The Little Vampire Takes a Trip

The Little Vampire Takes a Trip Tony is not at all thrilled by the prospect of a week s vacation on an isolated farm until he convinces his best friend a little vampire to come along

  • Title: The Little Vampire Takes a Trip
  • Author: Angela Sommer-Bodenburg
  • ISBN: 9780862640842
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Tony is not at all thrilled by the prospect of a week s vacation on an isolated farm until he convinces his best friend, a little vampire, to come along.

    One thought on “The Little Vampire Takes a Trip”

    1. Was man zu Weihnachten nicht alles aus dem fernen Deutschland erhält! Bei einer jährlichen Paketaktion mit einer guten Freundin habe ich nun die Möglichkeit erhalten, weit in die Kindheit zurück zu reisen. "Der kleine Vampir verreist", das dritte Buch von Angela Sommer-Bodenburg um Vampir Rüdiger (was für ein Name!) und sein "normaler" Freund Anton, ist eine kurzweilige Geschichte um die Wirrungen einer Zugreise mit einem Untoten.Natürlich bin ich nicht mehr ganz in der Zielgruppe, darum [...]

    2. In the middle of blood, guts, and strange encounters of the spirit world, I thought I'd take a break from my usual Halloween diet and read something light. The Little Vampire series has been my favorite since I was a kid, and I figured October would be the perfect month to continue with the series.Rüdiger, a vampire who's scared of the dark and loves reading vampire stories, has settled back into the vault he was banished from in the previous installment, but now he's once again gotten himself [...]

    3. De niña, nunca supe de la existencia de esta serie. Así que ahora me pongo al corriente y de los tres libros que he leído de la serie, hasta ahora es el que mas me ha gustado.Jajajajajaja Ay ese Anton! Que no acaba para disgustos con Rüdiger.

    4. Aku suka banget sama seri ini. Perjalanan di kereta api yang menegangkan sekaligus kocak bikin aku terus teringat sama ceritanya sampai detik ini. Ingat makanan yang disajikan di kereta. Yumm. Walau si Rudi emang nyebelin banget, tapi aku tetep suka. Dan walau Ana itu drakula, aku tetap kepingin dia jadian sama Anton. ^___^ b

    5. A dodici anni, Soobie scriveva:Terzo libro della saga. Si svolge prevalentemente in treno perché Anton a [sic] chiesto a Rüdiger di accompagnarlo per una vacanza a due. Si parla del motivetto "È ritornato maggio al canto del cucù". Bel libro.

    6. Questo volume mi ha fatto morire, ahaha!E la scena del Vampiversario è qualcosa di Qualcosa di LOL, ecco!!Lumpi è un mito ahahah!!

    7. I'd like to read it, and I think it would be great.I've seen its movie, and I have "Little Vampire In Danger".I like it.

    8. I liked this book but felt like not a lot happend. However the 7 yera old I was reading it to thought it was five stars. He liked it alot

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