A Duke of Her Own

A Duke of Her Own Lady Louisa longs to marry for passion and love but will she find happiness in the arms of the duke Lady Louisa Wentworth knows she will never marry well her family s impoverished estate has ensured a

  • Title: A Duke of Her Own
  • Author: Lorraine Heath
  • ISBN: 9780061129636
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lady Louisa longs to marry for passion and love but will she find happiness in the arms of the duke Lady Louisa Wentworth knows she will never marry well her family s impoverished estate has ensured as much Resigned to spinsterhood, the proud beauty has agreed to chaperone a young American heiress who seeks a titled husband through the turbulent waters of London socieLady Louisa longs to marry for passion and love but will she find happiness in the arms of the duke Lady Louisa Wentworth knows she will never marry well her family s impoverished estate has ensured as much Resigned to spinsterhood, the proud beauty has agreed to chaperone a young American heiress who seeks a titled husband through the turbulent waters of London society.The dashing Duke of Hawkhurst must marry wealth for the sake of his family This well heeled young American, Miss Jenny Rose, would do quite nicely But the girl s infuriating chaperone seems determined to keep them apart And worse still, Hawk finds himself far attracted to the intoxicating Lady Louisa than to her innocent charge A romantic subterfuge is called for as desperate Hawk plots to draw the heiress into a compromising position, making marriage a necessity But when it s lovely Louisa instead who falls into his sensuous web, this game of hearts takes a passionate and most unexpected turn

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    1. 4 stars – Historical RomanceI’m a big fan of Lorraine Heath’s Scoundrels of St. James series and although this isn’t quite up to par with those, it’s still a good read, and I definitely felt a connection to the characters and was emotionally invested in the story.Lady Louisa might be the daughter and sister of an earl, but rampant debt and elaborate spending habits have left her family’s estate in financial ruin. To earn money and avoid inevitable spinsterhood, she accepts the positi [...]

    2. This was a good read. It made me stay up later than I meant to in order to read the conclusion, but I was left unsatisfied in a way.The couple is Louisa, the younger sister of an impoverished earl, and Hawkhurst, an impoverished duke and one of the earl's best friends. Their chemistry is believable and some of their back story is very amusing.You really wade through a lot of mercenary attitudes, though, along with one major machination by the hero that's hard to forgive.But in the end I definite [...]

    3. I read this book because I’ve seen the author’s name come up repeatedly as recommended, and this is one of two titles the library had to offer me as an ebook. I’m super glad that I didn’t take the gamble of buying, because I definitely was not crazy about this book. At first I just felt that in some way I couldn’t really articulate that it was not “well-written.” But since I’ve seen scores of reviews claiming certain books were well-written (which I thought were boiled tripe with [...]

    4. * 4.5 stars *This was so much fun to read. Just a really fun historical romance with a really great plot and characters. The writing was first rate. Loved it!

    5. I had never read a book by Lorraine Heath before, but this was a fabulous romp! Interesting characters, a quick pace, and engaging plot line. I can't wait to read more books by this author.

    6. A well told regency romance that will certainly capture your attention. This is the story of the relationship of Hawke (Randolph Selwyn, Duke of Hawkhurst) and Lady Louisa Wentworth.Louisa is the daughter of an earl but has no dowry therefore no marriage prospects, so she hires herself out as a chaperone to the Rose family from America. She is to help their daughters Jenny and Kate find themselves titled husbands. The Duke of Hawkhurst, along with Louisa’s brother Alex, Earl of Ravensley and a [...]

    7. Because of a certain review about this book, i read it expecting dissapointment but until the end i was fascinated. Courage, love, loyalty, and passion (not presicely in that order)One of the books that i will certainly remember, both the story and the title (a thing which im not really good at)This was my first book of the author and certainly not the last. Maybe for a long time, for now i have become a fan.

