If Tomorrow Comes

If Tomorrow Comes This is a story of intrigue and revenge Tracy Whitney is young beautiful and intelligent and about to marry into wealth and glamour Until suddenly she is betrayed framed by a ruthless Mafia gang

  • Title: If Tomorrow Comes
  • Author: Sidney Sheldon
  • ISBN: 9780006479673
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is a story of intrigue and revenge Tracy Whitney is young, beautiful and intelligent and about to marry into wealth and glamour Until, suddenly, she is betrayed, framed by a ruthless Mafia gang, abandoned by the man she loves Only her ingenuity saves her and helps her fight back.

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    1. I didn't think I should write a review owing to the fact that more than 1000s of reviews were written as to how awesome this book is but I had to point out and pour my heart out about so many things that I couldn't resist myself.In the present day context, where women are being treated better than in the past, we come across books with female protagonists being entirely SPINELESS, super weak and helpless.But this book, written around 1985, was able to really highlight the fact that women are not [...]

    2. لا لم تكن تريسي ويتني مكسورة الجناح ابدا 🐥 قد نحسبها لأول وهلة بلهاء ساذجة و لكن كم كنا نحن ساذجين رواية شعبية انتقامية مثيرة خرجت من عباءة الكونت دي مونت كريستو. .إنها من طرازي المفضل اذن تريسي محاسبة بنك نابهة💰. مخطوبة لشاب ثري. .ينهار عالمها في لحظات بعد انتحار امها و تشوي [...]

    3. A true masterpiece from the master story teller Sidney Sheldon. I bet many book lovers would have this one in their favorite list. and its the most famous book by Sheldon. Also this one occupies the top 1 , listed terms of reader base. This is my third read of Sidney , first being Doomsday Conspiracy and the second Tell me your dreams. Undoubtedly If tomorrow comes is my new favorite of Sheldon. I have aplenty reasons to like this book and an iota amount of dislike though. This wasn’t at all b [...]

    4. اعتراف اولم اینکه تا همین چندروز پیش سمت سیدنی شلدون نرفته بودم. اعتراف دومم اینکه فکر میکردم باید حداقل برای آشنایی باهاش یه کتاب ازش بخونم تا بفهمم با شنیدن اسمش باید چه حسی داشته باشم و این کتاب رو انتخاب کردم. و اعتراف آخر اینکه حالا که خوندمش، فکر میکنم اگه هیچوقت نمیخوند [...]

    5. I've seen the miniseries If Tomorrow Comes several times and I have read this book many years ago. But I wanted to read this book again since I've planned to read the sequel by Tilly Bagshawe. It's just been a couple of months since I saw the miniseries last, so my memory is quite fresh when it comes to the story. I must confess that I do prefer the miniseries, but I still love this book and they have made a very good job with the miniseries because most of the story is there from the book. Of c [...]

    6. Another my fave of Sidney Sheldon with impressive 4.8 Stars. So Tricky this is what thief-ish book should be! I love reading the book with thief characters, but I have never read the book that have A LOT of clever robbering plans. The robberies are complicated and very-well planned. I really admire Sheldon of how he can think and create them. Tracy and Jeff are such intelligent, smart, and sly characters and I love them! I also really enjoy the romance between these two. Tracy and Jeff are like [...]

    7. من واقعاً بازم بعد شیش‌سال، دوسش دارم. وختی خوندمش که خیلی کوچیک‌تر از الآن بودم. کارهای این‌جوری رو نمی‌پسندیدم و همچنانم نمی‌پسندم. ولی سیدنی شلدون سبک خودشو داره. نه سعی می‌کنه فاجر بنویسه، نه تکنیکی و نه عامّه‌پسند. از زندگی می‌نویسه. آدما. دوستی‌ها. خیانت‌ها. پول. لذ [...]

    8. For what it is, it's brilliant. I read this book AGES ago, sometime in my teens. It was the first, and the best, of any Sidney Sheldon books I ever read. And though it is not a literary masterpiece, it is great. Revenge, heists, drama, romance, thrillsI still think it would be a box office hit if it was ever made into a Hollywood movie!If you want a light, entertaining, read that will keep you on the edge of your seat and take you back to the 80's, this is your book. Perfect vacation reading!

    9. Truly an oldie but a goodie! I read this years ago for the very first time & just reread it a few weeks ago. I remember being obsessed with the series that followed Madolyn Smith (as Tracy) and Tom Berenger (as Jeff) in the 80s OMG!!! I feel OLD!!!I still own the series on VHS (!!!) from all those years ago and recently purchased it on DVD as well. Awesome characters! Great story! Both [the book and the series] are a must for any Sidney Sheldon fan!

    10. There are people I know irl who swear by this. For whom this is the best book they've ever read. I'm just really sorry they haven't ever experienced a Leigh Bardugo level book

    11. "She was going to make them pay… Tomorrow, she thought. If tomorrow comes."If Tomorrow Comes is a crime fiction novel by the Master of the Unexpected, Sidney Sheldon. It is a story about an ordinary woman who is ruthlessly framed by a mafia, her quest for vengeance towards them and then her struggles for a better life as a con artist.This novel is definitely a thrilling and enjoyable read. Your mind will be blown away exactly how Tracy Whitney's life is drastically revolutionized in the course [...]

    12. OMG!!!I remember reading this book years ago!!!! Oh wow this brings back memory. This book right here is what opened me up to the thrilling rush of angst, crime and deception!! No joke!! I use to rarely read to begin with. When i saw this book laying around, literally covered in dusk, i took it up, read the first page n didnt pick it back up for months!! I don't remember why I was pulled to it then but i was!Tracy was it? She was a strong willed woman!! OMG I love how she went thru SO MUCH and d [...]

