Man on the Moon (A Day in the Life of Bob)

Man on the Moon A Day in the Life of Bob Bob has a very important job on the Moon But who s that in the background making faces at him Kids will laugh along at this strikingly illustrated tongue in cheek tale a m Wake up Have two eggs f

  • Title: Man on the Moon (A Day in the Life of Bob)
  • Author: Simon Bartram
  • ISBN: 9780763618971
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bob has a very important job on the Moon But who s that in the background making faces at him Kids will laugh along at this strikingly illustrated tongue in cheek tale 6 00 a.m Wake up Have two eggs for breakfast.8 00 a.m Arrive at launchpad Change into special man on the moon suit.8 45 a.m Blast off.8 58 a.m Arrive on Moon.9 00 a.m Start work This is how Bob, tBob has a very important job on the Moon But who s that in the background making faces at him Kids will laugh along at this strikingly illustrated tongue in cheek tale 6 00 a.m Wake up Have two eggs for breakfast.8 00 a.m Arrive at launchpad Change into special man on the moon suit.8 45 a.m Blast off.8 58 a.m Arrive on Moon.9 00 a.m Start work This is how Bob, the Man on the Moon, begins his day It s Bob s job to entertain the tourists handstands and high moon jumps are a hit , conduct Moon seminars how long does it take to walk around the Moon on stilts , sell souvenirs pens, postcards the usual , and keep the Moon clean and neat Some people say that aliens are the ones who leave all the trash, but Bob tells them aliens don t exist, and he would know wouldn t he

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    1. I really enjoyed this book. As the title suggests, it is about a day in the life of Bob, a man who lives on Earth but works on the Moon. The illustrations are interesting and there are lots of things that could be discussed with the children. In particular, aliens are hidden in every picture but the story says Bob knows “there’s no such thing as aliens.” I think children would find this amusing and would enjoy looking for the aliens in each picture.This would be great to read to a KS1 or e [...]

    2. The Man on the Moon takes a look at a day in the life of Bob. Bob doesn't have the average day job, but still has to wake up early to go to work…on the Moon! Bob’s hectic day consists of cleaning and tidying the moon, welcoming visitors, performing tricks for tourists and much more. Bob knows almost everything there is to know about the moon – but there’s something going on behind his back that he hasn't spotted. Are there really aliens on the moon? Bob doesn't think so.The Blue Peter bo [...]

    3. The story takes the reader through a day in the life of Bob. Bob’s day starts on earth, his home. Every day, Bob travels in his spaceship to complete his many duties at work on the moon. Some of which involve cleaning and entertaining tourists. As the story progresses, we find that Bob is totally unaware of the fact that there are a few aliens lurking around on the moon. These aliens can be seen upon the moons craters on each page of the book. These aliens sneakily find their way onto Bob’s [...]

    4. Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram is a straightforward story of a man's day at work, on the moon, with an underlying humour. We read the book as a class activity (Year 1) and the children had to do a review of the book afterwards which they loved. You don't mind having to read it over and over again and it was a good excuse as we had to do so anyway. There are fantastic pictures throughout, a kind of bold exaggerated lifelike style (except that the book is full of aliens). The children thought it [...]

    5. This book was used extensively for Literacy with a Year 2 class. The children wrote descriptions of the aliens on the moon; they wrote a job advert for Bob's job, and then applied for the job, explaining how they were suitable candidates; finally, they prepared a brochure for visitors to the moon. They enjoyed reading the book together and produced very interesting and imaginative work. It's a good story and can be easily expanded to different levels. Bob is an 'ordinary' man, whose job is worki [...]

    6. This story follows a young man named Bob on his adventurous day at work on the moon. His day begins early with many exciting things to do to keep him occupied like welcoming tourists, cleaning and performing tricks but there is something that Bob hasn't spotted in his long day at work. I read this story repeatedly over a week to children I was teaching and they thought it was a fantastic, hilarious story. They formed a fond liking for Mr Bob and loved to point out all the weird, wonderful aliens [...]

    7. This book is extraordinarily silly, in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. I think the humor went right over the heads of the little ones, but I found the dry humor most pleasing. Sci-fi for the little ones?

    8. Man on the moon is a storybook about a man called Bob. Bob is an ordinary man, living on a not so ordinary Earth. The Earth has become futuristic, it could be seen as a child friendly way into discussing science fiction. Bob is an astronaut, but unlike the astronaut we know and study, Bob cleans and looks after the Moon. Visitors, from Earth, travel to the moon daily, it is Bobs job to entertain them and clean up after them. He has friends, who work doing the same job on other planets, however t [...]

    9. The Man Who Cleans The Moon, Bob, has the most exciting job of anyone I know. He gets up every morning, eats his breakfast and gets into his spaceship for his daily trip to the moon. He has to be there early because his job is to clean the moon and make it ready for the daily influx of visitors from Earth. In between cleaning and welcoming the visitors he sells souvenirs, t-shirts and flags. This is a difficult job but Bob has it down pat. There is some mention of aliens, but we all know aliens [...]

    10. This was a very interesting story about a day in the life of a man named Bob who works on the moon. I found it to be quite a whimsical story, and I enjoyed it. I was amused by the look of the moon (it looks like it's made of cheese) and Bob's activities during his day make for a fun story. But it is definitely a story. As an adult, I found I needed to constantly remind myself that this was not meant to be factual, just entertaining. And so it was. I'm sure kids would love this story. :-)Bob (vie [...]

