Brock's Redemption

Brock s Redemption BROCK is by far the most powerful Ultimate Watcher to roam the earth Bound by duty and love he has spent five thousand years living in the shadows protecting God s so loved humanity from his evil de

  • Title: Brock's Redemption
  • Author: E.J.Brock
  • ISBN: 9781463690823
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • BROCK is by far the most powerful Ultimate Watcher to roam the earth Bound by duty and love, he has spent five thousand years living in the shadows, protecting God s so loved humanity from his evil demon brethren For his faithfulness to his commission, he has been promised a Spirit mate, that he will find in due season After five thousand years, of searchingheBROCK is by far the most powerful Ultimate Watcher to roam the earth Bound by duty and love, he has spent five thousand years living in the shadows, protecting God s so loved humanity from his evil demon brethren For his faithfulness to his commission, he has been promised a Spirit mate, that he will find in due season After five thousand years, of searchinghe has found her, at last Nothing and no one will keep him from claiming his woman Not even her JODI is a college professor who has been abandoned by her husband, family and friends She has lost faith humanity and has no interest in establishing a new relationship With anyone But when she walks upon Brock, in the park, both their worlds are changed But is that change for the better Jodi is Brock s Spirit Mate She s the one woman whose blood promises to extinguish the fiery darts of his demon within Nothing will keep him from claiming her But can she risk it Are her wounds too deep Unknown to both of them Brock s, enemies are gathering en masse In hopes of delivering a devastating final blow to him, Jodi becomes their number one target Just how far will Brock go to save his Spirit Mate Will he rescue her in time What will the fallout be Will they survive this attack and kindle the love affair of both their dreams Their contemporary love story is fraught with new found self worth, spirituality, sexuality, fierce bloody battlesd REDEMPTION

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    1. This book is FIYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!One of the great things about this series is that a lot of the books are already out so I don't have to wait for the next release LOL!!!!Fred Brock aka Seraphiel is a Watcher. He is part Nephilim and Human, he has chosen to protect and serve mankind. He has the power to walk through Heaven and Hell, he has the authority to toss those into the fiery pit, demons tremble, Michael the Arch Angel speaks and visits with him regularly. Brock ha [...]

    2. My reading buddy recommended this series to be in 2014. I brought this book on 30 March 2014 and I am only now getting around to reading it.Well I was surprised how much I really enjoyed this book because its a paranormal read with Angels and Demons!! However, apart from their special powers it felt like reading any other romance story.I really loved the story because the Mates are so romantic and there was lots of dialogue between Brock and Jodi which I loved. If you mess with his woman you are [...]

    3. Brock’s Redemption by EJ BrockJodi is a divorced college professor who runs into Fred Brock. What Jodi doesn’t know about him is that he is a Nephilim, product of a human woman and a fallen male angel, which happened after the Flood during Noah’s time. Some of the descendants are evil, while others, like Brock are the good ones, also known as Watchers. Their job is to protect God’s greatest creation, us humans from the fallen angels. They also are looking for their “spirit Mates”, th [...]

    4. Love this seriesThis is my second time reading this and I enjoyed it this time just as much as the first. So glad I decided to revisit Brock and Jodi's union.

    5. I really enjoyed this book. It didn’t take me long to read because I was thoroughly engaged the entire time. I like the premise of the storyline involving inner connections between couples. I can’t wait to continue to read about Ram.

    6. I thought It was an awesome read. The characters jump out at you. Nothing like finding your Soul Mate. How dare Jodi family turn there back on her at a time like that. But look at her Now. On to Book 2 Ramiel's Symphony

    7. Title: Brock's RedemptionAuthor: Eva J. BrockPublisher: CreatespaceSeries: Spirit Mate Series # 1Reviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: FiveReview:"Brock's Redemption" by Eva J. BrockMy ThoughtsWhat a interesting reada paranormal romance with a 'Arch Angels and Trembling Demons.' This author really gives the reader a good well written story about Brock and Jodi. I loved how this manBrock really knows how to take care of his womanJodi. Be ready for a read that will give you some 'historical, biblical, f [...]

