Meditations from the Breakdown Lane: Running Across America

Meditations from the Breakdown Lane Running Across America None

  • Title: Meditations from the Breakdown Lane: Running Across America
  • Author: James E. Shapiro
  • ISBN: 9780395331057
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Meditations from the Breakdown Lane: Running Across America”

    1. Shapiro frequently indulges in overly-long sentences and rambling musings, yet I excuse that as a side effect of spending all those months doing nothing all day but running from west to east. I loved reading about a transcontinental trip that occurred before gps, before sponsorships, before all of these superstar ultra runners. I read this memoir while traveling solo myself, and they way he talked about the kindness of strangers as well as the parochialism of them really struck a chord with me. [...]

    2. Difficult to find these days (the Boulder Public Library in Colorado has a mildewed hardback that I curled up with last summer), Shapiro's book is a startling, often lyrical recollection of his transcontinental journey. Look, I normally roll my eyes at anything that mentions "Zen" and "running" in the same book, but Shapiro gets away with it beautifully because of his sense of humor and the quiet realism of his prose. Highly recommended, if you can dig it up.

    3. Articulates those far away thoughts distance runners get- the purpose, the value, the stubbornness, the fatigue, the mindfulness.

    4. I think his prose matches the endurance of the effort documented. The account was descriptive, colorful, honest, and insightful. Although I have only ran a small fraction of the miles Shapiro has recorded in his bones, the amount I have ran along with his descriptive prose garnered respect for the price to be paid of undertaking such a journey. I highly recommend this book to anyone engaged in endurance activities.

    5. Easily one of the best books about running I have ever read. Shapiro understands that doubt, petulance, stubbornness, and ego are as important to acknowledge in the process of describing the experience of ultra distance running as are jubilation, strength, and logistics. He is also one of the most talented writers who've chronicled the sport. He is frequently and touchingly poetic. It was a shame when I had to finish reading this book and a great shame that it is no longer in print.

    6. Inspirational story of a run across the country. Read it several years ago but still pull inspiration from it. Hoping to do the same sometime this decade, will use this as a resource. The writing falls off a bit the further James goes, likely as a result of him tiring. Still, book is worth picking up if you can find a copy.

    7. Not a bad book, not fantastic either. I think to truly understand his journey, both physically and mentally you need to be a distance runner. Though my own running pales in comparison to a transcontinental run, I have personally experienced just a bit of the philosophical journey one undergoes and was interested by how he articulated such ethereal feelings.

    8. Have you ever thought about running across America??? It's not the most engaging read but if you are a long distance runner there are some truths here that you will recognize. Warning: This book is out of print and hard to find.

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