The Book of Jer3miah

The Book of Jer miah A college freshman Jeremiah Whitney accepts the undertaking to protect a mysterious Mesoamerican box When Jeremiah s parents are mysteriously murdered Jeremiah learns that he is the target of a fri

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  • Title: The Book of Jer3miah
  • Author: Luisa M. Perkins Jared Adair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • A college freshman, Jeremiah Whitney, accepts the undertaking to protect a mysterious Mesoamerican box When Jeremiah s parents are mysteriously murdered, Jeremiah learns that he is the target of a frightening conspiracy Every facet of his life is called into question, and now he must uncover the truth about the box, the conspiracy, and his very identity.

    One thought on “The Book of Jer3miah”

    1. Jeremiah is a young man attending college. He has two great parents who love him, a roommate who is his friend, and he is anticipating the time he can go on an LDS mission. Life is on track for Jeremiah.His eighteenth birthday changes everything. He finds that he is the target of a conspiracy. The exact nature of the threat or where it is coming from is a mystery. He only knows that those he loves the most have been taken from him. Locked in grief he learns of his destiny, the keeper of an ancie [...]

    2. This was a very fun book!The storyline keeps you going as you try to figure out what is happening, why it is happening, and what is going to happen.You have suspense, action, mystery, ancient world artifacts, kidnapping, murder, conspiracy, destiny, and of course a little romance.Jeremiah has been charged to be the protector of a very mysterious box.The events that unfold take him to his very depths and beyond.Can he do what is asked of him?All I can say that you are hanging on every event on ev [...]

    3. This is the novelization of a web series, which I did not realize until I'd started reading this book. The episodes are available to watch on YouTube. Unfortunately, the web series did not make it past the first season, just like this book. It was a fun read, but desperately needs a second book. It's been four years so I'm doubtful there will be any follow-up books, which is a shame.

    4. College freshman Jeremiah Whitney's life is pretty average -- he has nice folks, a good upbringing in a Gospel-centered home, and he's enjoying his first year as a college student. But on his 18th birthday, Jeremiah's life gets turned upside down as he finds himself entrusted with the care and protection of a mysterious box, a relic of an ancient American society. Questions start to pile up as tragedy strikes and Jeremiah has to quickly learn who he can trust, and more importantly, to rely on a [...]

    5. Jeremiah receives a box on his birthday and in the same day his parents are murdered by a large truck. The box is taken away. Jeremiah struggles with his questions. After his parents funeral in New York, their home is set a blaze. Jeremiah goes back to Provo , but things just keep getting stranger.Have to say I was not impressed with the end to the book, which just leaves the story hanging and waiting for more books likely to become a series. I liked the story, but am irritated by the abrupt end [...]

    6. This book was all over the place. It was a simple read, but inconclusive. I didn't like the way the author presented Jermiah from one of the 3 Nephites. They made it feel like he was born out of wedlock, something missing in this family relationship- WHAT!!!! I'm sure they didn't intend this, but that is one of the inconclusive points. Anyway, it was a typical Mormon book with a Mormon plot. It did provoke an interesting thought process - therefore the 2 stars instead of 1. I'm still trying to f [...]

    7. This book, which I read in one day, is written for a mormon audience and also for young adults. That about sums it up except when I got to the end, I realized that it didn't end. It's only number 1 in a series. When did this trend start that all stories have to continue for 3 or more books? They should have warned me, I might not have picked it up! To be fair, I didn't hate it, else I wouldn't have read all day.

    8. 3.5BUT I'm aggravated that it's a series.Jeremiah is a college freshman whose life is turned upside down by outrageous events. He begins to learn that he will be protecting something of historical/scriptural importance. I like that he's adopted.I like that a descendant of Porter Rockwell is a character. I like that Jeremiah relies on the Spirit.I like that the story incorporates LDS folklore (if that's even the right word).

    9. Good book. I feel like you may be disappointed if you watched the television show and were expecting to find progression in the plot. Much of the book is almost a script for the show - but with some new and worthwhile editions. (For example, when Jeremiah's Bishop comes to visit him at the airport) The book begins and ends exactly where the show begins and ends. Fun read, but don't expect much beyond what you saw if you watched the show.

    10. My only complaint is that the second book isn't out yet. Wow! What a ride! Thrilling pacing, fabulously detailed plotline, a main character I really found myself rooting for. One of the few books I own a hard copy AND e-copy of.

    11. Decent book, decent story, much lower level than I expected, kind of same level as Book of Mormon Sleuth series. Religious material was slightly forced, but not too much, and it is the beginning of a series, so we'll have to wait for further installments.

    12. An interesting young adult read. I didn't realize it was Book One in a series, so I was getting close to the ending and couldn't believe they were going to wrap the story up in a few pages and lo and behold. they didn't.No word on the second book, so I hope it is in process.

    13. A teen novel written from a web movie or something like that. Written for a Mormon audience. It was a quick read, exciting and cheesy. I did not like how it ended! It didn't even end, it just stopped! There doesn't seem to be a sequel.

    14. Maybe if I had watched the online episodes prior to reading the book I would have been more attached to the novelization, but I felt like I was reading a book report based on the events of the show rather than a novel. (Advance copy/uncorrected proof)

    15. Interestingbut not in a bad way. It's definitely more for the LDS crowd as it's got a fair bit of LDS references in it. But definitely and interesting story line (sorry, can't say too much or will give it away). Definitely worth a read (and it's a fast read, at that).

    16. This was a fun and quick adventure/supernatural LDS story. I will be reading the next one when it comes out.

    17. The story was fine but it stopped on a cliffhanger, gave no answers, and there are no signs that there will be other books.

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