Zenith The world is gradually drowning as mighty Arctic ice floes melt the seas rise and land disappears forever beneath storm tossed waves Sixteen year old Mara and her ship of refugees are tracking the

  • Title: Zenith
  • Author: Julie Bertagna
  • ISBN: 9780230015340
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • The world is gradually drowning, as mighty Arctic ice floes melt, the seas rise, and land disappears forever beneath storm tossed waves Sixteen year old Mara and her ship of refugees are tracking the North Star, desperate to find a homeland in the melted ice mountains of Greenland The vast, floating city of Pomperoy is just one of the shocks that are not in their n The world is gradually drowning, as mighty Arctic ice floes melt, the seas rise, and land disappears forever beneath storm tossed waves Sixteen year old Mara and her ship of refugees are tracking the North Star, desperate to find a homeland in the melted ice mountains of Greenland The vast, floating city of Pomperoy is just one of the shocks that are not in their navigation plans Unwittingly, the refugees bring catastrophe in their wake for Tuck, a gypsea pirate boy, and also for Ilira a land whose inhabitants exist in a state of terror at the top of the world.Back in the drowned ruins at the feet of the towering sky city, Fox is beginning his battle with the cruel, corrupt forces that rule the New World But separated from Mara, his resolve begins to waver .

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    1. The sequel to Exodus. I read Exodus when it came out over 10 years ago, but it’s taken me quite a while to find the rest of the trilogy. Not surprising since it was five years later between the publication of Exodus and Zenith. It took me most of Zenith to realise that there’s a hidden theme in this series: the character of Mara is based on the legendary Teneu, the mother of Kentigern, patron saint of Glasgow.I should have realised earlier. However, in the first book, all that connects Mara [...]

    2. 'Zenith' is the sequel to 'Exodus' and continues the story of Mara as she searches for a home in the North. Now aboard a ship with refugees from New Mungo, Mara has a terrifying journey ahead of her as she seeks to find Greenland and a safe place where she can begin to build a new home. Having left Fox behind to fight his own battle, she has to face loss and heartbreak as she clings to survival.When the ship she's aboard crashes into a city of boats, barges and bridges, they cause untold chaos a [...]

    3. In this sequel to Exodus, Mara is on a search for land - any land - where their ship of refugees can finally let its passengers free. Along with Mara's story in the cold waters of the north, we still watch the Fox in his struggle to right his city's injustices. We also meet a new group of survivors on a floating boat city that eventually wind their way into the rest of Mara's story.In a world where, for most, life is still a daily struggle for survival, Zenith is another interesting look at our [...]

    4. This book starts right where the last one ended - Mara and her friends, a group of refugees, are on a boat on their way to Greenland, hoping that there is land there to live on. It’s 100 years into the future, and the Earth is basically a huge ocean due to global warming and ice melting. The first half of the book is them sailing to the hope of a new life. Mara is having a hard time leaving Fox, and knowing that they’ll never meet again for real really hurts. But she’s hanging onto the ide [...]

    5. Reviewed by JodiG. for TeensReadTooOnce again, Mara is setting sail, fleeing from one unstable place to the promise of others. Again she is headed north and again she is bringing bedraggled and hopeful survivors with her. Everyone is searching for the same thing. A safe place. A home. Land.In a world where global warming has melted all of the polar ice caps and the world has been flooded, there doesn't seem to be much to hope for anymore. Mara led her family and friends north only to find that t [...]

    6. Continues where Exodus left off. At the end of Exodus, Mara had freed the slaves of the sky city, New Mungo, and led the escape of these slaves and the other people kept outside the walls of the sky city to a promise of a new land. We follow Mara as she's on her big, white boat plowing toward the north pole.It was an okay read. Am I getting tired of this world? It just didn't capture me like the first book, Exodus, and another book with a post apocalyptic world in search of a gentler Earth, Thro [...]

    7. It was OK, I wasn't thrilled with it, I didn't hate it. I'm not sure I will go actively looking for other books by this author. I felt some times it was too long and drawn out, and other times there wasn't enough detail. I think that a person that cared enough about their family to try to find a new place for them to live, would not have been selfish enough to sorta do their own thing while friends and family suffer elsewhere then it suddenly clicks, 'Oh! I need to do something soon!" Duh!! I di [...]

