Haunted Love

Haunted Love High school Halloween parties are different from middle school Halloween parties

  • Title: Haunted Love
  • Author: Diana G. Gallagher
  • ISBN: 9781434232779
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • High school Halloween parties are different from middle school Halloween parties.

    One thought on “Haunted Love”

    1. This book is about a high school group of friends who have to deal with the drama of high school and figure out a way to get into one of the most popular halloween parties! Except one of them gets a ticket into the party. Could this ruin the friendship of two best friends or will it bring them closer together? Read "Haunted Love" to find out!

    2. Although there isn't a whole lot of haunting in this title, best friends Claudia and Monica hit a rocky patch in their relationship when Claudia gets invited to an exclusive no-freshmen-allowed party because her boyfriend's band is playing there. Monica is miffed that she isn't invited, and both girls shun their friend Sylvia's Halloween party in favor of the other one with the popular crowd. But to their surprise, Sylvia's party is actually more fun, and they realize that they don't have to be [...]

    3. It was a breezy easy read coming in at only one hundred forty four pages, making it perfect when you are needing to just pass a short period of time and you don’t want to get to deep into a longer story. Haunted Love reminds me of Monster High without the characters being creatures. The story is about growing up but still wanting to be young, learning lessons the hard way, and making decisions – some you may regret, and others you will remember forever.“I laugh. I love those stupid spider [...]

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