Grasping God's Word: A Hands-On Approach to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying the Bible

Grasping God s Word A Hands On Approach to Reading Interpreting and Applying the Bible An indispensable approach to reading interpreting and applying the Bible that teaches students how to carefully read Scripture in the biblical context and to dig deeper into the Word of God so they

  • Title: Grasping God's Word: A Hands-On Approach to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying the Bible
  • Author: J. Scott Duvall J. Daniel Hays
  • ISBN: 9780310492580
  • Page: 254
  • Format: ebook
  • An indispensable approach to reading, interpreting and applying the Bible that teaches students how to carefully read Scripture in the biblical context, and to dig deeper into the Word of God so they will be able to understand the Bible correctly and apply its meaning to their lives Revised and updated edition.

    One thought on “Grasping God's Word: A Hands-On Approach to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying the Bible”

    1. Grasping God's Word is a mammoth of a book. It's used as a textbook for seminarians and other students of the bible. Me, I'm just a Sunday School teacher and a lover of the Word. So why did I read it? I was looking around on NetGalley and found an ARC for it. I thought it could be helpful for Sunday School, sent the request to Zondervan, and soon I had the ARC on my Kindle.On the down side, I've rarely had good luck with sending ARCs to my Kindle via NetGalley. Most of the time, the things are s [...]

    2. Teaches the principles of Biblical Interpretation clearly and concisely. But it's not overly technical. It's intended to be used by the Sunday School teacher and Small Group leader, and so it's very practical and easy to use. It comes with hands-on exercises that you can use to sharpen your skills in Biblical Interpretation, and it remains on my shelf to this day as a quick reference tool that i still use in preparing my studies and sermons.

    3. This text is perfect for a high school or early undergraduate course on hermeneutics. It was assigned to me as a graduate text and it was the biggest waste of my time. I hung on to the text in the hopes that it will become a useful teaching tool.

    4. Enjoyable read (doesn't read like a textbook). Best resource I know of for learning how to interpret the Bible.

    5. I enjoyed this book because it is comprehensive and easy to read and understand despite the dryness of the subject ( I don't like Hermeneutics).

    6. 4.5 Stars*Helped me, and can help anyone understand how to read and apply God's word. Very easy to understand. Great metaphors. Very Practical.

    7. Excellent! I reviewed this for use in our church's programs. I recommend this for an introductory text on hermenuetics. I liked the organization of the book and the emphasis on context. While I might want more from their observation section, as an introductory text a student new to the subject will like its checklist like approach. As a follow-up though, I'd recommend Hendricks book Living By the Book.

    8. Very readable and helpful guide to interpreting Scripture. The authors provide a 5-step process that is extremely helpful in faithfully understanding and applying Scripture. The chapters on the genres offer a good introduction, but do not get caught up in the details so as to lose the reader new to the subject.The content is solid and the accessibility in writing style makes this a valuable tool for students, lay people, and those in full time ministry.

    9. Duvall and Hays have put together an excellent Bible study tool in this 3rd edition. They bring together a well formed, and historically proven, set of Bible study tools that serves the student of Scripture well.This is more than a handbook for assisting study, it speaks to the heart attitude of the student as much as it does to the academic process of study. This is indeed a serious tool intended for those 'Grasping God's Word'. It is written with a style, and layed out in a format, that is con [...]

    10. Really, really loved and truly dig this book!!! I read some chapters twice and attempted to do the assignments in most of them, even though my course didn't require it. It was one of my texts for a course on New Testament Background and a major reference in my 3 exegetical sermon papers. After reading this book, I have new respect for Bible scholars who really go in depth and immerse themselves in the history, context, times, and background of Jesus' day in order to interpret His Word. Needless [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this book on a 'hands-on' approach to reading and understanding the Bible. The insights I gained into the different types of books in the New and Old Testament are invaluable. The only reason I knocked a star off was the first few chapters were pretty basic and didn't add much to my toolkit. Besides from that, great read! Highly recommended for those who want to get more out of reading scripture.

    12. Duvall and Hayes do a great job in Grasping God's Word to really bring an introductory textbook on Biblical hermeneutics to life for the reader. The entire approach is hands on, with basic examples, and applicable assignments at the end of each chapter. Although the text itself suffers from some lack of theological depth, the approach, nonetheless, is very hands on, and easy to grasp: hence the name! Would recommend for someone looking to get a hands on approach, although the entire book itself [...]

    13. While it approaches principles of Biblical interpretation a little differently than I was taught in Bible college and seminary, this book provides an instructor with a solid framework to build a class. I used it to teach a two-week intensive course on Biblical hermeneutics to Caribbean students. It struggled a bit there, due to time and cultural differences. I'd give it five stars save for the fact that much of the "fluff" the author's add to make the book more readable/interesting, is, in my hu [...]