    8. This picks up right where the book Exodus leaves off. Mara is on a ship headed toward the top of the world after escaping New Mungo, the futuristic city in the sky. Mara isn’t completely happy with this escape because she had to leave behind her beloved boyfriend (Fox). Fox decides to stay behind and cyber-fight the new city while Mara chooses to stay with her people and travel north—one of the only areas left in the world that has not been flooded by the oceans. When Mara and her people hit [...]

    9. In defence of this book it was my own fault that I didn't enjoy it. I went into it thinking that it was a stand alone book and only when I was a few chapters in and had no idea what was happening did it dawn on me that it was possibly a sequel to a previous book.I was going on a 12 hour flight to Shanghai and so I thought that it would be a good idea to take a few of the smaller books in my TBR so that I could battle through them and get them read and had I read the first book, Exodus, then I pr [...]

    10. At first the book was really good. Everything fit in well and I was not confused at all. When Tuck came in I was okay with it. But half way through.s got really weird. The characters were all good and believable. I was upset when several of the characters disappeared or died. Tuck was a nice addition, Mara was wonderful as in the last book, and Fox was pretty good too. As were the rest of the characters. But when Mara suddenly got pregnant, then things just got plain confusing. I wasn't really s [...]

    11. This skated between a 2 and a 3 for me and I'm still undecided which to rate it. I really enjoyed the first one but the second certainly fell flat. I the beginning I found myself sympathising more with the passengers and their bitter feelings about there being no purpose or proof to the trip. I also didn't really understand Tuck and the Gypseas, no explanation was given as to where they came from and why they live in boats. The section once they made it to wherever was better and made it more a [...]

    12. Not really good enough for four stars, but definitely better than three.A good sequel that progressively improved. Story didn't remain stagnant, despite the circumstances allowing it to (so much waiting and lull in the action was handled well). Interesting prose, I'm a sucker for descriptive writing with allusions to the sea, sky, stars, moon and wind, so it was forceful and I loved it (icebergs being pieces of the moon and whatnot - brilliant)!However, as usual, I always find some reason to be [...]

    13. I'm sort of on the fence about this book. I read and loved Exodus and couldn't wait to read the next one.And to begin with I thought it was great, the addition of Tuck was good and as with the first book the characters were great.But when Mara suddenly was pregnant, the story became confusing to me and the pregnant seemed so strange and out of the blue and the different characters' point of views and storylines because confusing and I couldn't find me way through them.And the ending confused me [...]

    14. Sequel to Exodus. Mara has left the floating city of New Mungo with a cargo ship full of refugees, and Fox has stayed behind to try to change his grandfather's government. Mara believes in the idea that there is land in the far north, and the ship is pointed in that direction. On the way, the ship accidentally destroys part of another floating city, Pomperoy, and the people there sail north, tracking the ship and plotting revenge. Tuck is a boy in Pomperoy whose mother was killed in the accident [...]

    15. Mara Bell is leading a boat of Treenesters, urchins, and freed slaves in search of Greenland. But as they head toward what they think is land, their boat crashes into a floating city of barges and bridges.Whilst definitely intriguing and with fascinating settings, Zenith is not quite as grabbing as its predecessor, Exodus. Maybe it's due to the lack of technology, or that I just didn't connect with the characters. Mara was awesome in Book 1, but heree's less fabulous. However, the imagery is sim [...]

    16. I really wanted to like this sequel to Exodus more than I did. It starts off strongly enough but somehow unravels after the halfway mark. Hopefully it'll turn out to be a consequence of setting out the plot strands for the final volume but not much, well, happens in the latter half. And there is a teeny bit of Waterworld/Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome about some of the new settings. On the plus side, the writing is even more fluidly poetic then the first volume, the fragility of those we love is a [...]

    17. Didn't hold my interest the way the first one did. This sort of plods along without any big surprises or reveals along that way (and things that are supposed to be big surprises are telegraphed long in advance). There's very little sense that anyone's situation is as bad as it is--the words say it but the tone is ho-hum. In several places there are too-clever elements thrown in, like the discovery of a Tupperware box ("my great-grandmother used to have one of these; it keeps things fresh"), whic [...]

