Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith

Walk This Way The Autobiography of Aerosmith Hang on it s a hell of a ride From the band that lived by the motto Anything worth doing was worth overdoing Steven Tyler Joe Perry Tom Hamilton Brad Whitford and Joey Kramercomes a quarter centu

  • Title: Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith
  • Author: Aerosmith Stephen Davis
  • ISBN: 9780060515805
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hang on, it s a hell of a ride From the band that lived by the motto Anything worth doing was worth overdoing Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford, and Joey Kramercomes a quarter century of rock godhood the life, the music, the truth, the hell, the lost years, and the raunchy, unsafe sex And, of course, the drugs But after crashing in a suffocatiHang on, it s a hell of a ride From the band that lived by the motto Anything worth doing was worth overdoing Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford, and Joey Kramer comes a quarter century of rock godhood the life, the music, the truth, the hell, the lost years, and the raunchy, unsafe sex And, of course, the drugs But after crashing in a suffocating cloud of cocaine, crystal meth, and heroin, Aerosmith rose up from the ashes to become clean and sober and reclaim their rightful title as World Champion Rockers Learn how they did it in a book that is pure Aerosmith unbound where they came from, what they are now, and what they will always be a great American band.

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    1. Aerosmith, one of the greatest and most recognizable bands of all time reveal their journey as a band as well as personal struggles during their careers as rock stars. An autobiography of the band takes us into depth of unrevealed secrets that have been obscure for decades.One of these secrets would most definitely not be drug abuse. Like many other hard rock bands of the classic rock era, Aerosmith had a reputation for drug and alcohol abuse. I find it incredible that the band is still around t [...]

    2. this book was really great, even thogh it has some really colorful language, i still liked it, ia gave it five stars, this book was about hoe the band Aerosmith was going throgh a rough time, especially the singer or frontman steven tyler were the whole band was suffering a major drug addiction in the early 70's, but manged to get steven to get clean, and after he did, so did the rest of the band and have been clean and sober to this day and that's what i liked about this whole book.

    3. I am re-reading this. It's extremely fascinating. But dating a 14 year old girl when you are 27 IS GROSS.

    4. I tried, I really tried to like this book and to finish it but at the end of 4-5 months, give or take I had to accept that I did not like this at all. I'm a big fan of music bios because I love to read the debauchery but this did not cut it for me. Perhaps I don't know about Aerosmith but neither did I know about Motley Crue or Dave Mustaine and I found the latter more interesting. From the start I thought Aerosmiths history was long, granted I became very impressed by Steven Tyler but overall I [...]

    5. A fascinating, inspiring, and entertaining story for sure. I have way more respect for Aerosmith after reading this and I've gone back into their catalog and dug out their early albums.My only complaint is that the editing isn't that great. The stories can be disjointed at times.Obviously I have to compare this book to The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band. The Dirt is a book about degenerate rockstars who got lucky and did some crazy stuff. And the storytelling was amazi [...]

    6. I was expecting to enjoy this at lot more than a did. Coming off reading Motley Crue’s biography, I was, however, disappointed. Though I am sure the rock and roll tales of drugs and women were just as decadent, the stories just didn’t compare to that of Vince, Neil and Tommy. The snippets from band members in “Walk This Way” were exactly that, just snippets at a time and the resulting disjointedness was distracting. Not only band members but all range of people were given voice in this w [...]

    7. This book blew me away. It isn't just a biography but an AUTObiography of the band. It is amazing that these guys lived through the 1970s. It looks long when you first see it 500+ pages but once you get started it is like you are sitting in a room with the guys listening to them shoot the shit about themselves, each other, and the industry.Fantastic stuff.

    8. The narrative bounces back and forth between all five band members, as well as their wives, girlfriends, and other people close to them. This gives it the flow and ease of a casual conversation. As with a lot of rock music biographies/ tales of excess, this one left me wondering, "How are they all still alive?"

