Mucho Mojo

Mucho Mojo Leonard is gay and black his friend Hap is white When Leonard s uncle dies the two men find among the old man s belongings a small skeleton which may be linked to a series of child murders Suddenly L

  • Title: Mucho Mojo
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale
  • ISBN: 9780892964901
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Leonard is gay and black his friend Hap is white When Leonard s uncle dies, the two men find among the old man s belongings a small skeleton which may be linked to a series of child murders Suddenly Leonard and Hap are caught in a strange web of evil This darkly suspenseful novel comes from an award winning author of than 200 short stories and over a dozen novelsLeonard is gay and black his friend Hap is white When Leonard s uncle dies, the two men find among the old man s belongings a small skeleton which may be linked to a series of child murders Suddenly Leonard and Hap are caught in a strange web of evil This darkly suspenseful novel comes from an award winning author of than 200 short stories and over a dozen novels.

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    1. If you are very politically correct just don't even plan on reading this series. Joe Lansdale manages to offend pretty much every sensibility you will have. He doesn't really care either.Hap's working in the rose fields when his pal Leonard comes to get him. Hap doesn't mind because he hates the job anyways. So he cusses his boss and goes off with Leonard. Leonard's uncle has died and he wants Hap to go to the funeral with him.They find out that his uncle has left Leonard his house and a chunk o [...]

    2. When Leonard's Uncle Chester dies and leaves him a house, Hap and Leonard move in in order to fix it up and find a child's skeleton wrapped in a porno mag. Was Uncle Chester a child predator or was someone else the killer? And does it have anything to do with the crackhouse next door?2014 RereadHere we are, the second book in Joe Lansdale's redneck noir adventures of Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. While I had vague recollections of reading this sometime around the turn of the century, it was most [...]

    3. My favorite rednecks, Hap & Leonard, can’t do anything without it turning into bloody mayhem. Leonard’s Uncle Chester helped raise him, but then coldly disowned him when Leonard told him he was gay. However, after Chester dies, he leaves Leonard his house and a decent sum of money. Leonard never really got over the way Chester reacted to his coming out, and when the house turns out to be in terrible shape, he wants to live in it to relive a bit of his childhood while he fixes it up to ge [...]

    4. Sometimes it happens with me. I’m reading a book, often two, even enjoying both, and I come across a book I’d read long ago and--zap!--I’m in reread mode. Hence my reintroduction to Mucho Mojo. Not that the rereading wasn’t in order. It’s next in line to be adapted for the TV series on the Sundance Channel, and it had always been my favorite Hap and Leonard anyway. Reason enough. So this reading just happened ahead of schedule. But, even though it was second entry in the series, Mucho [...]

    5. While the first great book in this series, Savage Season, focuses a lot on Hap Collins's backstory, this second installment focuses a bit more on Leonard's past and the town that he grew up in. Hap owes Leonard after getting him involved in the violent events of the first book so he agrees to accompany his buddy to the funeral of Leonard's estranged Uncle Chester. After the funeral, the boys are cleaning up Chester's old, run-down house and discover a skeleton and a stash of kiddie porn stuffed [...]

    6. 'Hap, my man, there is evil in the world. True evil. It doesn't twirl its mustache and it doesn't wear black and it doesn't slink and it doesn't come in any one color or sex.' The quote pretty much sums up what this book is about. If you are easily offended this is definitely not a story for you. I don't think Lansdale missed anyone. Let's be nice to each other doesn't really work when it comes to racists, drug dealers, homophobes and so on, no matter what you want. Leonard inherits a house, a c [...]

    7. Watching the very good adaptation of Joe Lansdale's Cold in July the other night reminded me that I always meant to get stuck in to a second Hap & Leonard story after only finding the first one so-so, I;m very happy to say that Lansdale really stepped it up a gear second time out to bat with Mucho Mojo. Man I love me a mixed sporting metaphor.Hap and Leonard, a black guy and a white guy, a gay guy and a straight guy, two assholes who don't necessarily have a heart of gold or agree with each [...]

    8. This second Hap and Leonard novel was a bit of a departure from the first as the protagonists seem to move out of the world of petty crime to become, essentially, amateur detectives. Yes, this was a detective novel centered around the grisly discovery of a child’s body in Leonard’s dead uncle’s basement. And while I happened to see the big twist at the end coming from just past the halfway point of the book, Lansdale’s writing is so infinitely readable, it almost didn’t matter. As is t [...]

