For the Love of a God

For the Love of a God Conservator Maia Douglas is an expert on ancient Greece and its mythology She would never tell anyone at the museum where she works but she s always had a secret crush on the mythical Eryx Greek god

  • Title: For the Love of a God
  • Author: Rosanna Leo
  • ISBN: 9781595789303
  • Page: 300
  • Format: ebook
  • Conservator Maia Douglas is an expert on ancient Greece and its mythology She would never tell anyone at the museum where she works, but she s always had a secret crush on the mythical Eryx, Greek god of love There is nothing she loves than to tend to her favorite statue of him, and her nighttime dreams are filled with luscious images of Eryx making love to her.OneConservator Maia Douglas is an expert on ancient Greece and its mythology She would never tell anyone at the museum where she works, but she s always had a secret crush on the mythical Eryx, Greek god of love There is nothing she loves than to tend to her favorite statue of him, and her nighttime dreams are filled with luscious images of Eryx making love to her.One day, the peace at Maia s beloved museum is shattered when a new director arrives A man who looks exactly like her image of Eryx As Maia watches, he manages to upset her ordered museum world, at the same time he inflames her with unwanted desire.Maia does not know that her new boss is actually the god Eryx, disguised as a mortal so he may work in antiquities Although he is the god of love, he has forsaken his sexual nature because of a curse that has killed any woman he s dared to love Though he fights it, Eryx is drawn to Maia with a force he s never experienced in a thousand years But can he convince her of his true identity And can he protect her from a vengeful goddess who seeks her destruction

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    1. This review can also be found on my blog.This book was perfect for me! It had the right amount of well-placed humor in the witty one-liners, as well as some self-deprecating humor on Maia’s part. I have always loved books that tackle Greek mythology in one form or another. Typically the Gods are a selfish, over-indulgent bunch who often resemble children throwing tantrums and fighting over their favorite toys – mortals. They play with humans and their fates and care nothing for the consequen [...]

    2. I’m surprised how much I enjoyed this book since it isn’t my usual pick. If my only exposure to this novel was a blurb on , I probably wouldn’t have chosen it. I’m not a huge fan of the Greek Gods in Paranormal Romance. I’m not sure why, but I’ve stayed away from those storylines. Well, is broadening my horizons once again. After a few good friends read and loved this book, I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did, because I loved it. It wasn’t at all what I expected. For s [...]

    3. Another great read by Rosanna Leo! You can expect great humor, some tears of sadness, thrills of excitement and a perfect sensual touch as you explore the pages of this delightful book. Anyone that enjoys paranormal, romance (the combination of paranormal romance), or is just looking for an all around great read will fully enjoy For the Love of a God.Maia is a restorer at a museum that she has known and visited for most of her life. Her father once worked there and now she does the restoration o [...]

    4. I have no idea why it took me so long to read this book. It's been on my list since last year. I'm glad I finally got around to it. :)I'm sorry, but I just need to get this out of the way first. I usually have a very hard time reading books based on Greek mythology. It's a subject very dear to me and I've been studying it since I was a child. So many stories that use Greek mythology either deliberately change things or outright get them wrong (don't even get me started on the travesty of Disney' [...]

    5. 5 sexy Greek God stars! This was the first book I've read from this author and I loved it! I wasn't sure what to expect as I didn't read any reviews prior. Only the blurb which was very intriguing. What I found was a light hearted read with a wonderful story and lots of romance. It wasn't packed with drama and angst which I found quit refreshing for a change. However, by the end of the book I felt like I was in "The Clash of the Titans" movie! The story sucked me in right away. The characters we [...]

    6. (3.75 stars)Cute and sexy novella about a fashion-challenged museum conservationist with a bit of a statue fetish. Though you can't really blame Ms. Maia Douglas, as the nude statue in question is of the sexy Greek lovegod, Eryx. Eryx, of course, is more than just a well endowed hunk of marble. He's the flesh and blood son of Aphrodite and Ares who moonlights as museum curator Eric Lord in order to ensure ancient Greek artifacts are given the respect they deserve. Eric's next project is the Toro [...]

    7. First of allI snatched this book up before ever really knowing what it was about because of the beautiful cover! The title was enticing and the sneek peek I read made me want to devour this read. There were several things that I really enjoyed about this story. First of all the heroine is full-figured and corky. I love that she is smart and determined, but has a shy, funny side as well. At work she is all business, but at home she can't even keep a plant green! Thanks to a little godly help, the [...]

    8. Let me get this straight out: I. love. Eryx.Love.This was such a fun read. Light and frothy, full of humour and brimming with passion, this is just the kind of book to sink into after a hard day. Chloe was smart and sassy, and exactly my type of geek (I'm one, too and proud of it!) and I loved that that became something Eryx adored about her.Eryx was gorgeous, inside and out, and I loved the spin on Greek Gods Rosanna brought to the story. He was sexy, funny, heart-stopping. My hero. Mine. =)Tha [...]

