Undead and Unemployed

Undead and Unemployed Nothing can make Betsy Taylor give up her shoe fetish even dying and rising as the new Queen of the Vampires Being royally undead isn t all it s cracked up to be there are still bills to be paid And B

  • Title: Undead and Unemployed
  • Author: MaryJanice Davidson
  • ISBN: 9780425197486
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Nothing can make Betsy Taylor give up her shoe fetish even dying and rising as the new Queen of the Vampires Being royally undead isn t all it s cracked up to be there are still bills to be paid And Betsy is determined to live as normally as possible, even if it means getting a job A feet she accomplishes with panache, landing her dream job selling designer shoesNothing can make Betsy Taylor give up her shoe fetish even dying and rising as the new Queen of the Vampires Being royally undead isn t all it s cracked up to be there are still bills to be paid And Betsy is determined to live as normally as possible, even if it means getting a job A feet she accomplishes with panache, landing her dream job selling designer shoes at Macy s.Things couldn t be better except for her new friends, who keep pestering her while she s on the clock As if she has time to socialize when there are deliciously sinful shoes to try on and buy at a discount It seems that vampires are being murdered in St Paul, and they re all clamoring for Betsy to do something about it The worse part is she s going to have to enlist the help of the one vamp who makes her blood boil the oh so sexy Sinclair Now, she s really treading on dangerous ground high heels and all

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    1. Being a soulless denizen of the undead was really hard sometimesBetsy, now the queen of the vampires, is struggling to find her way in the vampire world. Well, not really. She actually just wants to live her unlife in the same way, with no changes, except of course the drinking blood and being nocturnal thing. Obviously, becoming a vampire meant a few changes, but it didn't change her personality. She's still completely superficial and vain. She just happens to be a soulless undead killing machi [...]

    2. Betsy Taylor, the new queen of the vampires (and a most unwilling queen too, might I add) is back - and in need of a job. (Hey, designer shoes don't grow on trees, you know.) On top of needing to find - and then keep - employment, she also has the small problem of figuring out all the recent vampire murders.Even though many people call this series a romance series, I just can't see the romance. Yes, Sinclair is head over heels in love with Betsy (though he has an odd way of showing it), and yes [...]

    3. Fun. I mean, predictable, but still fun. A guilty pleasure, if you will. I still have the omnibus of the first four books that my friend lent me, but I'm having a great time with this series so farI wonder if she has the rest of the books :)

    4. It's really hard to enjoy a book when the main "love interest" (and I use that term very loosely) is a total douche bag. I mean come on. I can take a moody male character to a certain extent. But a character that's a complete ass? And no one is willing to call him out on it except for Betsy? BS.I am of course talking about Sinclair. I didn't like him much in the first book but his presence really put me off in this one, to the point where I decided I was going to stop reading midway through the [...]

    5. Queen Betsy has returned, this time with a job, and a few new skills in life!Finally I had a chance to buy Book #2 and Book #3, and just a few days ago they finally arrived! Now at last I can find out what happened in those books, as Book #4 has some hints to it, but all that did was make me want to read the whole story. :P As the title also says: Unemployed. Betsy wants a job! She wants to have some money of her own to buy shoes, clothes, and other fun things. Of course her best friend has all [...]

    6. 5 Stars: I enjoyed this book as much as the first, good reading if you like vampire romance. It was just as funny as the first. I found myself laughing aloud a lot and could not put it down. It was a quick and mindless read for those times you want a light read. My absolute favorite and will read again and again. I strongly recommend! It has outstanding qualities. The characters are wonderful and surprising and multi-dimensional. The writing is luring, engaging, and well-crafted enough to keep m [...]

    7. Betsy has not only become a vampire by accident she is also the Queen of the vampires. She is trying to live a normal life by getting a job at Macy's selling shoes. She is content to stay in her termite infested apartment and ignore the crazy vampire world. Only it is not that easy, since someone is hunting vampires and everyone is looking to her for answers. This story has two endearing but annoying sidekicks. Jessica is her best friend forever who is quite rich and moves them into a manison. S [...]

    8. As the title says, this is a story about an unemployed vampire. Vampire queen, to be exactwhich unfortunately isn't a well payed job, so she needs to find a real one.Because, you know, she wants​ to adopt a 5 y/o ghost, and having a kid costs money. Even a ghost kid. The only one she can have, considering her king's "dead sperm" can't get her pregnant.And she wants a family so bad, especially​ now that her dad thinks it was impolite from her to get back to life after they organized the funer [...]

    9. 3.5 StarsI really loved the first book in this series, and although Undead and Unemployed didn't have quite the same impact as Undead and Unwed, I still really enjoyed it.Undead and Unemployed starts roughly where the first book finished, albeit a couple of months have passed. Betsy is still trying to come to terms with her new status as Vampire Queen and the complete change of lifestyle. She is getting a little frustrated with her new life and wants to put back some sense of normality. So, she [...]

    10. After reading Undead and Unwed, I thought Sinclair was a hero with jerk tendencies. Now after finishing the second book of the series I'm feeling like Sinclair is filtered through Betsy and he's not as much of a jerk as I first thought. I realize that the reader only sees Sinclair from Betsy's point of view since the whole book is from her perspective, but throughout the whole book I kept feeling like I wasn't getting to know Sinclair at all. The author does a really good job broadcasting Jessic [...]

    11. More like 2.5 stars, but again the reading by Wu was excellent. The story was fun, but not even as filling as a Sookie Stackhouse story. Queen Betsy & all the rest of the characters are more caricatures than 'real' people. The world isn't very complex nor all that imaginative. So it was OK & I'm really only giving it 3 stars because Wu does such a great job. Still, I'm on to listen to the next one.

