Counterpunch Jack Tunney is Wayne Dundee this time around Cover art is by Keith Birdsong

  • Title: Counterpunch
  • Author: Jack Tunney
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jack Tunney is Wayne Dundee this time around Cover art is by Keith Birdsong

    One thought on “Counterpunch”

    1. Danny Dugronski is the hard punching hero of Counterpunch, the forth book in the Fight Card series created by Mel Odom and Paul Bishop. The man behind the pen name, Jack Tunney, for this entry is Wayne D. Dundee.As the story opens, Danny Dugronski has just lost his trainer, and friend, Packy, to a heart attack. But he goes into his next fight without him. The fight is tough but fair, but going into the eighth round ‘The Duke’ is down on points. Summoning up a bit of grit, he goes in hard and [...]

    2. Contrary to rumor, good guys don’t always finish last.Danny “The Duke” Dugronski, an ex-Marine who has earned a solid reputation in the ring, is grieving the death of his longtime manager, mentor and friend when he’s approached by mobsters who want him to participate in a series of rigged fights. Adding insult to injury, they also defame the good name of his late manager.Danny belts one thug and throws the offered money in the face of the promoter. As might be expected, this brings first [...]

    3. One of my favorite film noirs is Robert Ryan starring in the boxing classic THE SET-UP. It's about a decent boxer approached to take a dive and throw a boxing match. While I was reading COUNTERPUNCH by Wayne Dundee, I thought of Robert Ryan in one of his best roles. Here we have Danny "The Duke" Dugronski who is a 33-year-old skilled boxer touting an impressive 38-5 win-loss record living in Milwaukee. The time period is the early 1950s, evoked with precision and atmosphere. Danny also works as [...]

    4. Wayne Dundee, writing under the house name of Jack Tunney, spins a yarn about a Polish fighter in the blue-collar town of Milwaukee. Danny "The Duke" Dugronski fights several great matches told in such terrific play-by-play action that you'd swear you were watching the match instead of only hearing about it. It might be a cliched story about the mob guy wanting to control the fighter and sending toughs to teach him a lesson when he wont play ball, but this writer makes it work so well it is hard [...]

    5. Milwaukee 1954Danny Dugronski has been a fighter all his life.As an orphan at St. Vincent's Asylum for Boys, he first learned the "sweet science" of boxing from Father Tim, the battling priest. Then the Marine Corps taught him far more lethal fighting tactics before shipping him off to do battle in the hell of the South Pacific. Now, with World War II over, Danny "The Duke" has returned home and earned a respectable ranking as a regional heavyweight in the Milwaukee area. But his record, free of [...]

    6. A well paced and quick read. Our boxer/narrator is targeted by an mobster who wants him to throw fights for geetus. Plenty of action and a bit of romance. It's a great read. I find most modern novels bloated and overlong. These Fight Card books are the right length to contain a solid plot, and short enough to knock out in a couple of sittings.

    7. This is the warmest and fuzziest Fight Card story of my experience to date (I think I managed to get them out of order again). I enjoyed this read.

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