Trouble at the Mill

Trouble at the Mill Lizzy lives in a cramped mill worker s cottage and toils at a loom for fifteen hours a day Her childhood friend Josh is the mill owner s son and leads a life of luxury When Lizzy s father becomes invo

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  • Title: Trouble at the Mill
  • Author: Philip Wooderson
  • ISBN: 9780753457825
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lizzy lives in a cramped mill worker s cottage and toils at a loom for fifteen hours a day Her childhood friend Josh is the mill owner s son and leads a life of luxury When Lizzy s father becomes involved in the reform movement, Lizzy and Josh s friendship is put to the test.

    One thought on “Trouble at the Mill”

    1. Since I enjoyed reading the Salem Witch Trial type of this book, so I picked up this one for a quick read.I love North and South and the historical setting, but I did not like reading this book. It is depressing granted. The first part of Lizzy's story kept my attention, but then it became too back and forth to be either interesting or captivating. By the time I turned it over to "hear the other side of the story" I had interest completely. Sorry

    2. Personally, I thought the story itself was rather slow, BUT it was interesting to get a different story from another character's point of view while the other story was going on. Wait, that sounds really confusing, but it's not, I promise! Try it out and see what you think. I haven't read it in a while anyway. :)

    3. Another "my side of the story" book, this time set in a cotton mill in Britain's north in the 19th century at the time of the strikes for fairer conditions. First side is from Lizzy who works in the mill to support her family, second side is from her old friend Josh, the mill owner's toffee-nosed son. Very enjoyable.

    4. an interesting bookyou read one persons account of what happened in the story from her perspectivethen you flip the book around and get another persons point of view in this case a poor person and a rich boy

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