used to Brooks story telling style with the second book in this series. And in a way I am thankful for it. The action happens very quickly and there is almost no downtime between "adventures". One thing I thought that he could of done better was to carry on with the Par & Coll story line concurrently during the action. It kind of makes me think that perhaps Brooks had 'number of books' in mind rather than quality of the story when he planned out this series.

    15. I don't think words can begin to describe how much I loved Quickening when I read this book. Yeah, I know, she's probably a Mary Sue. But like I said on my review of The Elfstones of Shannara, I am completely unreasonable about these books.Also, Walker Boh! How can you not love poor Walker Boh?

    16. Another great storyline through the series. The descriptions are vivid and take you into the stories and makes your mind wonder where exactly things are taking place. Makes you excited to read the next book.

    17. This book is awesome. So intense from start to finish! I definitely enjoyed reading this book! It held my interest throughout the entire book, and every little twist was perfect.

    18. Brooks continues to grow on me. And I kept thinking throughout this book how Walker is possibly the best character name ever. So simple, and yet so profound.

    19. Disappointing series of books that I have only read once. Too much, too long and aside from introducing a new druid and restoring the keep the rest of this whole story arc was just too long for me.

    20. Me ha gustado este segundo libro, sigue con el desarrollo de los personajes y las situaciones por las que pasan cada uno de ellos. los protagonistas se separan y cada uno sigue su propósito, con nuevos amigos que se encuentran en el camino. en este segundo volumen nos internamos más siguiendo a Morgan Lea y a Walker Boh, en su intento por encontrar la piedra élfica negra, internándose en la ciudad del rey de piedra. Asimismo, un nuevo personaje les acompaña: despertarbo decir que su final e [...]

    21. The Druid of shannara suffers from the usual fantasy tropes of its predecessors (unexplained magical happenings, 'destiny' as explanations for character motives, etc.) but it also suffers from a story that is far too long. Though it's only 370 pages, it should be a hundred pages shorter for the amount of meaningful content it contains. There is some redemption, however, in the form of surprisingly interesting and fun new characters that are introduced.

    22. Walker Boh and Morgan Leah return in the search for the Black Elfstone and do what most of the Shannara heroes do by reluctantly joining in the quest and often questioning it. Quickening, the daughter of the King of the Silver River, through beauty and magic, convinces a team with Walker, Morgan, the evil Pe Ell, and others to find the Elfstone. The character of Quickening was fantastic and made the book quite a good read.

    23. accepting fateWalker Boh, who had denied his order to restore the druids, was setting out to do just that. with a misfit crew of strangers as his companions, he sets out to find the find component to complete his task. fate has the upper hand and she will play the cards as she chooses; someone may loseexcellent choice to break off one character and follow him. it allows the reader see the character in-depth and to meet his companions without confusion.

    24. The Heritage book 2 the story takes a sidestep from the Federation and the Shadowen the main theme is the "Quest for the Black Elfstone" the character Walker Boh comes alive. Theres also a Character called the "tunesmith" his appearance in the story is only for a short time but i enjoyed his role as he is a victim of the Federation. The book is a great read looking forward to book 3😀

    25. Love Terry Brooks!I was never much for fantasy until I started reading the Shannara series. I loved science fiction but not fantasy. Well I have read 6 of the Shannara books - 2 trilogies- and I plan to read more. He makes me see and believe the Shannara world and all the characters! Thank you Mr. Brooks!

    26. This book finally broke free from the previous series enough to start becoming a series in it's own right. It lived up to the potential of the first book, and hopefully will continue the trend of relying less heavily upon the past.

    27. Re-read this book again, first time since the early 2000s. Great series and decided to make notes this time. Walker's journey of self-discovery mirrors my own, so this book speaks greatly to me.

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