    11. This is the story of a man called Bob's day at work on the moon. The story goes through Bob's day. He wakes up every morning, eats his breakfast, goes to the shop to buy his newspaper and a little treat before boarding his space ship to the moon. When Bob gets to the moon Bob tidies up before he he has lunch with his friends. After lunch all the tourists arrive on the moon, here Bob and his colleagues performed for the tourists, took them on a tour of the moon and then her did an answer and ques [...]

    12. Bob the man on the moon is a colourful and energetic picture book, introducing young readers to the character of Bob.Bob has a very special job- he looks after the moon. This story takes readers onto a unique journey into Bob’s life, accompanying Bob from the very moment he wakes up.Bob begins his day on planet earth, performing his daily rituals. Bob then jumps into his shiny spaceship and soars into space reaching his destination of the moon. Bob’s hectic day consists of cleaning the moon, [...]

    13. An imaginative and colourful book which is great for children in Year 1.I used this book as part of a series of writing workshop lessons. The children absolutely loved it and it acted as a great platform for cross curricular lessons such as art, with children making their own moonscapes.Man on the Moon : a day in the life of Bob is a light hearted story about a man called Bob, who, despite living on earth works on the moon. The story takes the reader through Bob's day, beginning with breakfast b [...]

    14. I read Man on the Moon while I was on placement in Year One. It is an imaginative colourful book which I used during my writing workshop lessons and I would strongly recommend it for all KS1 teachers.The book follows a man called Bob from the moment he wakes up. Bob works on the moon and takes care of it by cleaning and entertaining tourists. Throughout the story Bob dismisses any suggestions that there are aliens on the moon, but who is that standing behind him making funny faces and stealing h [...]

    15. Bob is a very normal man, he enjoys reading the newspapers, having eggs for breakfast and cycling to work. Bob however has a very extraordinary job - he is a spaceman! His job as 'man on the moon' involves lots of duties. First he must make sure the moon is clean and tidy, entertain tourist spaceships and give guided tours around the moon. One thing Bob is certain of is that there are no aliens in space! He would know if there were, surely?This charming book would be perfect for KS1. I have used [...]

    16. This tale takes the reader through a day in the life of Bob. Every day, Bob travels in his rocket to complete his many duties at work on the moon. His job involves cleaning and entertaining tourists amongst other things. While Bob carries out his day to day tasks it soon becomes clear that he is unaware that aliens live on the moon. These aliens sneakily find their way onto Bob’s spaceship and accompany him on his journey home. This is a lovely book for foundation stage children. It is a great [...]

    17. This is a cute science fiction book for young readers. I think this fits nicely into the science fiction genre instead of fantasy because it has the possibility of happening. Since man has been on the moon the idea that Bob goes there in a space shuttle is feasible even though it is also unlikely. The premise that Bob is the Man on the Moon and he travels to the moon each day for work is an imaginative storyline but I didn't think the book went anywhere. I kept waiting for something more excitin [...]

    18. Bob has a special job, to look after the Moon. He takes care of the visitors who visit the Moon. Every morning when he arrives he finds a lot of rubbish, Bob thinks the astronauts make the rubbish and he doesn't like the Moon to be dirty so he cleans it up. He doesn't think the Aliens make the mess.Bob does somersaults, handstands, high jumps for all the tourists to see. He sells souvenirs and sandwiches. At the end of the day Bob gets into his rocket and flies back to Earth he gets very tired o [...]

    19. I didnt feel the plot of the book went anywhere. Was a very simple boring tale of one mans possible future job on the moon. Scientifically there were a few holes in the pictures which could lead to some misconceptions, especially if being used to help younger children understand space. As far as the illustrations go they were very well drawn, giving a relatively life like image of the characters and playing on the traditional idea of what an 'Alien' looks like. The book could also be used within [...]

    20. I have used this book with both a reception class and year 2, both thoroughly enjoyed it. Year 2 used it as inspiration to write their own stories, they came up with some brilliant ideas and wrote their own stories such as the lady on the sun and the baby on Pluto!! Reception definitely enjoyed looking for aliens that bob couldn't see!! We used this book in reception when focusing on space but the book is versatile and can be used when focusing on transport or jobs and definitely many more. I wo [...]

    21. This is a great book for Key Stage 1. I read this book to my pupils over a week and used it to plan my literacy lessons for a period of two weeks.We get to read about a day in the life of Bob, written in the form of a diary, this really helps children understand features of a diary. It has large, bright/colourful pictures, with lots going on in the background and simple vocabulary for children to read and comprehend. It has a great concept behind it, as Bob works on the moon and has to clean it [...]

    22. The Pluses- Great illustrations - not cute, but instead rather like a kid's take on a graphic novel.- Humour- The idea of a man having a drink and doing the crossword on his daily commute In a space rocket. To the moon. I love this!The Minuses- a story in which nothing much happens - truly "a day in the life" more than any actual story

    23. This book works best with a smaller group so they have a chance to find the aliens hiding in each picture. But the kids have a lot of fun pointing out the aliens. *3 stars for large group*I had a smaller group today & the book went much better. They loved finding the aliens & following what they were doing. Then they understood the end more also. *4 stars for small group*

    24. reading this on a regular basis! OMG I love this story (the English version of course as the American translation (yes it's been translated!!!) loses some of the quirkiness!!!) we also have the CD version which is EQUALLY as AWESOME!!!!! The boys love it!

    25. Fantastic drawings! A brilliant concept of the Man, who lives on Earth, getting up in the morning and going to work - on the Moon. Lots of strange little thoughts within this book. I can imagine reluctant readers getting inspired by this.

    26. Another great children's book that's part of my top five favorite (children's) books of all time! It's a favorite in our house.

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