How To Deliver A TED Talk: Secrets Of The World's Most Inspiring Presentations

How To Deliver A TED Talk Secrets Of The World s Most Inspiring Presentations How To Deliver A TED Talk is a complete guide for creating presentations that inspire others through your story Based on intensive study of the most popular TEDTalks this step by step playbook shows

  • Title: How To Deliver A TED Talk: Secrets Of The World's Most Inspiring Presentations
  • Author: Jeremey Donovan
  • ISBN: 9781468179996
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • How To Deliver A TED Talk is a complete guide for creating presentations that inspire others through your story Based on intensive study of the most popular TEDTalks, this step by step playbook shows you how to select your topic, craft your narrative, master your delivery, and refine your design.

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    1. Готовим спикеров к выступлению на Sport Talks (facebook/events/56892). Формат выступлений похож на TED, потому пересматриваем и вдохновляемся самыми интересными лекциями, а параллельно анализируем. Книга How to deliver a TED talk - отличный помощник. Автор проанализировал самые просматриваемые лекц [...]

    2. After randomly spotting this on , I purchased this for my Kindle, hoping to learn some techniques useful in launching the leadership and networking sections of our new Becoming a Pharmacist course.At just over 100 pages and using 14 short chapters, the book is a quick read. I made liberal use of the highlighting function in Kindle. The book was a good balance of new information specific to TED Talks and reminders on presenting in general. The author says that he's studied the top TED Talks and h [...]

    3. TED is, as they explain it, "a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading." Originally created to explore ideas in Technology, Entertainment, and Design (hence the TED), the organization hosts two main conferences each year that bring together a large number of idea-makers and wonderful speakers. This text explains the TED format in terms that any speaker can use to improve their presentations. The text is an easy, quick read with tons of public speaking tips, tricks, and hints. The basics are c [...]

    4. Xem TED là một chuyện, đọc script của TED là một chuyện khác. *rùng mình* Sách viết về những bí quyết diễn thuyết được tác giả rút ra sau khi mổ xẻ nghiên cứu các bài nói của TED. Có nhiều đoạn lạ, có nhiều ý lặp lại. Nhưng nhìn chung thì vẫn có tính áp dụng. Ngẫm lại vẫn tiếc cái lần không dự được TEDx ở HN hè vừa rồi :'(

    5. Thanks Jeremey Donovan!! After reading your book, my high school Humanities students gave a TEDx Talk in our Texas Hill Country community on "What Does It Means to be Human?" During our planning, I referred many times to your cogent advice on delivery, design, and prepping for the stage. Each student's presentation was creatively different and spoke volumes about their research, passions, and individual life journeys. For many it was their first opportunity to speak on a stage; for others, it wa [...]

    6. Cumple lo que promete.Un gran inicio en el extenso mundo de las Charlas TED. Súper inspirador y un gran maestro.❤️Me encantó.La forma tan fácil de leer, es impresionante.

    7. Các bài thuyết trình trên Ted thực sự rất hay và mang những ý tưởng đáng lan tỏa. Tác giả phân tích rất kĩ các điều tạo nên 1 bài thuyết trình hay trên Ted. Khổ nỗi tôi lật qua lật lại mãi mới đọc hết hơn 100 điều để làm nên bài thuyết trình hứng khởi và chỉ nhớ vài điều. Sách thích hợp cho ai hay thuyết trình.

    8. This book gives awesome tips and ideas on how to deliver a TED talk. There are several people who are speakers on some way or the other, whereas not that everyone are successful. The primary reason is anyone who has a worthy idea spreading should not only stop there, but needs to know how these worthy ideas can be delivered to the audience in an inspiring way. By this, it doesn't mean how the speaker inspires the audience whereas how the content what he tries to deliver reaches and inspires them [...]

    9. I am fascinated with TED. While it is not a specific goal to actually deliver a speech there, I certainly would not mind doing so. :) I've stumbled across this title several times in the last month or two. Today I wanted to read, but nothing to weighty. This fit the bill.The summary is that this is a 112-page (I read the Kindle version) script for Toastmasters!Early on I had good vibes as some of the things Donovan described are exactly like what we learn in Toastmasters. Then he began breaking [...]

    10. I didn't discover TED Talks until recently, but I really enjoy them. They're the best of the classes, motivational speeches and ideas that I've seen - they take me back to a motivational speech on leadership I enjoyed in high school and an education conference I attended that had a fantastic science presention, so really they're just a lot of fun.Even though I'll never have a reason to deliver a talk myself, I was looking for something to read and this book grabbed my attention. I actually enjoy [...]