    9. For the love of a good book.For the love of a god by Rosanna Leo was such a fun, FEEL GOOD read. It is the first book I've read by this author but it won't be my last. In fact, I have her other books on my kindle: The Selkie, Up in Flames, and Sweet Hell.I instantly fell in love with Eryx, the God of Love--and boy does he ever know how tolove, lol. But he's not only sexy, he's also wounded internally. I wanted to be the one who mends his broken heart, lol.Maia's sense of humor and quirkiness wer [...]

    10. First of all, I just want to say thank you to Rosanna Leo for giving me this book to read. No compensation was given, offered, or taken to alter the opinion. This was my first book by Rosanna Leo, but it definitely will not be my last! This book was perfect for me! It was a light-hearted story featuring a little Greek mythology and lots of sexy, steamy romance. I loved all of the characters in this book and their witty one liners often made me laugh out loud. I'm madly in love with Eryx, the god [...]

    11. Also on our blog:thebooknatics/Check it out? :)I have always been fascinated with the studies of mythology, Greek being the top of my favorites! I get so giddy when I get my hands on reads such as this! It has to be the thrill of living fictionally and vicariously in the eyes of a modern day girl who has the opportunity to experience every geek-girls mythical God dream!I have to start off by saying, Rosanna Leo certainly is charming, and it shines through her writing radiantly! Her characters ar [...]

    12. Reviewed for heartsonfirereviewsFirst off, let me state that I am a very happily married woman. So when I say that I want an Eryx for myself, that is saying something about him. This is a fun romp with gods and mortals, with a female character I liked so much. Maia Douglas is a conservator at the Toronto Museum, specializing in the Greek era. She is intelligent, self deprecating, messy and very nearly obsessed with all things Greek, particularly the statue that stands in the Greek hall, that of [...]

    13. I absolutely found this book to be adorable. It was a quick, fun, and delightful read.In the beginning of the book you have the Greek Gods Dionysus and Eryx bickering to each other that the god of wine “Dionysus” spends too much time gallivanting around with his booze and ladies, while the god of love “Eryx” wastes his time posing as mortals in the human realm pretending to be either a museum curator, professor, writer, or archaeologist. He just wants to ensure that the humans are doing [...]

    14. Title: For the Love of a GodAuthor: Rosanna LeoamsFormat: eBook about 161 pgsGenre: Paranormal Greek Mythology RomanceCover: Well done 4 starsSeries: No, Stand aloneMain Characters: Maia & Eric I love to read stories that include Greek Mythology and this story was not a disappointment. I read it in one sitting and found an author I will definitely be following and reading more of her books. I loved Maias’ character she is witty, nerdy but not naïve, she is smart and beautiful but still a [...]

    15. Conservator Maia Douglas is an expert on Ancient Greece and its mythology working in Toronto Museum. Maia's secret wish is to be loved by God of Love Eryx little does Maia know she's about to get her wish. Eryx posing as Eric Lord, known for shake ups in the museum world, has plans for The Toronto Museum. There is just one little hiccup in his plans~Maia. Eryx never expected to feel what he does for Maia after just one kiss. Eryk knows that he shouldn't care for Maia as he does because Nemesis w [...]

    16. I adored this book though I felt sad that Eryx had to give up his immortality and couldn't get it back! Surely there should have been some way for him to get it back like maybe give him Nemesis's immortality as fair trade! Still, in some way's he's probably happier as a mortal but only because he was convinced that Maia wouldn't want to be a goddess. I loved Maia's friends Sheila and Dino, espeacially Dino, he had me in stiches with some of the things that came out of his mouth! So did Dionyis! [...]

    17. Sexy, Romantic, Fun Book!This well-written romance takes the reader into the world of mythology with a wonderful story line and great lead characters.Who can't resist a great looking hero who is also the god of love, but has a broken heart? Readers will want to jump in the book and be the one that mends his heart. I loved both the hero and heroine in this book. The heroine, Maia, is a loveable, sweet nerd. The conflict is unique, the writing is solid, the dialogue is witty, and the scenes are no [...]

    18. I received this book free for an honest review. All in all I liked this book. Wanted to like it more, but there was just something missing, don't known't put my finger what exactly it is thou. It just didn't sweep me away. The story moved at a decent pace, I liked the leads, and there was lots of steamy parts. Plenty of action, self sacrifice and good triumphing over evil. If I could have I would have given it 3 1/2 stars. It is a short fun read, perfect for an afternoon escape. Thank you for gi [...]

