Tiger's Curse Collector's Boxed Set (Tiger Saga, #1-4)

Tiger s Curse Collector s Boxed Set Tiger Saga This collector s boxed set of the bestselling TIGER S CURSE saga includes hardcover editions of all four gripping novels in the series Tiger s Curse Tiger s Quest Tiger s Voyage and the book that e

  • Title: Tiger's Curse Collector's Boxed Set (Tiger Saga, #1-4)
  • Author: Colleen Houck
  • ISBN: 9781454903598
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This collector s boxed set of the bestselling TIGER S CURSE saga includes hardcover editions of all four gripping novels in the series Tiger s Curse, Tiger s Quest, Tiger s Voyage, and the book that ends the curse once and for all, Tiger s Destiny plus an exclusive poster It s value priced and available only in limited quantities a must have for every paranorThis collector s boxed set of the bestselling TIGER S CURSE saga includes hardcover editions of all four gripping novels in the series Tiger s Curse, Tiger s Quest, Tiger s Voyage, and the book that ends the curse once and for all, Tiger s Destiny plus an exclusive poster It s value priced and available only in limited quantities a must have for every paranormal romance fan.

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    1. young adult + / paranormal romance?The author describes this saga as Twilight meets Indiana Jones. Not a bad comparison, but even though there is a love triangle the romance doesn't feel like Twilight to me. I think the story is quite unique and creative. The two "vying heroes" are brothers who have been cursed as tigers. Kelsey (main character) helps to break the curse and that's where the Indiana Jones "feel" comes in. This is a very action-packed story and would make an awesome movie if done [...]

    2. This is my all time favorite book series. I remember seeing these books every time I went to B&N. I always thought about picking it up bit then another book will catch my attention. Finally I got the 1st book and the rest was history. My love for India, its culture and the characters of the book are all the way, 100% perfect in every way. Kelsey is just your average girl who falls in love with an Indian prince who is under a curse where he turns into a tiger *takes a breath* Then she goes on [...]

    3. I think these plots are very unique and though many may say they are similar to other books, I respect their opinion but I truly believe that these books are their own and that every book in the world has something that make it original and different from any other literary work. The books have much more action and adventure than most romance books do, and yet the romance doesn't seem to be completely lost altogether for I still find myself tangled within this love triangle. Twilight does not ha [...]

    4. Oh my gosh! Well it was mid book one that I became hooked. I WAS disappointed when I realized a BLACK tiger was on the cover of the second book!Second book was okay and made me VERY UPSET because I do become attached to characters Woo what an emotional time VERY MIXED EMOTIONS in the third book. There was a beautiful way that a star was healed! Must read it!!!!! I became fed up with Kelsey and her tendencies to kiss or just allow ANYONE to steal kisses from her -annoying Fourth book I became res [...]

    5. Okay, so I'm gonna mark this as 'read' now, because the first three books I read as part of a re-read and the fourth one I want to add on its own seen as how it'll be my first time reading it (EXCITED!). But seen as how this book only counts as one for my challenge, I think it's fair, no? 2 books in my challenge, actually read four. Okay? Okay.

    6. If you have not read this series then get to it!! Seriously. What are you waiting for?!?! This will have you on the edge of your seat and you will not be able to put the books down!! Loved it and have recommended it to so many who have read it and feel in love!

    7. I thought it was a good book. It gave me something to read, but I honestly couldn't stand the main character. Kelsey made some cringy jokes here and there, and was too "wishy-washy" from moving brother to brother depending on which day of the week it is. I felt Kelsey's personality was a bit fake and trying to hard to be "the fiercely independent hero who doesn't need anybody", if you catch my drift. But overall I thought it had a relevant plot and a lot of action and romance if you're into that [...]

    8. I’m in love with Kishan and Dhiren! They are so sweet for Kelsey. I also loves the fact that they changed in tigers. I love those animals!

    9. AMAZING!!!!!!!!I loved the plot twist at the end of the last book and can't wait to start the next book, hopefully more books will follow

    10. I loooooooove this book!! It was amazing! I love the romance in it. I hate Kushan and I love Ren. Kelsey, please choose Ren! Colleen is the best author ever!!!!!!!

    11. If you can get past what someone described to me as Kelsey's whinning, you will find yourself in rich fantasy dripping with culture.

    12. the first book was alright, i remember enjoying it a bit. i read the latest derek landy book before i read the rest of the series so i either hated the rest of the series because my tastes changed or the books got worse. nevertheless, i now know i do not enjoy romance novels. the main plot, without all the romance, is fairly good. the only problem was that the romance clouded the quest at points which was irritating. the main character was your generic passive girl who put everyone elses feeling [...]

