Ireland: A History

Ireland A History Magisterial political social cultural and economic history of Ireland from prehistory to the present by one of Ireland s leading historians

  • Title: Ireland: A History
  • Author: Thomas Bartlett
  • ISBN: 9781107422346
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • Magisterial political, social, cultural and economic history of Ireland from prehistory to the present by one of Ireland s leading historians.

    One thought on “Ireland: A History”

    1. Finished. I have read this book, on and off, for the last six months. I have read, stopped reading, begun again, taken hundreds of pages of notes. Bartlett's history of Ireland is a very personal one. It is the work of a historian who is, I felt, angry against the misconceptions and even lies that are used by politicians, nationalists, unionists and even foreigners about Ireland's past. In some passages, there is a barely contained sense of anger. In other, he uses a ferocious irony against the [...]

    2. I am about to travel to Ireland for a vacation and wanted to find a good one volume history so I could do some homework. Bartlett's book more than fills the bill. I found it a thoroughly readable - although very long -- history of Ireland from late Roman times to the present. The reader gets a firehose blast of interesting information and discussion that begins with a discussion of the superior marketing skills of the followers of St. Patrick and ends with the financial crisis of 2008 running in [...]

    3. A really great resource for the history of Ireland. Very lucidly written and understood by someone who isn't always jazzed about reading historical texts. I found this resource so helpful I returned the heavy ass copy to the library and bought my own paperback version which is now riddled in highlighter and notes, etc. I'm sure there are other even more in depth resources, but in terms of helping me with the context of the literature I am studying right now I truly enjoyed this read and know I w [...]

    4. While "Ireland: A History" is entertaining to a degree, I'm really not in the mood for concentrated history at the moment. Even a history as interesting and rich as Ireland's. I didn't get too far into this before I started feeling like it was required reading for school. Maybe it's the shape of it, like a textbook. Or maybe it's because I'm in the mood for fiction. It would be worth coming back to, though, when I'm up for it.

    5. A very interesting overview of a fascinating country. I stalled out around page 200 and set the book aside for about six months, but then I restarted at the beginning. I must not have been in the right mood the first attempt. The author writes clearly, thoroughly, and often humorously. Knowing little to begin with, I had some trouble keeping all of the players straight at times, but I feel that I came away with an adequate understanding.

    6. I kind of feel bad about quitting this one, but the area of my interest was over pretty quickly - much like what happens whenever I try to read a history of England and after Elizabeth I dies and I muddle through James VI/I's reign, I just don't care. The research and writing seem solid, from what I did read, it just wasn't for me.

    7. I don't give up on books very often, but I gave up on this. I can tell the underlying history is interesting but the writing in this book made it boring. There was little common thread established - things just ran from event to event in a one-size-fits-all kind of prose that didn't distinguish important from unimportant. With 1500 years of history, that's deadly.

    8. Bartlett's history is what it is: a broad-stroke presentation of Irish history in a single volume. While informative, accurate and well-written, its hard to get over-joyed about such a project--hence my three star rating. I did "like it", but didnt "really like it."

    9. This book was a great read and opened up a window on the real history of Ireland. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Irish history up to the present.

    10. I enjoyed this book. I read the book as I had an interest in learning about Irish history. Although the writing style made it easier you need patience it is slow reading.

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