O Pequeno Livro dos Beatles

O Pequeno Livro dos Beatles Nesta HQ retratada a trajet ria do grupo ingl s desde antes de sua forma o passando pelos anos da Beatlemania pela separa o do grupo at se focar apenas na carreira solo de seus integrantes

  • Title: O Pequeno Livro dos Beatles
  • Author: Hervé Bourhis Dorothée de Bruchard
  • ISBN: 9788576164463
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nesta HQ retratada a trajet ria do grupo ingl s desde antes de sua forma o, passando pelos anos da Beatlemania, pela separa o do grupo at se focar apenas na carreira solo de seus integrantes.

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    1. Ein schöner Beatles-Comic, im Original französisch. Wir sehen, streng chronologisch, das Leben der vier Beatles-Mitglieder (und einiger Randfiguren) von der Kindheit bis heute bzw. bis zu ihrem Tod. Dabei wird keine zusammenhängende Story erzählt, sondern die Bilder (die sind Fotos nachempfunden, die es wirklich gibt) und Texte sind wie unterschiedlichste Vignetten auf die Seiten gestellt, zum Immer-wieder-Hineinschauen. Die Zeichnungen sind prima und witzig, wie auch die Ideen, und einige F [...]

    2. **English review under the German**Da ich großer Beatles Fan bin, hat mein Freund mir Das kleine Beatles-Buch zum Weihnachten geschenkt. Ich wollte eigentlich Baby's in Black haben, aber es war eine schöne Überrasschung. Mit dem Buch bin ich unsicher, wer das Zielpublikum ist. Das Buch ist wirklich die Geschichte der Band von 1940 bis letztes Jahr 2009 und ehrlich gesagt, wird es ein bisschen trocken dargestellt. Ich fand es super, dass es andere zeitnahe Informationen gab, besonders die Sach [...]

    3. This is a fabulous (Fab Four-bulous?) book, which presents the well-known story of the Beatles in graphic format. All the highlights are here: the Fab Four's various childhoods, the stint in Hamburg, the rise to monumental fame, the group's dissolution, their solo projects and where they are today, or at least as of 2010, when this was first published. A great deal of this will be familiar to those who have more than a passing familiarity with the Beatles' story, but there were quite a few thing [...]

    4. O Pequeno Livro dos Beatles é uma fofura. Hervé Bourhis parece que gostou da brincadeira que fez em "O Pequeno Livro do Rock" e resolveu estender esse projeto para a banda que provavelmente é a maior de todos os tempos. O traço de Bourhis é muito bonitinho e ele escreve com muito humor e leveza. Nesta HQ é retratada a trajetória do grupo inglês desde antes de sua formação, passando pelos anos da Beatlemania, pela separação do grupo até se focar apenas na carreira solo de seus integr [...]

    5. Excelente libro que toma anécdotas y hechos de los Beatles, antes, durante y despues de la separación del grupo. Libro muy ameno y entretenido con varias anécdotas desconocidas para mi y otras ya del dominio público. Además el formato de libro es como si fuera un cómic, no tiene fotos, todo es a dibujo lo cual no demerita y me parece que lo hace más ameno, menos formal.Aunque no tiene número de páginas el libro lo puedes abrir en cualquier página y seguir leyendo sin ningún problema.U [...]

    6. Mooie illustraties en veel kleine, mooie anekdotes. Helaas ook een aantal feitelijke onjuistheden, die de geloofwaardigheid van de talloze andere obscure feiten onderuit haalt. En de recensies van alle albums zijn overdreven subjectief - en niet noodzakelijkwijs geschreven door iemand met veel verstand van muziek.

    7. Interesting and well done, though some of the color choices -- black text on dark red, and purple? -- make some parts hard to read. The art is nice -- some interesting reinterpretation of album covers and iconic photographs -- but there's nothing new here for Beatlesfans. For noobies, though, this may be revelatory. Recommended.

    8. Nicely designed and beautifully illustrated although it could have done with better proof reading particularly towards the later parts of the book where too many printing errors occur. Some of the captions in the early pages are illegible - very small white fonts on dark backgrounds just do not work.It could have been a five star book if not for the problems stated above.

    9. Fairly un-essential reading, but I enjoyed the comic depictions and the way so many ideas and events from the timeline were crammed in. It's well executed, it's just that any Beatles fan/scholar knows most of this content already.

    10. This graphic novel doesn't disappoint when it comes to giving a complete and detailed overview of the Beatles' history accompanied by some awesome drawings, but it's clear that the creator of this book is not the world's most eloquent writer nor the most structured one.

    11. Read this in spanish, but portuguese is close enough. As a Beatles fun, I had, of course, great fun reading this. It's written by a fan, and that's great. Not without some critical distance, but never getting nasty, with great respect. Good stuff.

    12. Lots of Beatles trivia, you can pretty much flip to any page and just read something randomly. However, like anyone ever who's authored a Beatles book, there is some bias. (Yoko bad, no mention of John cheating on Cynthia)

    13. Un increible viaje por la historia de los Beatles, con demasiados detalles (y unos cuantos muy irrelevantes). Buenos dibujos y comentarios, lo disfrute mucho.

    14. Muy entretenido compendio de anécdotas por año, complementado con pequeñas reseñas de los álbumes de los Beatles y sus integrantes. De agradece la honestidad, no todos son perfectos.

    15. Leuk boek. Hoewel bijna geheel zwart-wit, is het een kleurrijk portret van de "Fab Four". Een persoonlijke kijk op leven en werk van de Beatles. Onderhoudend en informatief.

    16. bit before my time, good bio, music referred to and times described before mine, this unknown band from liverpool was quite influential- but however they were, they were not the clash

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