Counsel to the President: A Memoir

Counsel to the President A Memoir The memoirs of a legendary White House advisor chronicle the five decades he spent as an influential figure in Oval Office decision making from the recognition of Israel to the Vietnam War Reprint Ma

  • Title: Counsel to the President: A Memoir
  • Author: Clark Clifford
  • ISBN: 9780394569956
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The memoirs of a legendary White House advisor chronicle the five decades he spent as an influential figure in Oval Office decision making, from the recognition of Israel to the Vietnam War Reprint Major ad promo K NYT.

    One thought on “Counsel to the President: A Memoir”

    1. I've had this book on my shelf for several years but was uninterested in reading it. The name Clark Clifford was only vaguely known to me. It was when I read George Ball's memoirs that Clifford's role in history started becoming clear to me.Clifford, for much of has Washington career, was somehow both an insider and outsider. He was an insider in that he was close to the levers of power during the Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson administrations, and to a lesser degree, Carter. He was an outsider in [...]

    2. This exceptional memoir provides an inside look at key Truman, LBJ, JFK & Carter policies. I highly recommend this book.

    3. Writing my review of The Cat from Hue A Vietnam War Story made me think of this book. Wrote this review several years ago, but Laurence's book provides a similar view from the perspective of the media.Clifford's comments about the political processes involved in making decisions at high levels of government are what make this memoir so intriguing. It gave me lots of insight into many of the decisions regarding Vietnam and the considerable policy disagreements that existed in the Cabinet and at o [...]

    4. Better than a history textbook. Clark Clifford was a first-hand witness to many historical events in the last half of the 20th Century. He served as Naval Aide, then Counsel to President Truman, was Johnson's second Secretary of Defense, and advised Presidents Kennedy and Carter on a number of issues. The reader is a fly on the wall in the White House and Pentagon. A must for anyone interested in U.S. history.

    5. I remember reading this book excerpted in the New yorker in the spring of 1991 at my first job in NY that was so boring I was able to read the New Yorker cover to cover on the job. I loved learning so much about American history and really came to idolize Clifford - this was before the BCCI scandal broke.

    6. One of the best books on the Truman era I've read.It covers this major behind the scenes player who worked with every Democratic President from Truman through Carter. One of those rare books that makes you fight sleep to read just a bit more.Highly recommended for anyone with interest in 20th century Presidential history and politics.

    7. I read this years ago and found it riveting. There are many lawyers working in any given presidential administration, but none have the front seat view like *the* counsel to the President. Clark Clifford gives a detailed view, his writing style made this riveting. Excellent book. The more I think about it, this would be a book I would read again.

    8. An important and insightful book, even if the author is often pompus and self-serving. But then he can be as he outlived most of them except McNamara. But an important book for any student of the Vietnam era.

    9. Not a book that I really enjoyed. I've always thought Clark Clifford as smart, qualified but a little full of himself. Too many times, he found the opportunity to come to his own defense and try to establish his importance in U.S. History more than I personally felt was fair.

    10. Fascinating inside view of what shaped our nation following WWII. At times, the timeline was confusing when talking about one event then bring other same time events later into view. Seemed, at time, it was me, me, me. Overall enjoyed debates of important events of my life.

    11. Excellent! Well worth you time. From a man that did most of work behind the scenes. Part of the 'King-maker' crowd.

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