Z After years living of living in Los Angeles novelist Nix Carter returns home to Connecticut to care for her ailing father As she reconnects with childhood friends she encounters a window washer who

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  • Title: Z
  • Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
  • ISBN: 9781937776251
  • Page: 290
  • Format: ebook
  • After years living of living in Los Angeles, novelist Nix Carter returns home to Connecticut to care for her ailing father As she reconnects with childhood friends, she encounters a window washer who also happens to live in a mansion, throw lavish parties and go by the name of Zorro Yes, Zorro But is he really the caped man of legend Or just an eccentric who drives a hAfter years living of living in Los Angeles, novelist Nix Carter returns home to Connecticut to care for her ailing father As she reconnects with childhood friends, she encounters a window washer who also happens to live in a mansion, throw lavish parties and go by the name of Zorro Yes, Zorro But is he really the caped man of legend Or just an eccentric who drives a horse drawn cart and wears a cape while washing windows And what will happen when the townspeople who once flocked to his parties and drank his champagne become suspicious of him A contemporary re visioning of The Great Gatsby, Z is a smart, quirky novel that has it all comedy, drama, romance, adventure, even swordplay Lauren Baratz Logsted at her best.

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    1. When I heard Lauren Baratz-Logsted had a new book out, I was intrigued. After recently reading and adoring The Bro-Magnet, I was very interested to try this author again.Z is – different. It’s quirky and I honestly don’t think I liked the ending. I actually went through a whole range of emotions while I read this book. From being obsessed with Zorro, to frowning at the weird events towards the end, to frowning even hard when I read “the end.” But let me back up to the beginning.Nix Car [...]

    2. I started Z because I'd really enjoyed Baratz-Logsted's previous novel The Bro-Magnet, and because the cover and title were intriguing; I didn't pay much attention to the blurb. Consequently, it took me 50 pages to catch on: "Don't forget what I said, Nix," she said. "About… ?" "About Tim and Dahlia. They're careless people. Like me."That was my first clue -- though looking back, I was very struck by the reference to an eye doctor's office, with a logo of "two giant contact lenses, shimmering [...]

    3. ** I would give this 3 1/2 stars if allowed, but am rounding up to 4.**Wow. What an interesting story! The synopsis states the Z is a re-imaging of The Great Gatsby. I don't know about that, because I've never read that novel. But I will say that this book reminded me of Don Juan de Marco. You see, in that movie, Johnny Depp, in all his mid-90s glory, believes he is Don Juan, a great lover of women. His psychiatrist spend the movie trying to figure Don Juan out, to cure his delusion, all the whi [...]

    4. Nix Carter comes home to Connecticut to help her grandfather care for her ailing father. As a writer she can work from anywhere. She starts to get reacquainted with her friends from high school and a few people that were not too friendly back in the day. But what really catches her eye is the window washer happens to live in a mansion, throw lavish parties, drives a horse drawn cart and he goes by the name of Zorro. He even wears a cape! Just who is this guy??Dollycas’s ThoughtsI was totally i [...]

    5. Nix Carter, a thirty-something novelist has come home to Connecticut after spending a number of years on the West Coast. She's in the process of re-connecting with old friends when an unusual fellow catches her eye. Unusual might be an understatement since he dresses, speaks, acts and lives like the fictional character Zorro.Despite the implausibility of his background, Nix finds herself falling for the mysterious Don Diego De la Vega, who professes his love for her. Can she fall in love with so [...]

    6. Nix Carter has come home to Danbury, Connecticut, to discover that there's a new face on her street. He wears a cape, rides a horse and carries a sword, but he works as a window washer. Can he really be Zorro? Or is he a madman who thinks he's Zorro? And, as Nix finds herself drawn more and more closely to him, does she care?This is a romantic love story (no, they're not the same thing) which, despite a lot of artful referencing to 'The Great Gatsby', is like nothing I've read before. If I had t [...]

    7. This is my second book by this author and I think perhaps her writing style is not for me. This book, like the previous one I read Crazy Beautiful, is composed of page after page of rambling. The rambling doesn’t move the story forward but seems to be filler that just adds word count. There is no description to allow me to imagine the story and the characters seem so…cardboard. Even by adding day to day minutiae of their activities they just seem like cutouts with no real emotion. The plot i [...]

    8. This is an odd little book, a contemporary retelling of The Great Gatsby where the Gatsby character is a window washer who dresses like, acts like and might possibly really be Zorro. Yes, that Zorro. The Nick counterpart (the narrator) is a female novelist who becomes romantically involved with Zorro. I really enjoyed this book while I was reading it, although I couldn't tell where the author was going with it. I found the ending unsatisfying, though, with all my major questions still unanswered [...]

    9. I thought Lauren's writing style was very unique and clever, and I loved the fact that there was an underlying Zorro theme throughout this book. All through the novel, you find yourself wondering, who exactly is this man? What is he doing? Should I like him, should I not? But, you can't help loving him, and loving him for all his quirks and faults. Nix, her main character, is flawed and connectable, and you find yourself joining this character on her quest for information, and enjoying every ins [...]

    10. I don't know how I ended up with this book. It's what I think they call Chick Lit; a modern-day Zorro (complete with outfit) moves to a small town and one of his neighbors falls for him. I was doing okay with the story until we got to a sex scene. I've heard advice that cautions writers to avoid writing explicit sex scenes. I will just say that I would have preferred a more subtle hint at what was going to happen and politely cut to finding them both sleeping under the covers. To be fair, I did [...]

    11. I think I'm a little in love with Lauren Baratz-Logsted. Yes, that's right - she's made a huge fangirl out of me.This book was totally in left field. I mean OUT there. It was so unusual I just couldn't put it down. This was one of the few romances I've read where I couldn't predict the ending. Maybe I'm a little biased because Zorro was one of my favorite heroes as a child - but I found Z wildly, eccentrically, and charmingly romantic. Just beautiful writing!

    12. Have you ever started reading a book and saw it going in the wrong direction and you wanted to screamop, you're ruining it? Yeah, well, this is such a book. This could have been goodally good. Instead it sucks. The story just runs out of steam with no where to go and ends. I was pissed I wasted so much time. If she had stuck with the main characters and used her imagination instead of the one dimensional high school buddies and their issues, this could have been really goodgh

    13. Lauren Baratz-Logsted's style is very readable. Her characters are likeable and flawed. The story moves forward with just the right speed. I already consumed another of her novels, "The Bro-Magnet," which totally impressed me. The Zorro connection is an interesting device, somewhat silly, but she makes it work.

    14. Such an intriguing novel. The story quickly takes an off the wall turn that left me compelled to see where it was going. I found myself rooting for the oddest couple ever and laughing at the fact that the kook turns out to be the most normal.

    15. I picked this book during a free kindle giveaway because I like the silent Douglas Fairbanks film, Son of Zorro, and I should have chosen it because I like Gatsby, This book got a bunch of hostile reviews, which is unfair. It is a nicely written book with a lot of nice humor, and I recommend it.

    16. The Gatsby parallels didn't really work that well for me, but the story was entertaining, and the book was well-written.

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