    9. I enjoyed this a lot more than book one, and it's because the actual protagonist of book one is Trudy, Hap's ex-wife. It is Trudy's actions that drive the plot, and Hap and Leonard function as narrative focalizers; responding to and framing our impressions of the events she initiates. This left me adrift and wanting, because Trudy remains to a great degree an unknown quantity, and her motivations are not always fully realized.(view spoiler)[ Plus, of course, ultimately she is killed (hide spoile [...]

    10. For a couple of middle-aged blue collar guys in East Texas, these guys get in deep philosophical discussions.Leonard's uncle, who helped make him what he is, has passed on, and left Leonard his home. The place is in bad need of repair, so he and Hap start cleaning and fixing, hoping to put the place on the market. A big issue is that it's also right next to the local crack/drug house with an assortment of undesirables.Not to mention a skeleton under the house of a young child. Did Leonard's uncl [...]

    11. "Qui ci sono scarafaggi tanto grossi da poter essere proprietari terrieri" disse Leonard. "Lo so. Uno di loro mi ha appena aiutato a portare fuori i rifiuti."Quest'uomo è geniale, altroché!Sa scrivere, sa usare in maniera maledettamente efficace l'ironia, ha costruito una coppia di protagonisti favolosa e la parte thriller è interessante. Insomma, che altro chiedere?!Certe uscite mi hanno fatto morire Avevo un po' dimenticato come fossero le avventure di Hap e Leonard, che perdita!!Fortuna ch [...]

    12. While SAVAGE SEASON, the first appearance of Hap and Leonard, was kind of a "caper" novel, this one is more a straight-up mystery. Well, as "straight-up" as you could expect from Lansdale, anyway and if you know Lansdale, you know he doesn't really do "straight-up". Leonard's uncle dies, leaving Leonard a house, lots of money, and a dead boy hidden under the floorboards, along with an assortment of moldering kiddie porn mags. This unsavory discovery sets Leonard and Hap on a quest to clear Leona [...]

    13. Leonard Pine is fast becoming my all-time favorite fictional character. When he's not bragging about his sexual prowess, badmouthing preachers, or burning down crack houses he is making some pretty heavy sociological observations with the sureness of a cynic and the realism of the streets. Add on Hap's wistful idealism tempered with blue-collar resignation and you might understand why the team of Hap and Leonard stand out as the rudest but most exciting characters to ever grace mystery and crime [...]

    14. Questo è il primo romanzo di Lansdale che mi sia piaciuto almeno un po’. Non che ne abbia letti molti, eh, giusto “La notte del drive-in” (1 e 2) e “Una stagione selvaggia”, che sarebbe poi il primo della serie di Hap&Leonard. Non sono affatto “morta dalla risate”, però indubbiamente alcuni dialoghi sono brillanti, nonché belli e pronti per una eventuale sceneggiatura. Le motivazioni degli omicidi le ho trovate un po’ tirate per i capelli, comunque nell’insieme si può l [...]

    15. Mio terzo Lansdale dopo In fondo alla palude e La sottile linea scura. Certamente non posso dire di averlo amato come gli altri due e per vari motivi: un po' perchè all'estrema volgarità dei due protagonisti, i rozzi Hap e Leonard, ho preferito l'ingenuità e la freschezza dei ragazzini protagonisti degli altri due romanzi (anche se restano ben caratterizzati psicologicamente e la loro dissacrante ironia mi ha ricordato un po' i personaggi dei romanzi della brava Fred Vargas); un po' perchè l [...]

    16. Though the first novel set a good stage, this one really delivers on the promise. Hap & Leonard are quite the pair and you can't help but love them. Lansdale has honed his writing with this one and the pacing is top notch. THe added element of mystery keeps the reader interested throughout.

    17. Even better than the first, I bought the 3rd book but might read something else first just to make the series last and not get burned out. 2 novels from the series per week sounds good.

