One thought on “Collected Poems”

  1. I was initially drawn to Muir's poetry for its interest in theological questions, as well as due to the high praise from T.S. Eliot. In reading this collection of Muir's poetry from throughout his career, I found a special affinity for Muir's careful attention to history and the passage of time. I found a tension in the poetry, one that seemed to honor the place of history and historical figures, even as Muir recognized the limitations of the people of history. Muir appreciates the vital role th [...]

  2. To my mind, Muir's poetry, with its unique style and vividness, is among the most important in world literature. Every poem forces the audience to take a step back from the world we are used to seeing and challenges the reality. His topics range from the divine to the mundane, exploring Eden, Prague and Troy with equal fervour.Muir's view on life is that we each live the same fable. Through reading his Collected Poems, we are clearly shown what that fable is, and where it stands in the Universe. [...]

  3. I have not read this book cover to cover, but have read a number of the poems in it. And think they are marvelous. Muir is a thoroughly engaging and, in my experience, utterly unique poet and I will return to his work continually.

  4. Edwin Muir wrote one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read.It starts - Yes, yours, my love is the right human face. Do read it, I think it sums up most relationships.

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