    9. On the 26th of June 2017, I saw Aerosmith live for my very first time in Lisbon. To call what happened an "epiphany" or a "fundamental shift" would be a touch too dramatic, but some definite root understanding evolved within me. You see, for over 20 years, Aerosmith have been important figures in my life, not in an "always on my mind" type of way, but truly always in my heart. More often than not, they had me as their sole defender during conversations where others laughed them off as some ancie [...]

    10. This book is unique because each member of Aerosmith (plus others) contributes to the story. Their names appear with their narrative, and it's nice to get the different views on things. The story starts off a little slow, with everyone talking about their roots and their early days as musicians. Interesting, yes, but not what we REALLY want to read. Things start to get interesting when Aerosmith starts to come together. They worked very hard to get where they are today. The stories about their w [...]

    11. A book of obvious interest to Aerosmith fans. The book is written in an interview format, starting with each band member's early years and each person is included in the narrative as they are involved. The interviews were conducted starting in 1993 and ending in about 1997, although the writer Stephen Davis adds postscripts that go through about 2001, when Aerosmith was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The major topics throughout the book are of course, the music and looming just as [...]

    12. They were told how to walk, how to dress, how to style their hair, how to rockd they defied the odds. This is the autobiography of Aerosmith told from the perspective of every member of the band in addition to producers and other important persons in the band's history. As in every rock biography, it covers your basics of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. However, Aerosmith isn't your typical band of misfitsey were a true gang of underdogs that fought their way to the top of the charts and into the [...]

    13. Tell all book that will send shivers down your swine. The fact that these folks are still alive is the miracle. This is definitely a slice of life from the music scene during the 70s and 80s when everyone was on dope and cocaine including agents, managers, and producers. Most interesting sections are told by Steven Tyler who although flamboyant was a musical prodigy and really has a good "Don't do drugs" message unlike Joe Perry. Steven's daughter, Liv Tyler, who learned who her father was in he [...]

    14. AhhhAerosmith---sex,drugs,Liv or die, what more can I say? This book definitely is collector's STUFF! When Zeppelin had doses of excess and hedonism in 'Hammer of the Gods'--Aerosmith almost went to overkill levels---BUT EVERY MEMBER SURVIVED! ( John Bonham of Zep died at age 31). The story when drummer Joey Kramer visited J. Bonham's grave was a spectacular segment of this bestseller---drummer visits late drummer for a tribute. ( Robert Plant did see Aerosmith in one chapter.). Aerosmith will r [...]

    15. This autobiography is a tell-all type of book. All of the band members and lots of the people around them participated in the book.What I liked was the format. Each chapter had input from band members and other people that were involved in that particular chapter. You might have a girlfriend or manager also telling their view of an event. It's almost like a series of interviews.The legend of the "Toxic Twins" is well-known to the generation that grew up listening to Aerosmith of the 70s. But the [...]

    16. This could easily have been "The Dirt", but Motley beat them by a year. This has everything you would want to read about a huge rock band such as, sex, drugs, rock n roll, but also it goes much deeper like it talks about family crisis', stints in rehabs, managers being fired & hired.This is an in-depth look at the crazy world of rock n roll, and from everyone's perspective.A must read for fans.

    17. This book was not just a book—it was an experience. It doesn’t hurt that I have always loved Aerosmith, and I loved the stories and the multiple perspectives. What’s more, though, is I found myself compelled to go further: I listened to albums, I watched music videos and interviews, I looked up information and stories referenced about other bands. It was awesome, in the true sense of the word.

    18. Olen lukenut tämän elämäni aikana varmaan viidesti, opettelin alunperin lukemaan englanniksi tätä tavaamalla. Nostalgiapisteiden lisäksi onhan se aika helvetinmoinen tarina.

    19. I liked it. When Steven Tyler's book came out a couple of months ago, I remember thinking I might like to read it - but after reading this, I'm positive that I don't want to read his book. This was 500 pages by and about the whole band, but a good 50% of it is Tyler, and there's only so much of his ego that I can stand. I really like Joe Perry, though. I've never been a HUGE Aerosmith fan - I'm pretty sure I've never owned a single album - but I've always liked them and enjoyed their stuff, and [...]