    8. This is one of the most interesting books I've read in a while. What's not to love about an alpha male and a strong woman, I'm not a big fan of the helpless females, so I'm happy with this book. I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning of this fast paced page turner. There's comedy, romance, fighting evil, mystery, spirituality and finding true love. The characters seemed to jump of the page and come to life and for me thays a great read. I will definitely be reading the next in the serie [...]

    9. This is my first foray into Paranormal Romance, but thanks to the skilled pen of Author EJ Brock, it won't be the last. Brock's Redemption, a romance for the ages, is a hard-to-put-down, thrill ride of a love story complete with a throng of sexy alpha males. I highly recommend this read but must warn you that this series is seriously addictive!! Adrienne ThompsonAuthor of the Been So Long Series

    10. I have read this book the first in a series, and I am anxious to read the second. I loved it and have already gotten the second. I thought her imagination was amazing the writing excellent the story was inspiring and captured my attention right from the beginning. A must read.

    11. I've always avoided books in the paranormal genre, but read Brock's Redemption because of a book discussion. This was a total shock to me and quite a treat. It was an engaging read, had fleshed out major and minor characters, vivid descriptions of the many settings, gripping plots and subplots, and a minimum of the typical scary features of paranormal stories that had kept me from reading them.Eva Brock did an amazing job of balancing religious tie-ins with paranormal, humor, action, and suspens [...]

    12. My New Favorite SeriesI totally enjoyed EJ Brock’s work. She had me captured at the first chapter. I wasn’t to know each of these characters and their stories. I had no idea of what to expect, but I love the fact that they are beautifully flawed people who are able to support one another and help each other to be the best. I also enjoy that the characters are not all one race. Thank you for showing beauty in a multitude of colors and body sizes.

    13. Angels Love StoryFor years I had been a fan of the late LA Banks and her Vampire Huntress series because of my belief in Angels. AC Arthur came along with her with her Shifters series and I was again happy to see a good paranormal series that I could read and not be afraid to sleep at night. Now EJ Brock has her Watchers and I'm in book love again. I owned for of the books for a few years and finally took the time to read the first book. I was very glad that I did. It was a great read for me and [...]

    14. Brock has been checking out a woman taking her morning jog. Jodi is worried about a prowler or someone jumping out to get her while on her a.m. jog after seeing so many movies especially "scary ones" with her speculations about someone coming to get her. A man calls her attention, she sees a sexy, chocolate specimen of a gorgeous man standing in front of her, asking to run with her as they make small talk.Anakim was known for raping women and impregnating them with his seed. But Brock, comes fro [...]

    15. You’d think there are enough paranormal stories out there, but creative writers find new ways to bring reading pleasure. This is one of them.Angels take on the roles of protectors of the human race while looking for the one to complete their soul. In this story, you’ll meet a group of angels and discover their world as they discover love. It’s the first in a series.I found the storyline very interesting. Yes, I could say that it reminded of some other stories here and there, but the author [...]

    16. Although I don't normally read paranormal books, I read this one in order to participate in a book discussion at a literary event that I attended, Romance Slam Jam 2016. After reading just one chapter, I was totally invested in the book, and by the midway point, I was a fan of the book and its author, E. J. Brock. Before this book, I had never heard of Nephilim (from Genesis in the Bible), but thanks to the main character, Brock, being one, I learned about them, which led to me doing additional [...]

    17. Heaven SentThis is the first book is the "SPIRIT" Mate series by Ms.Brock, imagine my delight to find myself engrossed in a wonderfully imaginative, spiritual (don't let that put you off)& sometimes hilarious story, a little dark (which I love) ,with a romance we all pray for.The main characters are Jodi, a beautiful , real woman inside & out & Brock, who's half Angel, half humanMs.Brocks dialogue is witty, touching (found myself in tears) & interaction between all the characters [...]