    14. A good introduction to reading, interpreting and applying the Bible. It commends an easy to understand and follow method. There are four main steps (five for Old Testament passages) in the method, which the authors' call the "Interpretative Journey":Step 1: Grasping the text in their townStep 2: Measuring the width of the river to crossStep 3: Crossing the principlizing bridgeStep 4: Grasping the text in our townFor the Old Testament there is the additional step between steps 3 and 4 of Cross in [...]

    15. This was great at showing various ways to read the Bible differently. Looking at it from a literary standpoint with breaking down sentence structure and themes and ideas and everything, but it also had points about not just seeing the Bible that way. We need to read the Bible from a heart standpoint too. I found this gave really good tips for understanding more. I listened to the audio lectures of this and I wish that I had the physical book. It's like a university course and I'm sure the book i [...]

    16. Изненадващо добро и балансирано въведение в библейското тълкуване. Макар и на едно сравнително по-ниско ниво и донякъде понякога прекалено подробно (обемът й е около 500 стр.)книгата обхваща всички основни елементи като ясно обяснява всеки от тях както и всяко богословско п [...]

    17. Easily the best book I have ever opened on the subject of hermeneutics. Duvall and Hayes are unwavering in their commitment to solid biblical exegesis and practical application, yet they are extremely understandable. They bring the content out of the academic cloud and down to earth where most people attempting to read the Bible really live. If you want to learn how to read the Bible and apply it to your life correctly, buy this book!

    18. Disclaimer: I didn't read the whole book, but used it for a undergrad course.Written at a very introductory level. Some good material, but heavily emphasizes the "principlizing" approach to biblical interpretation, resulting in a rather lopsided view of how we should do theology. Also teaches an experiential view of understanding truth. Some misleading information in the section on Bible translations.

    19. Excellent!! Best piece of information is the 5 steps to interpretation. You have to take into account the culture, the time and the situation that was being addressed in scripture to understand why Jesus would have said what He did. There was always a purpose behind His words that led to the big picture. A person has to see Jesus' message as a whole and how each scripture fits that mold not the other way around.

    20. This was the textbook used in a class I took on Bible study methods. It is an excellent work, but again, a textbook. The bookstore worker in me would recommend Journey Into God's Word, ISBN 031027513X, by the same authors and from the same publisher. It is written more for the lay-reader, but the content is still very instructive in terms of learning about how to read and properly interpret God's Word.

    21. This is a great tool for those wanting to dive into biblical interpretation. In the midst of a post-modern society, this work is a breath of fresh air as Duvall & Hayes urge the reader to interpret with an authorial intention approach rather than reader response. This book will provide the basic introductory level foundation for biblical hermeneutics. I would recommend this to the lay person as well as undergraduate students who are eager to explore the hermeneutical spiral.

    22. This is a hefty book. However it is a book chock full of ways to further your study of the Bible.It's full of practicle, easy to understand and enables you to relate Scripture to your own life.I would recommend this to people that aren't satisfied with JUST studying with a commentary. This will help you to dive deeper than you have before into God's Word.

    23. This book was a great text in terms of practicality and teaching techniques to properly study the Bible. I agreed with almost all of Duvall and Hays' methods. Except for the chapters on Acts and Old Testament law. Everything else was pretty much spot on and I don't have all the answers anyways LOL. This text is well worth the price of admission. Enjoy the ride

    24. Timeless, challenging, and insightful texts for individuals who want to engage in an in-depth study of God's Word. The text is designed to help readers examine the Bible through multiple lens: context, audience, and application to real world. I highly recommend the 3rd edition of both the text and workbooks.

    25. A great book that teaches you amazing principles on how to study the Bible. Gives a great overview of general ways to improve your study times without getting a headache. The book is written in the form of a casual read with some pictures and great ways to apply the Bible to your life. As a quick disclaimer I don't agree with the book on everything it said, but quite close to it.

    26. I've gone through bible college and seminary Taken lots of bible study classes Read at least 10 different books on hermeneutics (bible study) and this one is hands down the best. The material is put together well. Duval teaches in a memorable way. And there's tons of practical exercises to help practice the concepts.

    27. This was an assigned text book for school, but I soon fell in love with it. It has taught me a great deal about proper interpretation of the Bible. I've already used some of the methods in here to teach others and I expect to keep on using it long after the class is over.

    28. Great overview of biblical hermeneutics for the layperson or scholar. Careful instruction for understanding and applying biblical texts, as well as warnings against some of the less than helpful methods of interpretation.

    29. This is a Great tool, and not just for Theologians, but also for the Layperson This book is one of the best tools one can buy to help them to understand the proper way to understand Biblical passages.This book is very easily read and understood Do yourself a favor BUY this book

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