The Black Angel

The Black Angel Ardor once foolishly led Lady Adriana St Ives into the arms of a rake an affair that cost her everything she held dear Though that was five years ago this golden English beauty still vows that no ma

  • Title: The Black Angel
  • Author: Barbara Samuel
  • ISBN: 9780061013898
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ardor once foolishly led Lady Adriana St Ives into the arms of a rake, an affair that cost her everything she held dear Though that was five years ago, this golden English beauty still vows that no man will ever again ignite the sensual passion hidden deep in her soul not even her new husband, Tynan Spenser, Earl of Glencove, a darkly handsome and rich Irish rogue.KnownArdor once foolishly led Lady Adriana St Ives into the arms of a rake, an affair that cost her everything she held dear Though that was five years ago, this golden English beauty still vows that no man will ever again ignite the sensual passion hidden deep in her soul not even her new husband, Tynan Spenser, Earl of Glencove, a darkly handsome and rich Irish rogue.Known as The Black Angel for his wild and lascivious ways, Tynan is as determined to melt his icy bride as she is to resist his seductive charms Vowing that she will be his in just one hundred kisses, Tynan sets out to win her with a kiss each day a challenge Riana is sure she can withstand But the willful beauty has no idea of the power of a single kiss

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    1. I just finished The Black Angel. I would give it two stars. The story could have been so much better if Samuels had not used it as a prop to espouse the ideals of womanhood as seen through the eyes of 21st century women. My biggest complaint has to do to the references in the book to the characters and sayings embodied by The Three Musketeers. The setting for Black Angel clearly takes place in 1786. The Three Musketeers was not even written until 1844! Methinks the author and/or her editor had t [...]

    2. Great start, ridiculous climax. MINOR SPOILERSThe first two thirds of this book was some of the smartest, cleverly imagined and presented historical romance I've written in a good long while. Why? Because the central conflict was realistic and convincing. So many books in this genre rely on hackneyed situations that push the H/h together. Typically it goes like this: one or the other needs to marry in order to save the family estate. Some 'dark secret' or scandal and a series of often trivial mi [...]

    3. I liked this book. The writing is beautiful, and the story is solid. I adored the hero - Tynan Spenser, and I really enjoyed the entire St. Ives family. The story touched on issues such as feminism and sexism, as well as racism and religious persecution. I loved that the story delved into the persecution of the Irish Catholics at the hands of the English protestants - a theme that is rarely touched on in the historical romance genre. It is for her brilliant writing and her ability to make a read [...]

    4. **3.5 stars**As I've started to expect with Barbara Samuel's books, several social issues were prominent in this story: religion persecution, women's rights and even race issues! And believe it or not, they all made sense within the plot. For some reason though, I couldn't warm up to the heroine. I thought she was too reckless. I liked that she understood she made a mistake - I also liked how she didn't blame herself completely but understood her brother and former lover held part of the blame - [...]

    5. This book took a long time to finish and I was not particularly excited by it - but I finished it! The book after this one is one of my favorite books and you do not need to read this one before reading it.

    6. Great storyWonderful story. Highlights the appalling duel s t and rates that have always been applied to men and women's sexual behaviour but obviously very very much more so in the 18th century. Great example of the marriage of convenience trope turning to recall feelings. Great hero and heroine.I also disagree with the reviewer who states allusions to 3 Musketeers premature as let's not forget the source of that tale was a novel from 1700 about D'Artagnan. Also the phrase 'One for all' etc wel [...]

    7. An enjoyable read with strong likeable characters. The issues that Catholics faced at the time was handled well.

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a historical novel that was different. Adriana was raised in an unconventional family. Her father,the 2nd son in a noble family,lived in Martinique and ran a plantation there. He had a son with a slave before he went back to England when his brother died. He freed mother and son before he took up his new life as a lord, married and had another family. But when his beloved wife died, he took his children back to the island. There, he fell back in love w/the [...]

