Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere

Neil Gaiman s Neverwhere Graphic adaptation of Neil Gaiman s Neverwhere collects all nine issues of the Vertigo maxiseries An ordinary Londoner stops to help an enigmatic girl and joins a battle to save the strange underworld

  • Title: Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere
  • Author: Mike Carey Glenn Fabry Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: 9781401210076
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Graphic adaptation of Neil Gaiman s Neverwhere collects all nine issues of the Vertigo maxiseries An ordinary Londoner stops to help an enigmatic girl and joins a battle to save the strange underworld kingdom of London Below from destruction.

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    1. [7/10]I have already reviewed the novel version by Gaiman. my review hereThis now is the comic book adaptation of the same story of a regular Johnny from London getting in trouble for playing the Good Samaritan and helping a girl in trouble. When Richard Mayhew becomes invisible to all his friends and work colleagues, he turns to a parallel world, London Below, full of wacky characters and unspeakable horrors, where he is still trying to help his damzel in distress - a highborn lady of the under [...]

    2. AhhhhhhhhhhThis graphic novel adaptation of the wonderful world of London Below is beautifully captured. Yes, Carey has made quite a few changes along the way but he outlines these in the introduction and Gaiman was consulted on these so it does have the author's seal of approval. I wouldn't go as far as to say the illustrations are pretty but they are magnificently drawn - especially the Marquis de Carabas, Door, Hunter (who was exactly how I imagined her) and Islington, and perfectly captured [...]

    3. A decent enough adaptation, but very bare bones. Is missing some of my favorite little lines and bits, and lacks Gaiman's prose and descriptions, which really adds a lot.I also thought the interpretation of a lot of the characters was, well, odd and didn't suit the descriptions from the book very well and I didn't like some of the changes that were made.If you just want a general outline of the plot and characters then this is ok - but if you really want to experience the story then you should r [...]

    4. I love Gaiman's book Neverwhere and I've enjoyed Mike Carey's books so I thought this would be a slam dunk of a graphic novel. Unfortunately, the art really ruins the book. The biggest problem for me is that the Marquis of Carabas looks like someone in black face. No really. His skin is flat black, with full red lips and stark white eyes. At first I thought this was a coloring error but nope. He just looks like a old fashioned dandy wearing black face. The TV version the Marquis played by a blac [...]

    5. Even though there were some scenes from the book that I wished were in it, there were also a lot of new scenes that weren't in the book, that I really liked.Above all, great adaptation of an amazing book.

    6. Colourful, dense, character heavy, very nice artwork. I haven't read the novel yet, but listened to the BBC audio dramatization. I liked it, but it didn't really grab my attention. I am not sure if that was just me, because I knew the plot, or if it truly lacked suspense.

    7. have you read the original book? - no? do it ASAP if you are a fan of fantasy-meets-reality- yes? then read the graphic novel as wellIn short, "Neverwhere" started as a mini-radio series in the english radio, it went on as a mini tv-series, it became a book, then a graphic novel, then again it was transfered on the radio. It takes place in the deep sewages of London, that are inhabited by outcasts and various magical beings. An accountant - Richard - finds himslef there by mistake, but finally h [...]

    8. Love the concept of a world within out world or is our world within another? Not a bad read, but this graphic novel version felt a little like something was left out, which most likely was the case sense it was adopted from a prose novel.

    9. This is a great alternate view of the novel, but CANNOT be fully appreciated and understood without reading the book first. Just as like when a movie is adapted from a book, visuals have their pros and cons. Probably the biggest con of the graphic novel was that the characters looked nothing like I imagined them when reading the novel. I got over this after about 4 chapters, but it prevented me from fully connecting with the characters. Although I think I liked the novel better, nothing can repl [...]

    10. I don't know Neil, but I'm pretty sure that when he refers to the Marquis of Carabas in the text of Neverwhere as being "very dark", he was probably being subtle in referring to the skin colour of Paterson Joseph, the actor who originally played the Marquist indicating that the Marquis is a sinister blackface minstrel.That's about all I have to say regarding this. Apart from that, pretty much everything else in it is so mediocre as to be a waste of paper. When you can't even just *copy* someone' [...]

    11. Awful, awful artistic interpretations of the characters from the television mini-series. AWFUL. Especially the decision to make the Marquis a Gollywog (look it up, Americans), which i found profoundly offensive and unnecessary. I was excited when I heard about this project, because I adored the mini-series (which was a collaboration between comedian Lenny Henry and Neil Gaiman) and really liked Neil Gaiman's novelization of the show. This graphic novel interpretation is just terrible however, an [...]

    12. Una aventura con sabor a Gaiman. Me maravilló el submundo de Londres y especialmente la abridora de puertas. Imaginación, locura y continuos guiños con otras obras de fantasía. Leí el cómic porque la novela está en inglés pero sin duda me aventuraré algún día a leer la madre del cordero.

