Insider Nothing will be the same for Sophie Beaumont Now that she s an Alpha she has to learn to be a leader But unlike with Caeden it doesn t come naturally for her Sophie doesn t want to tell her friends h

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  • Title: Insider
  • Author: Micalea Smeltzer
  • ISBN: 9781480004375
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nothing will be the same for Sophie Beaumont Now that she s an Alpha she has to learn to be a leader But unlike with Caeden, it doesn t come naturally for her Sophie doesn t want to tell her friends how high to jump She just wants to be normal.Caeden and Sophie travel to Germany to meet with Sophie s parents in the hopes of learning about being mates and why themNothing will be the same for Sophie Beaumont Now that she s an Alpha she has to learn to be a leader But unlike with Caeden, it doesn t come naturally for her Sophie doesn t want to tell her friends how high to jump She just wants to be normal.Caeden and Sophie travel to Germany to meet with Sophie s parents in the hopes of learning about being mates and why them But Sophie s parents prove not to know much Everything is just speculation Then, the news of Peter Grimm s murder sends the Williams pack into a tailspin With Travis as Alpha what is he capable of

    One thought on “Insider”

    1. I've read many books and this is my FAVOURITE ! I cant say enough good things about this book, i would recommend it to ANYONE !!!I thought 'THE DARK DIVINE' series was good[The Dark Divine #1 - The Lost Saint #2 - The Savage Grace #3]and i used to say they were my favourite books, but no more, OUTSIDER series has out done them !!!!I am not going to say much about this book because it is so much better without knowing what happens, so im gonna give you the main outline!Sophie and Caeden are mates [...]

    2. Another brilliant book in the Outsider series. Sophie's character really develops. I just adore how Micalea gets the readers to fall in love with the all the characters. It is a light hearted kind of book but still very, very gripping. Couldn't but this book down. I love the connection and love between all the characters, its written so well you feel like you are there in the room and feeling all the same emotions. There were some predictable parts of the book but it was still very sweet and enj [...]

    3. Let me start by saying that this book was just as good as the first (Outsider). To have a love like Caeden and Sophie is pretty unfathomable. As the reader you get to experience their love growing stronger. It is maturing just as Sophie is maturing and falling naturally into her role as Alpha female. One of my favorite quotes from the book is when Caeden is telling Sophie he loves her and not to forget that. Her reply, "Your love would be impossible to forget." Can you imagine a love like that?! [...]

    4. Have I mentioned how much I just love Micalea Smeltzer? Her books are all great and Insider was too. This series is fabulous. I was a little sad that there wasn't a lot of action in this book. It was slower paced. Never the less, the author's writing makes up for it. The flow was still easy and the story made sense.The romance between Sophie and Caden is so special. I am amazed at their bond and how strong it is. Caden= *swoon* I loved the romance aspect of this book and how their relationship p [...]

    5. Romantic, fun werewolf teen romanceI read this type of book ( shifter romances) because I like the epic level romance: the idea of having someone totally obsessed by you, uncontrollably jealous, needing to be with you all the time and with an enduring love that will not change. The idea of a pack of friends/ family is also appealing.I also like stories about young adulthood: that time where there are a lot of possibilities and options.This covers all those bases well. It is a quick easy read wit [...]

    6. Insider is an amazing book. I love the way that Sophie integrates into the pack and helps become a leader. Her and Caeden have a great bond and amazing love that I can't wait to see what happens next with them. Like Outsider I read this book in a day because I couldn't put it down. Thank you for such amazing books!

    7. I was not expecting such a fresh and engaging twist on young love and shifters. The story of Sophie is unique, she is lost in a set of circumstances she can't control her only hope, her only refuge is in Caeden. God I'm a sucker for a good love story - especially when they can go furry.

    8. LOVE IT!!!! OMG! I can't wait for the next book. This book was exciting and inspiring I loved every second of reading this book. If i didn't have to go to school and stuff I would have snuggled up with a blanket and read that book all the way though!

    9. Insider is the second book in the Outsider Series by Micalea Smeltzer!! This book was amazing and I really enjoyed reading more about Caeden and SophieMy favorite part was when Caeden proposed to Sophie in the meadow filled with poppies.I cant wait for the third book.Amazing book

    10. Yes! Caedendrool! I really enjoyed this book. I adore the cute, playful relationship between Caeden and Sophie and the ending left me wanting more! *Runs off to read Fighter* <3

    11. It was good, just the time line didn't seem to match up, prom is usually a month or so before graduation, but they didn't make it bad, I loved the story can't wait to read more.

    12. I just so called that ending and Micalea knows it. I just loved this book. Caeden is so sweet and such a gentleman we all need a Caeden.

    13. Micaleaother homerun. I don't believe I will ever tire of reading your novels. Looking forward to book number three on this series and many many more in the near and long terms.

    14. I was a bit disappointed in this book. I was expecting this fast paced exciting book full of suspense. But instead I got a book that had like two or three really exciting pparts. I liked Outsider better. But this book was good, I'm not going to lie. It was something new to read for a book nerd like me.What I didn't like:1. Why did we have to see a lot of Sophie's soccer team?2. Why didn't Sophie and Caeden get any information out of Sophie's parents?3.Why wasn't there any suspenseful parts that [...]

    15. I loved this book so much and I waited forever to read it and came to find out it came out like a week ago I was so mad that I hadnt read it yet but now that I have I must let you know that you have to read it. It was amazing of course because of all the new characters and the thing Caeden did towards the end that you will love but I wont tell you about. The thing was there were no surprises I felt like I knew all those things were going to happen especially the ending. I wish more action was in [...]

    16. Oh boy, what can I say about this book other than it failed big time. I tried to give it a chance, I really did but after the tenth time they confessed their undying love for each other I was over it. Not to mention the horrible dialogue and terrible plot. Overall, it was just not very good. I don't mean to be harsh but really this is the second book, the story should get better not worse.

    17. This book was the best and the ending was a huge surprised. I never would of guessed that Caeden didn't kill Travis. It was a huge shocker. I'm glad Sophie and Caeden are engaged they deserve it. I'm actually really happy that Sophia mom and dad are moving back but I'm pretty excited to see what they say in the next book when Sophie and Caeden tell them about Travis.

    18. I cannot wait for the next book!!! I look forward to more from Caeden and Sophie and the possibility of the Outsider gang crossing paths with Fallen, Yay! still waiting on Forever and now this one too!!

    19. Not as good a the first!! But was good!! loved the interaction with her soccer friends! Wished it had more drama/action but has extended on the other characters which is nice! Good read but expected more!

    20. BoringIt was OKIt got boring the ending definitely I would have liked more action not all that mushy gushy stuff I don't think I'll read the next one at all

    21. Love this story!This is full of action,love and of course with Travis there is hate!! Can't wait for the third! I will say I am shocked at the end! Omg he's still alive omg

    22. It's not presumptuous of me to assume that authors should know the difference between there/their/they're, right?

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