    18. It's been over a year since I read the first Hap & Leonard novel, Savage Season. That's way too long by my measure to go without reading the second.Mucho Mojo picks up between the two pals a while after their misfortune involving Hap's ex, Trudy, who died in their foolish pursuit of money. Leonard is still sporting a limp from the knee injury he sustained during that whole mess. This time it's Leonard's past that sends the two men into a whole new quagmire, when Leonard's uncle--the man who [...]

    19. This was a great, fast moving East Texas noir novel, just what you'd expect from Joe Lansdale. His writing is really one of a kind. He effortlessly combines humor, beauty, slice of life realism, with over the top action sequences, and deeply dark and frightening imagery and situations. His frequent protagonists, Hap and Leonard, are a team unlike any other in fiction. The book's only shortcomings are in the plot department, which starts out ingeniously and ends somewhat predictably. The joy in r [...]

    20. I didn't read the first Hap & Leonard book until after I finished my first novel. I had read plenty of Lansdale, but for some reason it took me a while to get to that series. Considering that my work has been favorably compared to the Hap & Leonard books, some have found this odd (or called me a liar), but I have a feeling I'm going to be reading all of them very soon.They're that good.Mucho Mojo, the second book in the series, is even better than the first one. It feels more complete, m [...]

    21. I was recommended to read this book and am so happy they did. Great murder mystery with gritty action, Hap and Leonard team up to solve a gruesome series of killings. Witty banter between friends that had me laugh out loud on occasion made this book a winner. Prose and language is honest and delightful to read.

    22. This is not a MM romance. The little romance there is in the book is a FM one. But it's also a good mystery and a beautiful Straight-Gay Interracial Bromance. This is a series but I just jumped to book 2 because I liked the plot. Hap and Leonard are long time best friends. Leonard inherits a house and $100,000 from his uncle and decides to stay in the said house for a while and fix it. While there, he discovers the body of a murdered child and Hap, who joined him in his little adventure, investi [...]

    23. A lot of people like this, it’s just not for me. I listened to more than half and then stopped.It’s solving a mystery. Hap and Leonard are best friends. Leonard inherits a house from his estranged Uncle Chester. He asks Hap to live there with him and help him fix things. They discover a dead body. They believe the uncle left clues for Leonard about the murder. But the uncle had Alzheimer’s disease so his mind was not clear. So the clues were not logical. For example one clue has something [...]

    24. Mucho Mojo può voler dire diverse cose, come spiega Florinda a Hap, però nel libro ha un significato preciso, il titolo così introduce a tutta la malvagità che si incontrerà leggendo il romanzo.Tutto inizia con un'eredità: lo zio di Leonard ha lasciato al nipote casa e averi (soldi e altri oggetti incomprensibili), purtroppo nel rimettere in sesto la casa (che ha una favorevolissima vista sullo spaccio di crack accanto) Hap e Leonard faranno una scoperta sconvolgente e da qui partirà il t [...]

    25. A fine book and fun. Lansdale knows how to put a sentence together. Although sometimes he doesn't know how to put a chapter together. There were chapters devoted to romance that were awkward and forced, and the same goes for a chapter dealing with the duo mulling over Leonard's homosexuality. I would have liked the ending to be a little less obvious as well (and I rarely see an ending coming). This is the third Lansdale I've read and none of them have wowed me. I think I need to try some straigh [...]

    26. E' il secondo libro della serie su Hap e Leonard e, a detta dello stesso Lansdale, il migliore.Solita miscela di mistery e humour, condita dagli ormai proverbiali dialoghi, battute e sconcezze varie irresistibili.La trama gialla è un po' scontata ma, come in tutti i libri della serie, poco importa. Il divertimento è assicurato.

    27. Hap and Leonard are very engaging and funny characters. This was a good mystery, grim stuff with the appropriate sense of humor to lighten the mood.

    28. Definitely going to keep going with this series and see where life takes Hap and Leonard. Full of heart, humor, irreverence, and badassery, this series is quite original.

    29. Hap and Leonard are some of the best characters in a buddy series I've ever read. They play off each other so well, comedically, seriously, brotherly, etc. Their banter is the absolute best, laugh out loud at times, and solemn at others. Mucho Mojo is a great second entry into the series. H & L are on the case (self inflicted) of tracking down a murderer. Their intellect, seriousness of the situation, but light hearted approach is so awesome to read and experience. Their is a sort of solemni [...]

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