    13. Prilično loša adaptacija, ne toliko što se tiče samog scenarija koji je nekih 80% veran originalnoj Gejmanovoj priči, već moje zamerke idu na račun samog crteža. Crtež je loš, likovi su ružnjikavi, pozadine su prazne i monotone. Preovlađuju nijanse nebesko-plave boje što direktno utiče na građenje atmosfere koja je mahom odsutna. Neki delovi priče su zamenjeni jeftinim i prepoznatljivim klišeima. Promene u samoj priči su primetnije od polovine stripa ka kraju, a stičem i utisa [...]

    14. I haven't seen the television show, read the novelization, or heard the radio dramatization. I haven't been particularly wow'ed by things I've read by Neil Gaiman (which, yes, I'm aware, makes me totally uncool). I had no intention of reading the graphic novel either except I was babbling about something at home and something I said inspired my boyfriend to say "YOU HAVE TO READ THIS". I'm not one to say no to such requests, so I sat down with it to (what is it the Brits say?) give it a go.I sti [...]

    15. Mike Carey adapted this graphic novel version of Neil Gaiman’s original, and the art , which on first glance did not appeal to me, is by Glenn Fabry. His style grew on me, and he’s got great material in ‘Neverwhere.’My only exposure to Gaiman outside of ‘Sandman’ has been children’s books, and I’ve always wanted to read some of his adult fiction. This great story gives me another push in that direction.‘Neverwhere’ stars the mousy Richard Mayhew, pushed around by his domineer [...]

    16. Graphic novel based on the Neil Gaiman book. Richard lives a humdrum existence in modern day London with a boring job and domineering girlfriend. When he decides to help a seemingly helpless and injured lady in an alley, his world is (literally) turned upside down as he discovers a supernatural side to the city and a brave, heroic side to himself. Quirky, funny, engaging storytelling and writing with a twist in the tale. The banter between Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar (hired assassins) are especia [...]

    17. This is another one that I really tried to get through, but couldn't because I just hate the art so dang much. I read the novel last year and really enjoyed it, so I liked the idea of a graphic version of it, and since I generally really enjoy Carey's work, I figured it was a sure thing. Bute way Fabry's drawn everyone just seems so far from the way I imagined them in my head, and it all seems somehowo slick and bright to fit the story well. In my mind, anyway. I just can't get past it. I'm prob [...]

    18. Mike Careyn ja Glenn Fabryn sarjakuvasovitus Neil Gaimanin romaanista Neverwhere - maanalainen Lontoo ei näin toisella lukukerralla tehnyt kovin suurta vaikutusta. Minisarjaksi pelkistäminen ei ole tehnyt tarinalle kovin hyvää, vaan se olisi kaivannut enemmän lihaa luurangon ympärille. Taide on kyllä ihan mukavaa.

    19. First off this is the same guy who wrote "The Girl with All he Gifts".well the graphic novel of Gaiman's book. I had seen the tv series of this and hated it. I was hoping that since I bought and own the paperback novel that I would like this version. Nope. I still hate this story and now I don't think I'll read the paperback.The underworld is just too weird and not even a good kinda weird. A dumb fairy tale type of urban fantasy that I wish to never revisit.

    20. This is an amazing graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel Neverwhere, which is one of my favourite works of his, so I really enjoyed finally getting to read this one. I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy graphic novel adaptations of your favourite novels, because this one is really well done.

    21. I found it really confusing at first and a bit hard to get into, but I must say I liked the ending. And I was really tired when I read the first chapters so I missed some things, but like I said it all came together and I liked the ending. I really want to read the novel now.

    22. A strange story with a peculiar sense of romance and of duty, and a hero who's not a hero at all, and yet, at the end of the day, he really is one What did I think? Neil Gaiman at his very best!!

    23. A fantastic book! I really liked it.It's a graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel, which is also an adaptation of a TV Show. They're both on my "to watch" list now!The artwork is amazing, really bringing to life this rather surreal underground world.I definitely recommend it!

    24. Gaiman's ability to inject magic into mundane things is amazing. This adventure spans two worlds: the real one and a magical one that is invisible for real people. Things that are lost in the real world are put to good use in the magical one. The quest has the main character struggle to avenge her family who were killed by an unknown hand. Several characters from the magical world are involved, together with an innocent real-worlder named Richard who just gets caught up in events. The story is c [...]

    25. I loved the original novel, but this graphic novel adaptation was not quite what I was hoping for. I could handle some of the cuts, which I understood the necessity of, but I was very thrown by the depictions of some of the characters. I felt Door in particular did not fit at all how she was described in the book. I did feel like Richard was depicted well. Basically, just read the original book.

    26. I chanced upon a copy of this book but in issue form today.Gaiman brings us yet another fascinating story, in the fantasy genre. A world that exists alongside ours (Neverwhere) but that we (the normal public) are unaware that it exists. The illustrations in these issues are amazing, they really bring the characters to life. I definitely recommend you check these out if you can.

    27. This is one of those books that I have read multiple times and still love it. Neil Gaiman has a talent for creating worlds the reader wants to live in and to be a character in the story. His villains are diabolical and his heroes are complex and flawed. Reading Neverwhere, it's easy to see Gaiman's influences are mythology and folklore. He manages to create a modern folktale that lives up to those written before him. I would highly recommend this book! :)

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