One thought on “Illustrated Guide to the Egyptian Museum”

  1. There is no real definitive guide (or catalogue) to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but this comes as close to it as is available. The pictures are great, the floorplans relatively accessible, and the descriptions are readable. If you don't have much time, combine this with the chapter in the Lonely Planet about the museum, and you're ready.

  2. Excellent book full of wonderful photographs. Have been lucky enough to visit and see some of this amazing museum

  3. I had the fortune to make it to the museum twice in my life so far. Currently, there are plans to move the collection (some of it has already been moved) out to the yet-to-open Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) by the Giza Plateau. This book is perhaps one of the best (if not THE best) guides to what is housed at the current location. It is lavishly illustrated with highly-detailed colour photographs. The first part is a chronological overview of ancient Egyptian history with the highlights of objects [...]

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