    8. I loved it, it is a more realistic story and even though my heart ached from time to time I enjoyed it so much.

    9. Sudah berulang kali saya kecewa dgn novel2 author. Bukan gaya tulisannya, tapi karakter tokoh H/H nya selalu saja inkonsistensi. Kali ini tokoh Duke Hawkhurst dan Lady Louisa. Saya tidak masalah dgn deskripsi Lady Louisa sbg perawan tua yg mandiri. Atau keinginan kompetitif Hawk utk mendapatkan pewaris kaya. Permasalahannya adalah saat Louisa juga "menjual" Hawk krn yakin pernikahan mereka bukanlah yg diinginkan Hawk. Juga bikin sebel dgn sifat plin-plan Louisa dlm memilih pria2. Begitu pula Haw [...]

    10. “Hawk?”“Mmm?”“Jenny and Kate are always arguing about which comes first, passion or love.”“And?”“So which do you think comes first?”“In our case, sweetheart, I suspect they arrived at the same time.” Well, that is a great read and I can't think of better ending. They say that when you wanted to know how would a man treat you when you will be living with him, just observe how he treats his sister and mother. I like the hero even in the start and despite the heroine's not s [...]

    11. This book was a total snoozer for more than half of the book. The characters were sort of unbelieveable and the pacing and action was repititious. The plot was also very jumpy and the hero was sooo not swoon worthy. In fact he was an insecure little phleeb and combined with all of the other male insecure phleebs, I pretty much did not give a rat's ass about him saving his legacy.Basically the plot is this. The sun is setting on the good old days of the ton. Fortunes are in steep decline and the [...]

    12. I found this to be a truly wonderful story. I love stories that make my heart ache right along with theirs. Louisa and Hawk had known each other for a long time. He was friends with her brother. But he had always avoided her. She felt he had always ignored her. They had been attracted to each other from the beginning. But Hawk had little to offer other than his title of duke. He was almost penniless. As was Louisa and her brother. Which is why Louisa struck out on her own and placed an advertise [...]

    13. First book by Lorraine Heath that I didn’t like much. I don’t like the plot where men don’t have money and do not see any way out but marring money. The refusal to even consider employment or try to make profit of what you can do is silly to me. Yes the guy started seeing things differently at the end but it was kind of late for reforms. The heroine was great, strong willed character that I did not think deserved what our hero threw her way. The accusations he did were over the top when al [...]

    14. Enjoyable and quick read. I really liked the ending note that explained several facts about the late 19th century Victorian England. It made the situations far more plausible to know that these situations of becoming a social chaperone really existed. I like it when authors do their research!With that said, there were a few minor character twists that I was pleasantly surprised by (in terms of not being able to see it coming) and a few that I did see coming. But that's okay as long as the ride i [...]

    15. I never want to put the book down. It made want to leave my job and read up to the ending. What captured me, is the sequels of the story is fast pace. It will not leave you a boring part. It's kind of different from the stories that I read, at least in the both the hero and the heroine are poor. ALthough, I got disappointed on the ending of the chapter, I was hoping that the hero will go after to the heroine in a dramatic way. It turned out, it ended so soon. That is the fault that I found in Lo [...]

    16. It started strong, then lulled a little, then picked up again. Ms. Heath has become one of my go to authors and I enjoy her writing style and her stories. The only thing that irritates me about some of the heroes in these books is that when they say horrible things to the heroines the heroines just stand there and take it. I have to always remember that it was a different time but how I wanted her to just walk away every time he threw it in her face that it should have been Jenny in the Library! [...]

    17. I just loved the story and all the characters including.But, Hawk was my fav. his character was written very beautifully. I loved everything about him, how he cared for his sister and mother. his securities, everything was believable.I enjoyed Jeremy too but in the end I somehow did not like his attitude. but he was very kind and caringKate was another strong character. there were many questions which I hope will be answered in next book.

    18. This is the first book in the series that features the Rose family and I did enjoy it. The main character knows what she needs to do for herself and does it. The first "romance scene" was a little-ehhbut I guess it wouldn't be a romance novel without some scandal or intrigue.

    19. THIS WASN'T MY FAVOURITE FROM THIS AUTHOR, AND I WAS QUITE DISAPPOINTED WITH THE HERO BECAUSE HE APPEARED A SUPERFICIAL MAN WHO DIDN'T APPRECIATE THE HEROINE UNTIL LATER.OUR HERO has always been in the heroine's life, seeing as how he's best friends with her brother. Technically I guess they are childhood friends but, that's pretty much all they are because they barely interacted with the other. He may be a Duke, but he's impoverished and now that Louisa is governess to a trio of rich American h [...]

