The Boys from St. Petri

The Boys from St Petri In a group of young men begin a series of increasingly dangerous protests against the German invaders of their Danish homeland

  • Title: The Boys from St. Petri
  • Author: Bjarne Reuter Anthea Bell
  • ISBN: 9780140379945
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1942, a group of young men begin a series of increasingly dangerous protests against the German invaders of their Danish homeland.

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    1. Summary (CIP): In 1942, a group of young men begin a seies of increasingly dangerous protests against the German invaders of their Danish homeland.Review:When thinking about war sometimes the details are hard to imagine. This book gives the reader insight into living in occupied Denmark during WWII, and how it affected the daily lives of its inhabitants especially a group of frustrated young men. This group is determined to do something, but exactly what becomes a subject of debate. Their divers [...]

    2. The Boys from St. Petri, by Bjarne Reuter,Puffin, Copyright date: 1991, 215 pgs, $14.99,ISBN: 0-525-45121-8, Young Adult recommended for ages 12-14, Four out of five stars (five being the highest). By Max Albert The Boys from St. Petri is a stunning story of a hard-as-nails group of young men and their efforts to protest against the Germans who invaded their homeland. The author did a magnificent job of telling the journey of these brave young fighters, leaving you with suspense at the turn of e [...]

    3. My english is not good enough to describe my love for this book. This is definitely my new favorite book. The ending is so beautiful!

    4. Nogle gange møder en bog og læseren hinanden på det helt rigtige tidspunkt og magi opstår. Jeg er blæst bagover af denne bog, som jeg indtil nu kun har haft et indirekte forhold til, idet filmatiseringen altid har haft en særlig plads i min mindebank. En sjælden smuk melankoni præger denne bog, men på ingen påtaget denne-bog-skal-være-melankolsk facon. Jeg har sukket og levet med historien - skønt!Historien opleves på mest fascinerende vis igennem vores hovedperson Lars. Hans eftert [...]

    5. I didn't like the writing style, and found this book very confusing. It got a bit better in the end which is why I gave it three stars.

    6. I guess that it was fine. The book was really boring in the start, but it made progress. So that must be 3 stars from me.

    7. Lars wanted to be a member of the group not only because his much idolized brother was the leader, but because they were taking a stand against the Nazis showing that not everyone in Denmark was going to sit idly by during the occupation. And when Lars found the German Luger, he felt he could really make a contribution to the group. But with the Luger came Otto and Otto meant business. His first official act for the group was burning down a building. But as the group got more serious, dissensi [...]

    8. Inspired by the true actions of the Churchill Club, a group of Danish boys who were active early in resisting the occupation of Denmark by Nazi Germany, this book tells the story of a similar group of teens who want to stand up to the German occupiers. Initially, their activities are largely limited to acts of vandalism, stealing license plates, defacing propaganda posters, and such. However, after acquiring a weapon, they must decide how far they are willing to go to fight the Germans and what [...]

    9. 'The boys from Sankt Petri' is a YA book back from when such a thing was simply called youth literature. It is a classic of the genre in Denmark. The story takes place in Denmark of 1942, during the german occupation. Some young men have formed a resistance group whose brand of sabotage is small pranks (stealing license plates and the likes). When the group admit a new member, Otto, things take a more serious turn. Because Otto's brand of sabotage has more to do with machine guns and bombsThis i [...]

    10. This book wasn’t intense at all at the beginning. That i reached a point in the book were i thought of abandoning the book. But then the main character joined a group in a town in Denmark named St. Petri. The group’s goal was to make the Germans that were occupying their country to leave and never come back. First the group did simple things like stealing number plates and German soldier’s helmet. But then they took it to a higher level by increasing the action. For example, they started t [...]

    11. I'm not reading this book because i want to. But in my school right now, we're reading books and poems from the World War II, so my teacher told me to read this book. I think the plot is okay, but not more than that. It's about some guys that goes from having some fun adventures in the forrest or in their parents basement, to be way more dangerous than they expected - like sabotage and making their own resistance group against the deutsch men.Oh the ending was very sad. I almost cried. When the [...]

    12. The book jumped around between reality and Lar's daydreams without really giving you a clear transition, so you aren't always sure what's going on without rereading super carefully.Lar's even drifts off into daydreams during their little "operations". Moron. Most of his daydreams involve his brother Gunnar and his "beautiful angel wings". Almost made me puke.Halfway through the book, they also decide to just randomly throw in another character. I think his name was Alex, or something. But he sud [...]

    13. This Batchelder winner was an interesting take on the Resistance movement in Denmark in WWII. Two brothers are part of a gang of teen boys that initially play pranks on the occupying Germans. When a unpredictable loner, Otto joins the group, they step up their efforts. Romance, school and church are the backdrops that fall away as their mission becomes more important and all encompassing.

    14. This exciting book starts in the streets of Denmark during the World War 2, when Denmark is unde the control of the Germans. The book is very good and i loves it.

    15. I just couldn't get into this book - it was too slow-paced. I got about halfway through before moving on to something else.

    16. A very wonderful, action packed book with a hint at romance. The ending killed me, I almost cried. Definitely recommend this.

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