    13. I pride myself on being diverse in my book selection. I enjoy many genres: memoir, classics, YA, thriller, fantasy, popular fiction, biography, non-fiction. But as a general rule I steer clear of two genres, Steamy Romance and Paranormal YA. Neither hold much appeal for me, although I do (begrudgingly) confess to reading Twilight.I broke that rule with this series which was recommended by a friend. These books definitely fall into the "Paranormal YA" category.Well, 7 days, 4 books, and 2,000 pag [...]

    14. I'd like to start by saying I've been struggling of late to read any book and i got myself to a point that i was worried that i might not get back to how much i loved reading and losing myself within a book but I'm glad i decided to pick this set up again i had read the first three book before but had not finished so i started a fresh and found myself consumed and lost within its pages not wanting to put the book down or go to sleep. The books are so well written and there is so much feeling in [...]

    15. I am going to rate all 4 together as a series since I read them all within the week. An Indian version of mythology/romance comparable to Percy, but with a lot more Twilightesque romance, which annoyed me at times. Books 1 &2 I would give 3.5 stars, I enjoyed the story, and though I loved the crash-course in everything from mythology to geography and biology to martial arts and world customs/dress, I did find myself skipping paragraphs and what I came to call "Kelsey tangents". Book 3 with t [...]

    16. A história inteira me chamou atenção quando li a preface pela primeira vez, li o primeiro, e fui devorando todos eles, é bem construída a história, é forte, tem culturas muito vivas, os tipos de comida, dá pra vê que a autora buscou fundo pra conseguir caprichar nos detalhes, foi a segunda série completa que li, e simplesmente sou apaixonada por ela, me conquistou em cada página e em cada livro. Colleen Houck me conquistou com certeza, compro qualquer coisa que ela lançar, pois sei q [...]

    17. I'm in love with this series. I definitely read the series three times. Every time I read the books I always think it should be turn into a movie. What I like about this series is that, for me, it has all the genres I like. For example, romance, fictions, action/adventure, thriller, fantasy, and it's sometimes humorous. I love the storyline. The books are long and I like that because it gives you every single detail that you do not want to miss. It's definitely like a movie. If you saw me read t [...]

    18. An Indian version of Eragon (although not nearly as beautifully written), The Twilight Saga, and The Vampire Diaries all rolled into 4 books. Kudos with the research on Mythology, but I was deeply disappointed with Kelsey freaking Hayes she definitely comes to a close #2 of most hated female main characters of all time (Bella Swan obviously taking the #1 slot). And after the 2nd book, without the minor details, I already had the ending worked out. Buttttttttttt all in all, it was a very nice cha [...]

    19. I admit, I ended up skimming a lot while reading these. The legends included in the plot were too long and detailed, and Kelsey's stunted dialogue and obvious questions were awkward. Plus the love triangle isn't super creative and very frustrating. 4 really long books of a love triangle?? Ughh! Three stars though because the story itself is creative, and if you cut out about 1000 pages of useless nonsense between the important events in the story, it's a fun and clean read. I'd recommend them, j [...]

    20. I want to say that this is possibly the best series that anyone could ever read. I've read all the books about a thousand times and I do not get tired of them! Every time I reread the series I can't help but get upset with the decisions that Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan make, especially in the fourth book. I freak out a lot in the fourth even though I already know how it ends I can't help it. This series has everything drama, action, romance. It is well written and just the best.

    21. The best books I've read all summer. It had amazing twists and never a boring part! This series was one I am definitely happy I read! I don't know how I would be if I never read about the normal girl who had typical girl problems (besides breaking a really old curse with two very hot tiger guys). I have fallen in love with Kelsey and Ren and Kishan. Thank you for this amazing book! :D recommended to like everyone!!

    22. This book series is my most favorite book series ever. It has so much adventure and romance and ugh it's just amazing! I loved reading those. I'll be honest the beginning was a little boring to me but you know most of the time all books are boring in the beginning. I finished all the books in 4 days. Be careful if you start reading this you'll be obsessed! I'm so ready for the movies coming out soon and the sixth book!

    23. This series is amazing!!! I fell in love with it as soon as I started the first book. This is a spoiler for new readers but I think we all knew that Kelsey would end up with Ren. The book was kind of predictable, but I wanted to keep reading because I wanted to know how the author would get Kelsey back with Ren. I admire her for how she did it. I recommend this to everyone who likes romance!

    24. Great mix of world folklore (emphasis is on Indian/Asian culture). A twist on the telling of beauty and the beast where the beast just happens to be an ancient Indian prince. Would have given more starts, but the author's obsession with describing food/table scenes took up what felt like half the quartet.

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