Give the Dog a Bone

Give the Dog a Bone But then what happens Why it s one wild slapstick adventure involving cobblers cats chickens and much much From poodles to Great Danes an increasing number of clever canine companions join in t

  • Title: Give the Dog a Bone
  • Author: Steven Kellogg
  • ISBN: 9780811846097
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • But then what happens Why, it s one wild, slapstick adventure involving cobblers, cats, chickens, and much, much From poodles to Great Danes, an increasing number of clever canine companions join in the fun and add up to a most entertaining counting book Kellogg s witty reinvention of the classic counting song This Old Man makes numbers fun for the whole family.

    One thought on “Give the Dog a Bone”

    1. There is way to much going on here to use this for storytime. But it's so clever, and the illustrations are awesome. I did like it, but it has so much going on and so many little dialogue bubbles, that it really does need to be digested instead of just read.

    2. Give The Dog a Bone is a terrific folk song/counting book that kids will love. The author takes a great twist on the original song adding several suprises while still maintaining the singability of the text. The variety of old men made my first graders giggle (one is dressed like a cat, one runs away from a swarm of bees) and the surprise ending (raptors hatching from the eggs) made my class laugh and laugh and laugh. For the independent reader there are many dogs to count (with a listing of how [...]

    3. This book includes the song Give the Dog a Bone. I like how the author went above and beyond rather than just simply writing down the song itself. He made sure each picture went with each part of that song, which was convenient. I think this would be a great book for students, especially if they already knew the song. Even if they were struggling readers they could read aloud knowing the song.

    4. I really liked this book because it was different from a lot of the other children's picture books I have read. It includes a song throughout the book, and I haven't a doubt in my mind from my experience of working with children, that they would love it because of the singing in it. I would just prefer for it to have more enriching text in it, but if the singing can encourage children to want to read, I think it deserves four stars.

    5. Steven Kellogg's rendition of Knick, Knack, Paddywhack: Give the Dog a Bone that would be a great storytime, sing-a-long story for little ones. All sorts of curious creatures accompany the dogs as they high-tail it home! A delightful counting book.The illustrations are gorgeously Kellogg through and through.

    6. As a parent, I didn't like this book. It's not the typical wording for "This Old Man" (which I expected) but my 4-year-old thought it had some funny parts and wanted to read/sing it again.Example:"This old man, he played seven,soared right up to doggy heaven.Nick-nack paddywhack, served them all a bone,Good-bye kisses, sailed back home."

    7. This book starts at 1 and goes up to 10. Each page goes up in the amount of bones to give the dogs. This book is very colorful and a easy read for students to understand. It has very good illustrations and the students can learn the digits 1-10 while reading and looking at illustrations.

    8. Another possible "counting song" is this one, told and illustrated with Steven Kellogg's signature whimsical flair. We just went up to "This old man, he played three" for today's story time.

    9. I've never heard of Nicknack paddywhack stuff. It sounds very awkward to me. But as the song goes, i enjoyed reading this book. It is still weird, though.

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