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  • Title: Dead Wrong
  • Author: Alida E. Young
  • ISBN: 9780874066029
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Teen Read Week: October 12-20, 2007Oh how I miss the 80's sometimes. Even the early 90's. I can relive the glory with books by Alida E. Young, though. Dead Wrong is a cautionary tale of steroid abuse, but like most of Young's books- and I've read a lot of them- there's more going on in the pages than a highhanded morality lesson.Tween and teen girls can get a lot of basic truth about family, friendship, and boys from her main characters.

    2. Life lesson is the best way to describe this book Good book for a parent & child to read together about athletes & steroid use.

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