The Source of Magic

The Source of Magic Ordered by King Trent to determine the source of Xanth s magic Bink and his companions were harried by an unseen enemy determined to thwart them When even their protector turned against them Bink st

  • Title: The Source of Magic
  • Author: Piers Anthony
  • ISBN: 9780345418500
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ordered by King Trent to determine the source of Xanth s magic, Bink and his companions were harried by an unseen enemy determined to thwart them When even their protector turned against them, Bink still managed to reach his goal and carry out the King s ordersbut the king did not expect Bink s next act to destroy utterly the magic of Xanth

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    1. This story takes up where A Spell for Chameleon left off. Like the Incarnations of Immortality series, it seemed that Anthony had a great idea to begin with and then the originality, and quality, dropped off exponentially. This book was saved by Anthony's unique gift and talent as a writer, but I never read any more of the series. For pure fantasy fans.

    2. I tried, I really tried. The way that my sister was talking about this book, it sounded like so much fun, and there was so much potential. But I just can't like this book. First off, I think that it could have been so much shorter. It takes so much time, trying to sound more important than it really is, that it just sucks pages into bizarre explanations. Secondly, I can only take so much of reading about nymph's pert little butts, their supple arms, and how female they are. And pretty much the w [...]

    3. Hmmm it's a strange thing to read your childhood favourites as an adult - except with Harry Potter, which for me is timeless. I will never stop enjoying them. I quite enjoyed 'The Source of Magic', though reading it now, a few things strike me. Firstly an obvious one - the prose are not nearly as good as I remember. But that is to be expected - nobody writes like Ian McEwan when they're writing young adult fiction. Also, this book in particular (I have yet to see whether the others will follow s [...]

    4. If you loved the first book you may like this one.I couldn't ignore the commentary on women because it never stops, ever. I don't know if Piers Anthony was bitter but that makes it not worth reading for me. Also, the continuous lusting descriptions of the centaurs ass. No one needs to read from the inner mind of a man who seems to think a horse's hind end is the most beautiful thing he sees.

    5. Eh. Nope.This one is another series of mini adventures in the course of a larger quest undertaken by Bink, Chester, Crombie, Humphrey, and Grundy to find out the source of magic in Xanth. I was really hoping it would be less sexist than the first one, but it's not. I mean, there was no infuriating rape trial here, but otherwise it was just as bad.Every woman in Xanth is described and, to at least some extent, valued in terms of her attractiveness. You get a description of almost every female cha [...]

    6. The first three novels of Xanth are classic fantasy novels. In A Spell for Chameleon, we are introduced to a world where everyone has a magic Talent. Some can point unerringly at trouble, others can change their appearance. In order to become a citizen of Xanth, a person must display the talent or they are exiled to Mundania (where we live). In Spell, Bink is revealed to have a talent, but the talent itself is reluctant to be revealed – as Bink’s talent, tries to thwart evidence of its exist [...]

    7. My 12 year-old really liked -A Spell for Chameleon- so now we're on to the next book (can't say I'm all that excited).So my reaction to this book is the same as my reaction to the re-read of A Spell for Chameleon. Too much sexual innuendo for kids. Too much "theory" for kids. Not serious enough for adults. Not funny enough for adults. Every woman is defined by her looks and made to be either a sexual object or basically "not a woman".So again I ask who are these books written for? If I at age 41 [...]

    8. Plot: CWriting: FVocabulary: DLevel: EasyRating: R (sexism, adultery, demons, scatological humor, lascivious descriptions of women as objects only)Worldview: Do what you want to do.The first of the Xanth novels was somewhat witty, did a decent job of world-building, and established the protagonist as a upright if slightly immature young man. This second novel is a ridiculous bodice-ripper lacking a cohesive plot. All the characters are one-dimensional, and many are written contrary to their orig [...]

    9. Régen volt, mikor utoljára humoros fantasyt olvastam – leszámítva az első részt – és felhőtlenül élveztem is. Régen a Skandar Graun-os könyveket imádtam (gondolom azok még ma is tetszenének), de aztán beleuntam kicsit – a nyíltan főleg humoros írásokat, Herry Kóklert és társait meg hagyjuk is inkább! – és nyilván azokban az időkben a Pratchett-könyvek is nagyon tetszettek, de azokba még hamarabb fáradtam bele. []Piers Anthony Xanth-sorozata nem ilyen fárasz [...]

    10. 3.5 stars. Just finishing re-reading this one, and found that it's not nearly as memorable as the first book in the series. I had forgotten nearly everything about this book. It's not as well-written as the first book in the series either, but it's not as bad as some would have you believe. And the sexist attitudes are certainly prevalent everywhere, but perhaps they are intended to be part of the humor. To me, this novel was Pier Anthony's attempt at worldbuilding. While not necessarily lacking [...]

    11. The Source of Magic is the second book inPiers Anthony's Xanth series. This series is usually well known for it's heavy use of puns and the resemblance of the land of Xanth to a certain North American peninsula with an oversized rodent infestation (i.e. Florida).Bink, a Magician class Talent in a society where everyone has magic, is searching for the sourch of magic in the land of Xanth. He is escorted by two of his friends through the dangers and perils of a magical, but not at all friendly wil [...]

    12. This is a re-read review. I haven't read this since I was a teen and coming back to it, my feelings are conflicted. On the one hand I still enjoy the whimsy and (fuzzy though it is) worldbuilding of this series in general, and this book in specific. On the other hand, even knowing that this novel was written in a different time when the lines were drawn differently, the amount of male gaze and chauvinism is painful to read. None of the characters are much more than a single trait or idea, but th [...]