    19. The Gods have never been more fun! Eryx, son of Aphrodite, is smokin’ hot, fierce and everything I look for in a leading male character. Maia is sweet and unassuming until her man is threatened, then look out! She’s a fury fighting badass! I loved everything about this story. This book as it all. I laughed, my heart ached and rejoiced; I found myself so caught up in the action, I was reading very fast! I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Rosanna Leo takes us on a journey from Toronto to Olympus [...]

    20. What a touching story! It`s very romantic and full of passion. You can tell that the god Eryx is really in love with Maia by his actions. I cried at the end of the story and it`s not because of a sad ending, it`s what Eryx did as a sacrifice for the love of Maia. That was really, really and really touching and the story has a really nice happy ending. Loved it ;-)

    21. Face it! We’ve all stood before a fine Greek marble statue (or saw one in a picture) and did a little dreamy fantasizing of what that statue would look like live and standing before us. Some might even take that dream a little further- knock yourself out! But what if-That was sort of what happened to awkward, geeky museum conservation expert, Maia Douglas. Well actually what really happened was that the Greek god Eryx (whom I’m more familiar with as Eros) and his Olympian family really exist [...]

    22. A fun, refreshing that manages to embody many different dichotomies within it. It's funny and serious, playful and suspenseful, reverent and irreverent, heartwarming and heartbreaking often at the same time, and the list could probably go on. Just when you think you know what to expect next, Ms. Leo takes it into an unexpected turn, keeping you guessing as to how it's going to play out right up till the end.At first glance Maia seems to be your stereotypical scholarly nerd woman. She's more at h [...]

    23. My Rating: ★★★★★Book Description:Conservator Maia Douglas is an expert on ancient Greece and its mythology. She would never tell anyone at the museum where she works, but she's always had a secret crush on the mythical Eryx, Greek god of love. There is nothing she loves more than to tend to her favorite statue of him, and her nighttime dreams are filled with luscious images of Eryx making love to her.One day, the peace at Maia's beloved museum is shattered when a new director arrives. [...]

    24. This review is by Musing Maddie on behalf of Ravishing Romances. Read the full version here.How are the sex scenes?They are HOT.Details are not spared, so you feel as though you are experiencing the same ecstasy as the lovers. How are the story lines?Fun. In some ways it’s a sordid love triangle, but in many ways it’s just a well written love story with witty one-liners, suspense and, of course, drop dead gorgeous Greek gods!! (literally!) The story is not meant to be believable, so read it [...]

    25. It's not only the Gods who like a great love storywe mortals like them too!! This was definitely one. I like the idea of a Greek God (quiet literally) fall for a sweet and nerdy girl. I liked how all the Gods and their strengths and weaknesses were depicted in the book. I loved EVERYTHING. It was a very sweet love story, very dreamy and steamy too.! I liked the characters, her friends and her father.ever small their role might be. Everything in the story had a sweet touch to it. It was a light a [...]

    26. I won a copy of this book in a competition from the author a while ago. I'm just sorry that I haven't managed to read it sooner, as I absolutely loved it!Maia is a fantastic character. She is a feisty, head-strong woman, who happens to have a crush on a statue of Eryx, the Grecian god of love. When the new director of the museum, Eric Lord, arrives, Maia is completely thrown by his more than passing resemblance to her beloved statue.Eric Lord is Eryx, the god of love. He is also a fantastic char [...]

    27. 4.5 Stars Hades hath no fury like a bunny-boiler scorned.Highly enjoyable and entertaining romantic comedy.For me this was the book equivalent of a feel-good chic-flick you'd watch with your girlfriends. Yes, it's a bit silly and cheesy and predictable and the distressed damsel swoons regularly (yes literally) into the hero's waiting arms, but the characters are so engaging and the witty banter so entertaining that you really just don't care.Leo's writing style is a joy to read.I'll admit I norm [...]

    28. Maia loves her job at the museum as conservator. She actually loves her job a bit much, well one of the statues. She has an infatuation with Eryx the God of Love. A new museum head is coming in with a bad reputation for cleaning house. When Eric meets Mai he tries to keep his feelings in check but can't He knows if he even acts like he may fall in love with anyone Nemesis will kill them so he has to live eternity alone.Does Eryx fall in love with Maia? Can she ever believe who he really is? Will [...]

    29. I love Greek Myths and so when I found this book, I jumped at the chance to read it. I'm very happy to say that it did not disappoint. The book tells the story of Eryx and Maia and their journey to discover what it means to really love and be loved. The lengths that these two go to to try and hide their attraction for each other is just amazing. And completely hilarious! I loved every moment, every page, every word of this book. The extent that Eryx goes to to protect Maia is so sweet!!! I absol [...]

    30. Loved it! Blond hunk with golden skin is just my favorite things so this was a yummy treat for me.Rosanna Leo also write real good stuff.This is TLC so recommended for TLC lovers.

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