    18. Not as enjoyable as first book, Exodus. I felt it got off to a slow start what with having to come up to speed with what was happening on Mara's ship, what was up with Fox back at the tower city and introducing the new character Tuck and his people. Once things began to gel the storyline got more interesting. I like seeing hints of how we got to this point in world history and seeing little relics of the past and how they were perceived by Mara & the rest. As this is more or less the bridge [...]

    19. My feelings are bittersweet about this novel! I am happy that I read it as I loved it - hence, the five stars. And I am bitter because I finished it! I actually didn't want the story to end!I loved that it was written from the viewpoint of the three main characters - Mara, Fox, and Tuck! I enjoy stories with interwoven plots. I had to reread the last couple of short chapters a couple of times to understand the time jump and the different fates of the characters!I so look forward reading the last [...]

    20. Didn't hold my interest the way the first one did. This sort of plods along without any big surprises or reveals along that way (and things that are supposed to be big surprises are telegraphed long in advance). There's very little sense that anyone's situation is as bad as it is--the words say it but the tone is ho-hum. There's a third book coming. I'll probably read it because I liked the first one so much and the second books in trilogies tend to be the worst, but I am sadly losing interest i [...]

    21. The thing I found frustrating about these stories (Exodus and Zenith) is the way time passes. The books are written in a somewhat surreal style in which it is difficult to follow the passage of time and even sometimes specific occurrences. It also skips over events in time, particularly toward the end when the lives of the protaganists speeds up to adulthood in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, the books are gripping futuristic reading, and I am looking forward to the conclusion, entitled "Auro [...]

    22. Zebuth wasn't quite as gripping as the first book in the series but it was still wonderfully creative and surprising. The book could have ended on a fairly depressing note but the author brilliantly added a few snapshots of the future that both offered hope and made me immediately check to see when the next book is coming out. I can't wait to see how and when all the characters meet again!

    23. This is the second novel after Exodus and continues Mara's quest to find a safe place to live on the now flooded Earth. In this one, an additional character is introduced and we start to see things from yet another perspective. Now there's a skycity dweller, a former island dweller, and a seagypsy who has never before seen land. More death and destruction follows their latest boating off to Greenland, but can something good come of it?

    24. While I didn't love this one as much as I enjoyed Exodus, it was a good book. It again introduced us to different societies that survived the flooding of the world. And Mara's journey to find a home continues. The story wasn't quite as dynamic in this one and Fox was completely left out for much of the story. The ending did leave the story wide open for an exciting conclusion in Aurora so I am eagerly awaiting that book.

    25. Ces romans sont difficiles à comprend car c'est de l'anglais écossais et parfois les expressions sont un peu particulières mais aussi l'invention de certains mots.ce second volet m'a un peu moins charmé que le premier, certains incompréhension, notamment vers la fin, un trop grand saut dans le temps peut-être.Mais j'ai néanmoins envie de connaître la suite des aventures de Mara et Fox mais aussi de Lily désormais.dans Aurora.

    26. Ugh. There is nothing in this book that I can point to as being bad. I would even say I enjoyed it. But it just took forever to read and didn't seem to go anywhere. I've read several other books since I started this one and I can say I am glad I finished it. I'm afraid I have nothing to recommend it by either though. The writing was fine. I guess I just don't like books with short chapters. It shouldn't make a difference but for some reason, in this case, it did.

    27. Similarly to the first book in this series, I did enjoy the story, but have still not truly connected emotionally to the characters. I liked many of them, was intrigued by some others, but just didn't really care enough about them. I feel like there are many stories and themes in this series that haven't been dealt with deeply enough for me, and perhaps had they been, I would have loved this book instead of merely enjoying it.2.5 stars, rather than just 2.

    28. The book wasn't too bad. I didn't like it as much as the first one but I did read this in half a day so maybe I rushed it and that spoiled it for me. I just thought that it felt different and not the same as the first book. I think I will read the third (Aurora) as I don't like only reading part of a series and also maybe I'll love the next book. Who knows?

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