    13. The second Xanth book is obviously a sequal24 September 2011 This book doesn't actually seem to be much at all. It is a sequel to Spell for Cameleon and the second in the Xanth series. It appears that the Xanth series probably should be read in order because, unlike Discworld, it appears that it moves around the same characters (though considering that this is only the second book in the series that is probably a pretty tough call). In this book Bink has discovered his magical power, which is de [...]

    14. Piers Anthony really knows his audience, doesn't he? I consider myself a fantasy fan, but it has not escaped my notice that most fantasy fans are men and boys. This book speaks directly to them most of the time, and even though I kind of liked some of the silly ideas that Anthony planted in Xanth, I got tired of the constant running description of every single female that appeared. Men would have their talents and attitudes emphasized, but women were described physically (and, usually, lusted af [...]

    15. I originally reviewed the Source of Magic on the blog in 2009 here, and wrote a series review about Xanth as well.I'm re-reading most of the Xanth series as part of my Read all the Books challenge: the reviews will be even shorter and pithier than my usual short pithy reviews :) and will serve more as a reminder and a placeholder for which books I've re-read and when.-I know I liked this book a lot before, but re-reading it again as an adult it falls way short. It's just too much sexism/constant [...]

    16. I liked this series as a child and having read the first one recently, and found it not too bad, I wanted to read the second one to see if he developed as a writer and if he managed to improve on the problems I had with the first one.Sadly this one is a little worse than the first. It sticks to the same episodic template and jumps around all over the place, a book of ideas more than a strong narrative. I can see why I would have liked it as a child, but in terms of story it tended to be full of [...]

    17. I was unsure what to think of the Xanth universe after the first book. Admittedly this is still very early in the series, but I have formulated an opinion. The world the Piers has created resembles a cross between 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Looney tunes' with traditional fantasy characters. Our heroes never feel as if they are in peril during their adventures, most of the situations range from comical to strange. This is not to say I didn't enjoy the story, far from it. I love a good fantasy sto [...]

    18. Like its predecessor, A Spell for Chameleon, this book is a very pleasant diversion from the mediocrity of daily life. Anthony has a special gift for creating characters who in some way go against fantasy stereotypes in the way they act, look, and think. The Xanth books are short enough that you can dive in and get a good sense of the unfolding story within the first chapter. I do wish more attention had been given to the characters of Chameleon and Millie the Ghost, both of whom are largely sid [...]

    19. I think I liked this book even more than the first one in the series. Piers Anthony gives us our first look at some of the REALLY strange places (and people) in Xanth. It's also a swashbuckling boys-only adventure, (at least until the last quarter of the book) with very little of the moping that went on in "A Spell for Chameleon". At least until near the end when the main character does something unbelievably reckless that you have to admire him for. And also? There's some cute puns, but not to [...]

    20. I dislike the entire series a great deal. In fact, I've started using Xanth as a measurement for how bad other book series are.I managed to get through 5 Xanth books before I couldn't bring myself to continue any more. 5 books before I would rather listen to nothing while driving than be subjected to Piers Anthony's writing any more. It isn't the worst series I've ever read, I only managed 4 Maze Runner books, and 3 Divergent.In truth, it was the Ogre being propelled like a rocket by vomiting Bl [...]

    21. Anthony starts you off quickly, something I enjoyed, since most sequels tend to summarize what happened in the first book. I had to slog through these first half as we rejoin Bink, Crombie, and Chester on a new quest. I didn't like the first half. It felt episodic and the world building felt drug induced, in my opinion. However, Anthony pulled his craftsmanship together by the latter half, and the end was satisfying, albeit he ends it with a cliffhanger. If you enjoyed the first book, this will [...]

    22. The second of the Xanth novels, and the second book to focus on Bink. In this book he discovers the source of magic in Xanth, and learns more about the land he calls home. I love the adventure in the early novels, they aren't the standard boy meets girl formula (although boys do still meet girls, it just isn't the central quest) A fun read, I can't remember even say how many times I've read this one but I always enjoy it. On to the third!

    23. I finally got through this one. It took me a long time. I thought the first one was bad. This one was even worse. It all reminds me of a rpg gamemaster writing down his groups weird adventures. I didn't like any of the characters and the story was convoluted and without direction. I was looking forward to the end very much because I wanted the book to be over. The sexism came through much stronger than in the first book and the style of the writing wasn't improved at all. Xanth is not for me.

    24. Sexist PornI want to like this adventure. It's an interesting premise. However, the sexism is overwhelming. All the men agree to leave the women at home alone to give birth/take care of the babies so they can go have sex with other women and single-handedly destroy the planet. Outdated and unnecessary.

    25. My partner pulled this book off the shelf for me to read. I did not want to give him the satisfaction of knowing it was good, every time he asked how it was going - I'd reply "boring". So he'd ask hows's that boring book going.Well now I want the next book in the series and find out more about his son.

    26. Fabulous and innocent fantasy series. Xanth was my first experience into a magical world of fantasy years ago. Anthony uses puns and clever wordplays as part of the magical charm of the land of Xanth. This whole series makes our life here in "Mundania" seem so well mundane.

    27. I loved these books as a young adult and I'm considering introducing them to my son who is 11. I read the first 7 or 8 but soon got tired of Anthony shoehorning bad puns into everything. Or maybe I just grew up a bit. Good light fantasy.

    28. A psychedelic, politically incorrect, comical, fantasy world filled with magical adventures. Xanth is an interesting place, silly fantasy for adults, I'll definitely return for book 3.

    29. A great effort. Bink most uncover the source of magic, test his honor, and show once again its character that wins through.

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