Esther & Ruth

Esther Ruth Does God help those who help themselves That may seem to be the message of Esther and Ruth Yet a closer reading shows a gracious and sovereign God at work one who uses obviously flawed people unable

  • Title: Esther & Ruth
  • Author: Iain M. Duguid
  • ISBN: 9780875527833
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Does God help those who help themselves That may seem to be the message of Esther and Ruth Yet a closer reading shows a gracious and sovereign God at work, one who uses obviously flawed people unable even to help themselves to rescue his people and prepare for the coming of Christ.

    One thought on “Esther & Ruth”

    1. Of all the commentaries I consulted in my preaching series on Ruth, I found Duguid's work to be the most beneficial for exposition. Smooth prose. Creative presentation. Organized textually rather than thematically. Pastoral applications are well-within the text's intended pattern of meaning. A slight criticism might be offered toward Duguids hesitation to make hard decisions on ambigous texts, informing the reader why and how he arrived at his conclusion. Instead, he is content to present the va [...]

    2. Dr. Duguid's commentary on Esther & Ruth is very pastoral, and excellently researched. I can cite many examples, but will specifically note only 2 examples of the great encouragement found in this commentary. First, on Esther chapter 7: "Just as importantly, we may have hope in our struggle against sin. Our hope lies not in our own progress or personal strength. Not at all! We cannot pull ourselves up by our own efforts, and the further we progress in the Christian life, the more evident tha [...]

    3. I only read the Ruth portion, but it was a phenomenal book. I really enjoyed how Duguid took the book piece by piece and reflected on the bigger story. Not just a love story between Ruth and Boaz. It is a story about the redemptive power of Jesus, how His grace has enormous power and can take an outsider like Ruth and make her a part of his own lineage. We are all sinners and when we accept we have nothing to offer Him, that is when his grace becomes the greatest gift of all.VT Reading Challenge [...]

    4. I really enjoy this series of commentaries for devotional reading. They have enough depth and application to be solid devotional material, but don't make your eyes roll back in your head by going on and on about Greek and Hebrew. There is a place in the world for more technical dissections of biblical text, but I find these to be a much more helpful resource for devotional reading. Very accessible.

    5. I loved this expository commentary on these two books! Duguid does an excellent job of digging into the original Hebrew to bring the New Testament into the Old. These are two of the most well known and beloved stories in the Old Testament, and yet they are so so shallowly understood when we rip them out of the context of their time and cultures.

    6. Only read Esther so far, will read Ruth later, but WOW! Both good at uncovering the hidden meanings, Hebrew etymology, and at talking to the reader on a personal level. Like a cross between a commentary and a devotional.

    7. Wow! This commentary tells the stories of the books of Ruth and Esther in a way that shows the reader what the actual intent of the author was. It ties these old testament story books to the gospel. I loved it.

    8. I only read several sections into it, but of what I remember (it was a while ago) I remember not liking it too much. Duguid seems to make every thing too symbolical too quickly. It was not the type of commentary I was looking for at the time.

    9. In my opinion it just doens't get much better than Duguid when it comes to preaching Christ from the Old Testament. I read this commentary as a companion to my daily bible reading and was regularly stirred to think and feel more deeply about Christ. Highly Recommend.

    10. Read this along with my devotionsry helpful and encouraging tool. Helped me to be more thoughtful in my Bible reading and brought deep truths to life from simple "stories" I knew well

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