Doctor Dolittle's Circus

Doctor Dolittle s Circus The doctor needs money to pay off a voyage to Africa so he joins the circus with the pushmi pullyu as his attraction He enlightens a circus owner who cares little for animals fights against the prac

  • Title: Doctor Dolittle's Circus
  • Author: Hugh Lofting
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The doctor needs money to pay off a voyage to Africa, so he joins the circus with the pushmi pullyu as his attraction He enlightens a circus owner who cares little for animals, fights against the practice of fox hunting and helps other creatures such as a circus seal and cart horses too old to work.

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    1. Doctor Dolittle's Circus (Doctor Dolittle, #4), Hugh Loftingعنوان: داستانهای دکتر دولیتل سیرک جلد 6 از 12؛ شماره گذاری کتاب در گودریدز 4 است؛ نویسنده: هیو لافتینگ؛ مترجم: محمد قصاع؛ تهران، محراب قلم، 1385؛ در 380 ص، مصور؛ شابک: 9789643236601؛ موضوع: داستانهای مصور کودکان از نویسندگان انگلیس قرن 20 مداستان دکتر دولیت [...]

    2. It’s so nice to read these books. This is the fourth in the series. This one seems particularly supportive in defending animals and their plights. A young animal lover will surely be made to understand that “working” animals need rest, clean environments and good food; and most important nice treatment. I did find myself smiling every time Dr Dolittle commented on the unimportance of money and how it gets in the way of things. Always making a person want more. WellI suppose it’s always a [...]

    3. My recollection from the dark ages of elementary school was that this was my favorite of the Doctor Doolittle books. It certainly is a good one. I was a bit disappointed with Doctor Doolittle's Post Office, the one preceding this one (it seemed a bit disjointed), so I was happy to see that Lofting got his mojo back with Doctor Doolittle's Circus. The Doctor needs to make some money so as to pay back a sailor for a boat he borrowed and subsequently wrecked. So he and his animal friends, along wit [...]

    4. I love the Doctor Dolittle books, and if forced to put them in order of favorites, I'd probably place Circus in the No. 2 spot. By this book, Lofting has fully developed the doctor's family - fussy housekeeper Dab-Dab, greedy narcissistic Gub-Gub, the accountant Too-Too, hearty brave and occasionally brush Jip,slightly sassy White Mouse (why doesn't HE have a name?). The doctor (and Lofting!) was ahead of his time in his dislike for the traditional circus and its treatment of animals. The Sophie [...]

    5. This volume started out strong. Dr. Dolittle having a circus is such a natural plot. But again, halfway through, Lofting seemed to lose his inspiration and he made up random and boring plots to keep the book going. The plot with the sea lion started out interesting, but then it DRAGGED. Then the horse ranch, the fox hunt, the extremely detailed animal play, the commandeering of the circus took me forever to finish the book once I got halfway. So tedious and uninspiring. I may finish the series h [...]

    6. Doctor Dolittle's Circus is probably now my favourite book. I didn't know at first that Doctor Dolittle was a series, and it made me really excited to know there were more. Most of the characters in this book, especially John Dolittle, are all cheery and look more on the bright side of things. No matter the problem, they know it'll end up turning out alright, even if it isn't resolved. Doctor Dolittle's Circus is so joyous and amazing right up until the very end.

    7. I actually found this a rather slow children's book, and at times it was quite hard work. Yes, it was entertaining in parts, but I don't think it was worth the effort of finishing. I actually think the original movie [not the awful recent ones] of this was better than the book, which is a rare thing for me to say

    8. This was one of the better Dolittle books we've read so far (I'm read it to the kids for bedtime reading). Amazingly, and sadly, it still holds up as far being pertinent with it's discussion of how animals are treated in circuses but it brought up a good discussion with the kids about it and they know why we don't like to go to traditional circuses anymore.

    9. We just finished reading this to our 4 and 6 year old boys. We all enjoyed it. By the end, Dr. Dolittle reforms the circus so that it is honest, takes care of the animals properly, and focuses on what children enjoy. What a great series.

    10. Judah An excellent book with great ideas and creativity.Being kind to animals is the idea.One of the best books I've ever read is this one.I also recommend the other Doctor Dolittle books.

    11. Neljandas klassis avastasin Doktor Dolittle raamatud ja sealt sai alguse suur lugemiskirg. Loen neid raamatuid, kui tuju vajab tõstmist, aga eriti meeldivad mulle autori joonistatud pildid.

    12. Een speciale kijk op dierenrechten gekruid met een behoorlijke dosis humoren wereldreis dit keer maar wel de trektocht van gemeente tot gemeente van een cirkus. De sprekende dieren stelen de show.

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    14. This is such a fun story! and the writing style is quite unique, and very well suited to the story line and characters.

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