    11. As far as titles go, this one caught my attention immediately: How to Deliver a TED Talk: Secrets of The World’s Most Inspiring Presentations. The fact is, I have on multiple occasions been inspired by watching TED talks online. I have been impressed at the way the presenters are able to eloquently bring the audience into their story and care deeply about whatever the topic is that they are covering. I decided to read this book not because I hold any desire to ever present a TED talk, but beca [...]

    12. Very short, but rather practical guidance into the world of powerful presentations. The book is useful not only for those who deliver the presentations, but as well for those who organize professional events and conferences, where you need to introduce speakers from the stage. Being a member of Toastmasters I was familiar with many tips and i should say that it won't help you to improve your presentational skills, but i'm sure that the book will be helpful in writing the content of presentations [...]

    13. Being the analytical engineer that I was trained to be in college, this book resonates perfectly me as I recognize that speaking is as much more of an art than it is just spitting out facts and logic. However, as the author suggests, an outline is key and universal to every great TED Talk. Using the body metaphor to describe a speech, the "spine" is the idea worth spreading, the "ribs" are the premises, and the "flesh" are the proofs. The structured layering of both premises and proofs in speaki [...]

    14. I don't think the author has presented at TED, but the book has lots of examples from TED talks. The information is good although basic. If you have a big speech coming up and need a short book to point you in the right direction this book would be prefect. If you are an experienced speaker looking for advice from the masters, you will not find much in this book you do not already know.

    15. إن أردت أن تتعلم كيف تعطي خطب قصيرة جذابة ومعبرة، فهذا الكتاب سيقودك حتما لذلكفيه نصائح قيمة في ترتيب خطابك وكيف تضع له مقدمة وخاتمةمع أمثلة كثيرة من الخطابات الشهيرة في تيدكما فيه ارشادات عن كيفية استخدام وسائل العرض بشكل فعال

    16. This book didn't have a lot to say about presenting that wasn't already intuitive or easy to glean if you're already a Ted talk fan. It is also not endorsed by Ted; I think it would have greatly benefitted from some insider knowledge. It was an easy read and not bad ideas, just kind of boring.

    17. Чтения на пару часов (о чем, к чести издателя МИФ, предупреждено на обложке) и описаны в целом банальные вещи, но они хорошо структурированны, поэтому книга и полезна. И закладочка крутая.

    18. This book consists loads of suggestions. This book builds a channel for people to develop and present a public talk.

    19. After my last presentation, I knew something had to change. My gut feeling told me that my presentation was gray and not one to be remembered.When you are invited to give a presentation, it is usually because somebody thought you have what it takes to share knowledge or experience.But this is not an easy task, and usually brings many hours of research, work, practice and stress; yes stress. People don't usually see the amount of hours required to prepare a presentation. This book will provide th [...]

    20. The number one fear in the world is not of the supernatural, involve clowns in sewers or cameos from creepy dolls. For some, this fear, is one worse than death - I'm talking of course, about Public Speaking Most of us can remember our first ever speech; mine was in Year 7 on 'Space' and even to this day I can remember the sleepless night before and feel chills as I stepped up to speak. Needless to say, we all survived, and were better for it. Donovan's book is a practical guide and lays out what [...]

    21. So much information is packed between 212 pages and I kid you not I used exactly half as many sticky notes as I made my way from cover to cover. Jeremey's tone is ever present and his many messages are crystal clear. This book brings insight and awareness to anyone who has ever/will ever address a group of people through presentation - and most of it can be directly applied to everyday conversation!

    22. I was asked to give a TEDx talk recently and found this to be a really helpful guide to putting the content of the talk together and practicing the delivery. I'd recommend it to anyone else who has to give a TED talk and doesn’t have much experience with public speaking.

    23. Las Charlas TED se han convertido en un clásico mundial por su capacidad de impactar ideas y reflexiones potentes de manera breve y con gran impacto de comunicación. Aquí descubrirás las claves prácticas para ello.Para más info y reseña: ow/Jpgw30hCOTK

    24. So far as TED Talks are concerned, this is a perfect guide book. But beware of what is much more important behind all the tricks: something that you love and want to deliver.

    25. One of the best primers on writing and public speaking I've ever come across. I wish I had this when I was younger.

    26. Breve y conciso No solamente sirve para preparar una muy buena presentación, lo explica con ejemplos. Recomendadísimo.

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