    20. I've now read almost all of Heath's regency novels and feel comfortable writing that this is the worst of her books I've come across. I was probably generous with awarding it 2 stars because I so wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt because I have enjoyed her other work.So much is wrong with the book including historical inaccuracies, poor editing (misspellings), but it was the treatment of the heroine that left me feeling enraged. Louisa and her happiness is an afterthought by every male [...]

    21. This book has been on my TBR pile go quite some time. It is historically interesting as it takes place in 1880 and the English aristocracy is quite poor, at least the ones who haven't branched out from farming. Many rich Americans have come to England in search of a title for their daughters. Lady Louisa has decided to become a social companion to 2 American girls to help them find titled husbands. The problem is, she is willfully ignoring the fact that she is in love with the Duke she is trying [...]

    22. This book only got good during the last 20%. And even then, I don't think the hero even apologized for being such an ass. He simply realized he loved her and stopped her from leaving. She also wasn't the brightest bulb on the chandelier. She would continually judge him and yet when she was falling in love with him, she let him get away with so much shit. Yes, she challenged him with things having to do with his family, but never for herself. All in all, the concept was the good, the two sisters [...]

    23. I love the trope where the matchmaker/chaperone ends up getting the guy. Its one of my favorites. However, this one has some dubious consent and that dropped the stars way down. Also the hero doesn't spend nearly enough time groveling for me to begin to get over that. Things get better, but it always feels like the heroine is pulling both their weights in emotional labor.

    24. Good read. This is one of those in which the chaperone becomes more interesting to the hero than the chaperone's charge. In this case, the hero desperately needs money and the heroine is chaperoning a pair of American heiresses. But somehow he can't ignore the heroine, who is the sister of one of his also impoverished friends. It's really a lovely story. I liked it a lot.

    25. I think my library app recommended this book to me on the grounds that I had just read another book with this exact title. Which seems odd but then again, I liked it, so good job library app! I had not seen a book from this era where a woman from a house of genteel poverty goes out and gets a job trying to land a rich husband for American heiresses rather than getting swept off her feet by a rich husband herself. And you very rarely see a book about nobility in decline where there isn't a magic [...]

    26. Bintang 4Rogues and Roses #1."Manakah yg lebih dulu, cinta atau gairah?"Itulah pertanyaan yg diajukan oleh Rose bersaudari pada Louisa Wenworth, putri seorang earl yg terpaksa karena keadaan keuangan harus memutuskan menjadi seorang pendamping bagi wanita wanita Amerika kaya yg ingin bergaul dilingkungan bangsawan Inggris. Tak seperti Jenny Rose dan Kate Rose yg memiliki mas kawin dan menjadi incaran pria manapun karena kekayaan orangtua mereka, Louisa yg tanpa mas kawin tak pernah mengenal cint [...]

    27. Karena kondisi ekonomi keluarganya, Louisa melamar pekerjaan menjadi pendamping para gadis Amerika dan dia bertemu dengan keluarga Rose. Jenny yang penuh semangat dan mengutamakan syarat harus ada gairah antara dirinya dan calon suaminya; Kate yang sangat kutu buku dan berbeda dengan kakaknya, ia mengutamakan cinta.Mendengar hal ini, teman dekat kakaknya, bahkan kakaknya sendiri, meminta Louisa untuk menjodohkan mereka dengan kedua saudara Rose ini. Dari ketiga pria ini, Louisa merasa tidak ada [...]

    28. "A Duke of Her Own" is the first book in Lorraine Heath's Rogues & Roses and decidedly more amateurish than her Scoundrels of St. James series (which I absolutely adored). I felt disappointed while reading through it and did not connect with any of the characters in the story. Unfortunately, I can't put a finger on where in the writing the fault may lie but it left me greatly dissatisfied.Louisa is a self-proclaimed spinster from an impoverish aristocratic family who seeks out respectable "e [...]

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