    18. From the beginning to the end I was captured, as I reflect back over my journey of life, I was moved by one special character, as her gifts made her special and unique. I was blessed with dimples, and after all the pain and hurt I went through, I forgot the power of my gift. We are in a spiritual battle between doing what is right and what is wrong, we must embrace our own talent and love the unique gifts and talents we was blessed with. If you are looking for a better understanding about how im [...]

    19. I just Loved this book as well as the ENTIRE SERIES!!!! I would recommend this book/series to everyone. It is not a true Paranormal book in a sense. The series is about Love, the fight against Good and evil, (Nephillum Angels and Demons),and there are parts in this book and well as the rest that will have you holding your stomach laughing so hard. This author's writing is so on point and you have to wonder where she gets her story lines from because they seem so original and it just keeps you re [...]

    20. I purchased this book on a recommendation from my cousin, lets just say Iwas not dissappointed. Ms. E J Brock is the truth, I was taken incompletely from page one. This book took me thru so many emotions at onetime I was ready to cry, laugh, kill and fight right along with thecharacters. To see the bond of true unselfish love between Jodi & Brock wassimply beautiful. The comradery between the characters was easy and had metalking to my nook shaking my head. This was a very good read that ble [...]

    21. This was a very good read. I have to be honest and say that it had similarities to another paranormal romance series that I love but I still enjoyed the story all the same. So much happened in this book that i would like to mention in this review but i wont because i do not like spoilers. If you are into awesome swoon worthy guys with kick ass abilities then read this book and get to know Brock, Jodi, and the rest of the gang. You wnt be disappointed. This book has love, hurt, action, a bit of c [...]

    22. Wow!First of, I have to admit I've had this book in my library since November 2014.d I just read it based on a recommendation from another reader. Wow, I was missing out on sheer perfection! I loved EVERYTHING about this booke premise, the characters, the passion, the witty dialogue, but most of all.I have 20 more books that are immediately available!! Happy happy joy joy!!!

    23. Okay, my friend Quay had been talking about this Spirit Mate series to me for months. I wasn't too sure about it, but one day I decided to give it a trySO GLAD I DID!!! This book was nothing short of fantastic! I loved Brock and hs team from the jump! And Jodie was the perfect fot for Brock. This story was engaging and touched on so many emotions for me. If you have not read this book, you are missing out!!! Get on ityou won't regret it.

    24. I haven't been a reader of paranormal books BUT this book has turned me into a fanI have not been a reader of paranormal romances BUT this book has turned me into a fan. I love that the word of God is incorporated within the storyline. If you are a fan of paranormal romance, then you will certainly love this book. If you are not a reader of paranormal romance then jump in and give this series a try, you will not be disappointed!

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Beautifully written and I love the main characters in the book and how their relationship developed. From 42% I could not put the book down.This book was recommended to me even though this is not genre of book. I am glad I read it and I look forward to resting the next book. I love it Eva Brock.

    26. While I am not a fan of paranormal. I have so many friends who enjoy the books. I was completely taken by surprise when I started reading this book and really liked it.This story read like a love story. This story was like a contemporary romance love story.Thank you to the author for introducing me to a new genre.

    27. This is my first time reading a paranormal romance and I truly enjoyed it. I truly loved this book from the beginning to the end and the characters in the book. The story was just amazing; this is a book that will make you happy, sad, upset, and falling in love. Brock was so amazing, understanding, patient, loving, and caring…Excited to read the rest.

    28. Not What I Expected It was better! Brock is awesome and Jodi is just a beautiful woman. I can't wait for more of the "Watchers love stories. And I canna hope Ted might make a brief appearance so he can see how happy Jodi really is with Brock and their baby oh it won't hurt my feelings at all for Ted to learn how rich Brock is. Gotta love it

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