    9. I will admit to having a hard time putting this book down. There were some really interesting, compelling plot lines running throughout. So why the two star rating? Let me explain.First off, as a regency romance, this one had all the necessary contrivances. An arranged marriage due to financial difficulties. And of course to go with that, a reluctant bride. I'm sure you can see where this is going. There were duels, and balls, and grand dinners, and the snobbery of society. All of that was okay [...]

    10. Story was ok. This was my first novel by this author and after reading the outline of the story I purchased The Black Angel and anticipated a good read. I didn't warm up to the heroine as much as I would like. I found her immature and thoughtless of others. I get it that she would like to have the same freedoms as a man, I get it she had raging hormones as a young girl and teenager but now she is pushing back her hot passionate feelings for her husband because of what she did in the back of a ba [...]

    11. Hmmmm! Well, this was well-written and in parts moving, and I really liked Tynan (the hero) but Adriana just seemed so rash and impulsive (she kept saying that she'd changed, but it kind of seemed that she hadn't really.) Also, by the far the most interesting characters in the story were Julian and Gabriel, and I honestly truly wished the author had written about them because I wanted to know what they'd been up to. Lastly, I have to mention that I found someone referring to a character as "D'Ar [...]

    12. Overall, I liked this book, although I grew very tired of the heroine reining herself in. I understood her reluctance to give way to her passions, but what about her duty to her husband? I don't want to nitpick or harp, because the second half of the book, the pace picked up when she finally let herself go. There were several accusations between characters that didn't make sense, but the driving forces won out to a satisfying conclusion.

    13. 3.5 starsThe story is intriguing and covers a lot of territory, almost too much. The various plot lines though well conceived drew attention away from the romance. Each fascinating: Irish-Anglo relations, Catholic-Protestant battles, gender inequality, revolutionary European politics and the beginning of the downfall of the aristocracy, rise of the merchant class, slavery and piracy, etc. Seriously good stuff! But way too much for the space allotted.

    14. This book is a little old fashioned, but then so am I. I'm not a person that gets excited about heros in books often. Don't know why. Maybe I'm too visual because they make my heart jump on the screen. BUT - I loved Tynan Spenser! Not just gorgeous but kind and generous and principled. I spent several late nights reading and when I got to the end it was a shock. I didn't want it to end! At least I can look forward to the rest of the St Ives series!

    15. I enjoyed this one, especially for something I undoubtedly picked up free or REALLY cheap for the Kindle. I liked that both the main characters were flawed and could see those flaws and admit them when they were called out. I'm not a fan of religion so that, at first kind of annoyed me, though for the times I can see how it was a big thing to them. I'd definitely read more from this author.

    16. Pretty typical old fashioned romance novel. I liked the H, but the h was far too set on her course of 'no love, no heart' in the marriage. A bit sexy for my tastes, too, so I'm moving on without finishing.

    17. This romance is a cut above most of its genre. A damaged heroine who redeems herself, a hero with a secret, and lots of romance. The steamy scenes rise above cliche and even the minor characters are well-conceived. I usually don't read "bodice-rippers" but this one is better than most.

    18. About the time I'd start getting really into this book, some little detail would jerk me out. The last few chapters were really weak, I thought. Luckily it was a freebie. I will probably not read any more of the series.

    19. I really liked this story. Lots of stories in a story so you were constantly wondering and hoping for another part of it to fall into place. Great strong female character, liked how she was herself even in the society that shuns that kind of thing.

    20. The book was a good read, however the ended fell totally flat and felt like the author just said ok Im ready to end the book, thats it!1 way to abrupt, and there could have been so much more, Adrianna never told Tynan that she had to stay in Ireland for 2 years wethter he wanted her to or not.

    21. Barbara Samuel wrote a fantastic historical romance. Her characters are fully fleshed out and her attention to detail is amazing.

    22. I enjoyed the characters of the story but there was something about the story i did not love. Good book though.

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