    20. TOO LONG. Honestly, I am more disappointed in myself for not being blown away by this book as it seems some reviewers were more generous. Also, it being a book about Aerosmith, narrated by the members, I thought it would have been more engaging. Not sure if I blame this my short attention span, or the book. I just felt it was waaaaaaayyyyyyy too long. There was a lot of details regarding the politics between the managers, the band members, record labels that just was not interesting after awhile [...]

    21. Growing up in Los Angeles, and having briefly practiced entertainment law, I've spent a pretty fair amount of time around rock musicians. But every time I think I have a handle on how self-indulgent and twisted the rock & roll lifestyle can be, along comes a book like this (or an article in Rolling Stone, perhaps) that exposes a level of debauchery I couldn't imagine other people can imagine, let alone experience.If your sensibilities are delicate, avoid this biography. But it's actually fai [...]

    22. That in spite of the drivel they've released over the last 10 years, Aerosmith is the greatest motherfucking American Rock Band of all time. That's all you need to know! I SAID THAT'S ALL YOU NEED TO MOTHERFUCKIN' KNOW! I have no IDEA what I learned from this book, because I got a contact high from simply turning the pages and reading the text. THAT'S how much motherfucking drugs this band took while still producing the greatest 70s arena rock the world will ever see!We are critical mass

    23. Great insight on how, when and where Aerosmith began and what the guys did for a living before Aerosmith. I liked how each person told his own side of the story. I am amazed they did not kill each other or themselves with all the drugs and alcohol consumed. All the woman who used and were used does not surprise me. It truly paints a ugly side of Rock and Roll but also show the perks side of fame. If you are a Aerosmith fan you are going to love this book, if you are a music fan you will enjoy th [...]

    24. Skidding across the surface of the history of Aerosmith, Stephen Davis' book rarely goes deep, rarely offers insight or many interesting notes. Davis mentions that Tyler wrote Sweet Emotion about Perry's first wife, no analysis is offered, no explanation of lyrics, surface. The writing is a hockey puck skittered across the ice that is the history of Aerosmith. Why did Joe Perry get into drugs so heavily, What did Steve Tyler's parents think of his drug use and success--look away to find answers. [...]

    25. I started listening Aerosmith in 1976. It was music I enjoyed but mostly just songs. When I read the book layers and layers of background was added. I learned about the people and circumstances behind the albums that had been a soundtrack to my high school days. It was sort of disturbing how off-center these guys got after they became rich and famous. The good part was that they were over to make great strides in overcoming the toxic lifestyles. Part of me would have preferred not to know about [...]

    26. It's amazing that these fellas are still alive! This book is a fascinating ride through the majority of Aerosmith's career. It's actually been a catalyst for me to go and revisit some of their back catalog, and it's been huge. It's a long bookt for the number of pages, but just in the pop-in pop-out style of interviews with band members and those associated with the group. Some sections of the book are a bit of a slog, but definitely worth the investment. Great stuff, and great insight into thes [...]

    27. Would give 3.5 stars. Parts were great, but parts were lacking. Some of the times that would have been more moving to the reader if they had been fully covered or not just brushed over, made it difficult to become fully engaged. I think the band was willing to give it up, but it was written out in a way that made it too surface. Their story is interesting and their music is amazing, but the book doesn't do them justice. The book doesn't bring the boys from Beantown to life the way I think it sho [...]

    28. A friend of mine here originally posted a comment about this book: how the hell are these guys still alive. That was the impetus for me reading this book in the first place. At about the halfway point of this entertaining book, I have two theories so far: they have an inexhaustible surplus of karma from a past life, or they just happen to be the statistical anomaly, the rock band that just happens to survive all the drugs, fights, and rotten management that their contemporaries also experienced. [...]

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