    12. I like this series even more after listening to this book! It's truly very funny, well developed & likable characters tossed together with some intriguing mystery and occasional steaminess! Formula is fun indeed! :-)

    13. 3.5Better than the first in some ways. I knew who done it at first meeting and my choice never wavered. I'm a little disappointed it was so obvious. I could see where the author tried to gloss over details to hide the killer, which only put a spotlight on the individual. The suspicion thrown to other people was just an obvious a red herring. It's probably just me. I read a lot of straight mystery/suspense. I was also just as annoyed with Betsy as her poor detective skills as I was about her abil [...]

    14. It's been a couple months since Undead and Unwed. Betsy has still not adjusted to the fact that she is queen of the vampires and that with that title comes responsibilities. Betsy is determined that she will regain some semblance of a life and for her, this means getting a job and paying her own way through life. It should be simple right? Well, it might have been were it not for the fact that someone is killing vampires in St. Paul and as Queen of the Vampires, it's Betsy's responsibility to ke [...]

    15. Mary Janice Davidson's Queen Betsy (a.k.a the Undead) series is a delightfully subversive and hilarious bunch of stories starring the most fashionable supernatural since Buffy; The Vampire Slayer. The 30 something year old former Miss Congeniality, Elizabeth "Betsy" Taylor, is the ruler of the undead after a car accident and a prophecy result in her overthrowing the tyrannical ruler of the undead. Who, for whatever reason, rules the vampire race from Minnesota. Undead and Unemployed picks up a f [...]

    16. Undead and Unemployed is the second book in the Queen Betsy series. Betsy Taylor (AKA Queen Elizabeth I, Empress of the Undead, Rightful Rule of the Vampires along with her Consort Eric) has decided that it is time to find a job. She's been a vampire now for 4 months, and is tired of having Jessica buy everything for her. She doesn't have a car payment, or a mortgage thanks to Jessica. So, she ends up becoming a shoe salesperson at the Macy's at the Mall of America, which is her perfect job sinc [...]

    17. "Being a soulless denizen of the undead was really hard sometimes."I’m sad to say that the second book of the Undead series fell short of my expectations.The first third of the book is pretty boring: Betsy has financial and termite problems, so she needs a job, and a new place to live.Then a group of vampire hunters appears, killing vampires all over the city. Betsy is enlightened that as a queen she has certain responsibilities.“We're getting reports of quite a few staked vampires.”“So? [...]

    18. Quick & Easy read, bad language in it, one way too descriptive and unnecessary scene. I don't think I can recommend it to anyone I know. It was cute, and I wanted to know what happened after reading just a few pages. But now I want to read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer now, and hopefully that will be much better.The main character is flawed but in an interesting, I can kind of relate to her way. At the same time, she really irritated me with her pathetic relationships and how her friends/boyfr [...]

    19. Hmm, hab ich bisher auf deutsch oder auf englisch geschrieben?Egal, heute gibts deutsch.Böööööööööööses Buch!Gelesen hab ichs während ner Prüfugnsvorbereitungsphase.Eigentlich gar keine Zeit, aber, ein Kapitel wird doch gehen, das darf man sich doch erlaubenOh, jetzt muss ich das nächste aber auch noch lesenUnd das danachUnd das danachwVerdammt. Halbes Buch wegDann kann ichs jetzt auch zuende lesen.Soviel zum Thema lernen an dem Tag, aber ich hatte Spass!!!Weglegen war für mich be [...]

    20. This book was as much fun as the first one! Betsy is a great main character and I totally love her! And Eric is simply amazing! And a really patient man!!!!!!! But it's not just the two of them, all the characters are good: Tina, Jessica and Marc, Betsy's mom, Father Mark and the Blade Warrior are all well characterized and are all great! The writing is good and the story was compelling.I loved it! And I really couldn't put it down!

    21. I found this book to be just as fun as the first, but with a better plot because there was no need to introduce people/world etc. Betsy is definitely growing on me and I liked that she is trying to remain as independent as possible (respect). We did get vampire hunters introduced in this book though, so if it's a new supernatural creature with every book I'm done - but we'll see if a pattern emerges after reading the next one!

    22. Cute, mindless vampire trash novel. But still fun and I am finding I am enjoying the series. Betsy returns in Undead and Unemployed to find herself working at the Macy's shoe department and loving it. Only to have her plans dashed by Sinclair, a rogue vampire aiming for her title of queen, a love sick vampire slayer, and a boss that tries to help kill her. Still humerous with no point the books are a lot of laughs.

    23. I really enjoyed this book. I seem to be hopping around this series out of order but it doesn't seem to matter. I enjoy it just as much out of order. I love how sarcastic Betsy is. She doesn't want to be undead, the Queen of the undead or stuck with the king of the undead. Nothing seems to be within her control these days. Will I read more of this series? Definitely!

    24. I LOVE Betsy. She is hilarious! She is so no-nonsense. She says what's on her mind and gets right to the point. Well she does keep a few secrets to herself. While she is still getting used to being a vampire, she is still finding out how powerful she is what powers she has.I laughed out loud so many times reading this book!

    25. I read the first book and it was a little choppy, but it gave me laughs so I persevered. Sadly the second book didn't improve, the humour was lost and every event lacked lustre, not to mention Betsy has become painfully annoying. Really sad to diss a book or an author but I couldn't muster the energy past half way. Horrible.

    26. My review for fangsorfur.weebly/Undead and Unemployed the second installment in MaryJanice Davidson's Queen Betsy series is paranormal romance meets chick lit: This book picks up where the first book (Undead and Unwed) leaves off. In the first book we are introduced to Betsy Taylor a sarcastic, funny, designer shoe loving woman who gets laid off from her job as a secretary then is killed in a pedestrian-car wreck. She wakes up in the morgue, dressed in an unflattering suit and cheap knockoff sho [...]

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