    13. Well, Sidney Sheldon's style is not exactly my favorite but I thought it was passable, since it was the first Sheldon novel I read. At 16, I was new to this type of novels. 3 years later I read another book by Sheldon and didn't like it. I realized everything was so smooth, so predictable: the woman and the man were beautiful and successful and nothing went wrong for them. Happy ending for the criminals.In short, there's nothing noticeable, the plots were so boring that the next thing you know i [...]

    14. *possible spoilers here* MUCH more likable characters in this book than in "Master of the Game". Tracy - a pretty, innocent young thing - tries to recover stolen property on the behalf of her mother (who killed herself in shame at letting herself be swindled out of her life savings). Before the first two chapters are over, Tracy's been framed, tricked into pleading guilty and then sentenced to fifteen years by a corrupt judge. Her rich fiancee dumps her to avoid associating with a felon (despite [...]

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    16. UTTER NONSENSESheldon tried to create a plot consisting of a string of unrelated scams pulled by his heroine Tracy White, succeeding in all of them, certainly, this is very difficult to believe by a serious reader. The main character and heroine, Tracy White working for a man named Gunther, becomes a modern Robin Hood ripping off cardboard characters of unsavory reputations with no logical reason at all, just for the sake of doing. The so called story goes superbly fast and the scores of situati [...]

    17. I found this book on my mother's book shelf and, already knowing the film, was very interested in also reading the book itself. It fascinated me much more than the films were able to, even despite the actors' stunning performances. The characters were well-developed, the plot was convincing, and the way the protagonist was turned into a criminal had her still left so likeable.I know this book already has hundreds of reviews about how wonderful it is, but I can nothing but support those opinions. [...]

    18. Very entertaining.The beginning was depressing. A lot of bad things happen to Tracy in jail. I was disappointed with the stupid things she did that landed her in jail. But after she got out of jail, the book really took off and was enjoyable. My favorite part was the way Tracy got revenge against mafia guys. After that I enjoyed watching her plan and pull off con jobs and thefts.The audiobook narrator Nancy LaScala was good in parts, but not good in some ways. Sometimes her general narration voi [...]

    19. I was oblivious to Sidney Sheldon's remarkable intelligence before reading this book.I loved the protagonist's transformation from an innocent naïve woman to a pro-theif. This was such a thrilling novel. Truly a masterpiece.

    20. Definitely an enjoyable read, if Tomorrow Comes tells us the story of Tracey Whitney; how her life changed drastically in the course of 24 hours, and how she went from a simple young girl to a diabolical con artist.Spanning over America and Europe, Tracey's life is a memoir worth reading, of love, lust, despair and finally an unshakable will. And it is this strength of character, and her unflinching attitude in the face of life's 'lemons' that endears her to the readers.If not one of Sheldon's b [...]

    21. You forgot some books, you hardly remember other, but some stay with you throughout your life! This is such a book for me. I raced all bookshops in order to find a hardcover and it was not so easy in my country but I managed it and now it's one of my most precious things. Quite a good book with a catchy plot and mind blowing action. I read it like ages ago and re-read several times, why haven't I rated it earlier? I wish I knew) lol

    22. Майсторът си е майстор, не случайно е толкова титулован автор.Бях забравила колко е добър.Е, разбира се сега ми звучи малко наивно и стила му е поостарял, но щом ме държа в напрежение през по-голямата част от времето, значи не е загубил силата си.

    23. Ah, here comes rolling in another author everyone, but me, thinks great. Not that I think they are bad, but maybe their style is just not meant for me. Or rather the style of that one particular book is not for me and it is just unfortunate that I have had to pick that instead of any of their other books. So to say that I don't like Sidney Sheldon when If Tomorrow Comes is the only book I have read, or Neil Gaiman when I have only read The Graveyard Book is unfair and untimely. I always give the [...]

    24. This is one of Sidney Sheldon's most exciting works; the story of the lovely female protagonist (as usual!), Tracy Whitney who bounces back against all conceivable odds to become a very successfulief. Specialist in stealing expensive jewelry, largely. Her life is exciting earlier on, even though she only has an average job, and is about to get married to a respectable, comfortable man. But then disaster ensues as her mother is forced to commit suicide, and Tracy herself is ruthlessly framed and [...]

    25. This is the story of Tracy. She is fantastically attractive, works at a bank, is engaged to a very rich man and is fantastically attractive. Have I mentioned that she is fantastically attractive ? Because she is, as the narrator likes to remind us every time Tracy does anything. That being said, If Tomorrow Comes is interesting at first. Tracy's time in jail is horrific, and I quite enjoyed reading about her getting revenge on those who had deceived her. But in my opinion the rest of the book is [...]

    26. The master of unexpected twists & turns, that's Sidney Shelton for you :DWent on a interesting journey with Tracy Whitney :D Girl, you're amazing. I loved those pages where cute-innocent Tracy transformed herself into sexy-daring criminal :D Survival of the fittest, I call it.I found myself following her like a shadow in prison, went to places with her to avenge on Joe Ramono, Anthony Orsatti & others. Gunther, Conrad Morgan, Ernestine - You people were icing on the cake ^_^Jeff Stevens, [...]

    27. "Justice is mine, sayeth the Lord, and I am His Sword and His instrument of vengeance. My life is penance, and you shall help me pay. I am going to pay you"If tomorrow comes, starts from innocence a perfect life of Tracy Whitney when she was about to marry into wealth and glamour she finds herself in prison framed by ruthless Mafia, then determined to avenge, wanted to start the normal life, which was not possible, give then criminal record :( forced to be con in order to make a living and final [...]

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