Realist Magic

Realist Magic Draft copy of Timothy Morton s new book Realist Magic to come out later this year from OHP

  • Title: Realist Magic
  • Author: Timothy Morton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Draft Copy
  • Draft copy of Timothy Morton s new book, Realist Magic, to come out later this year from OHP.

    One thought on “Realist Magic”

    1. Completely. Batshit. Also the most fun I've had reading theory or philosophy in quite some time. Hyperobjects was similar in its tendency to amuse and inspire just as much as irritate, but that book was held back by Morton's larger ecological project, its sort of impassioned enterprise. Realist Magic finds Morton in stupendous form, free to develop the batshit lunacy of his object-oriented ontology in fuller and clearer terms. Morton is actually a very good scholar, an intensely intelligent Roma [...]

    2. 3.5 stars. funny and psychedelic. though at times morton's tone and style can get to be a bit much. reading this made me want to delve deeper into ooo- so i suppose he accomplished something. no sure how seriously i take it (or how much i actually understand) - but was an enjoyable ride.

    3. tbqh most of this went over my head. I look forward to rereading it when I've taken like a philosophy course AND some kind of science course? I mean I barely even know what quantum physics means so maybe I should've waited to buy this BUT it was beautifully written and actually made me think of how I've actually thought about objects in this way my entire life?? Cool to see it written it down in academic form (but like the prose wasn't too academic I guess? The prose was excellent. I'm high.)

    4. Has speculative realism already become dogmatic, a Church of Graham, as it were? Or, is this the half-baked work of an epigone, who has understood SR dogmatically as OOO (object-oriented-ontology) and written an entire book to explicate a mediocre pun in the form of philosophy? At any rate, the overly casual and 'cool' presentation makes it difficult to tell the difference. Interesting ideas are insufficiently developed, and the innumerable quasi-scriptural citations of Harman's work continually [...]

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