The Halo Revelations

The Halo Revelations The body of an archaeologist is sent home in an urn At the same time a video he recorded ten years earlier goes viral on the internet The video shows him wearing an ancient crown like object and act

  • Title: The Halo Revelations
  • Author: J.S. Colley
  • ISBN: 9780985251505
  • Page: 371
  • Format: ebook
  • The body of an archaeologist is sent home in an urn At the same time, a video he recorded ten years earlier goes viral on the internet The video shows him wearing an ancient crown like object, and acting so oddly, the public thinks the once famous archaeologist had a mental breakdown during his last expedition.The artifact, which is soon dubbed the Halo, becomes the subjThe body of an archaeologist is sent home in an urn At the same time, a video he recorded ten years earlier goes viral on the internet The video shows him wearing an ancient crown like object, and acting so oddly, the public thinks the once famous archaeologist had a mental breakdown during his last expedition.The artifact, which is soon dubbed the Halo, becomes the subject of a worldwide search by those who desire to understand and protect it, and by those who would abuse it.While each harbor their own reasons, the archaeologist s son, Nick his old partner, Henry Jane Carter of the SETI Institute and NSA Special Agent Veronica Ronnie Vagnetti, all become embroiled in a battle to learn the truth about both the video and the Halo.What the small group finally uncovers is astonishing The shocking revelations contained within the Halo explain the once unexplainable, and answers questions that Man never even thought to ask.But not all the ancient secrets of Man s past are hidden within the object Others secrets are revealed to only one of them Should the fiercely guarded secrets passed down through the ages and today known only to a few elite organizations and The Vatican secrets that undermine the theories of both creationism and evolution, and that would shake the foundations of Christianity be revealed Is the World ready to learn the truth And will those individuals whose lives have become intertwined with the fate of the Halo find what they ve been searching for

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    1. I was given a Kindle.I went a bit crazy.And now I've calmed down.Kindle gives you the freedom to download books anywhere at any time. This is like a gift from the digital book gods. It is also a huge curse if you actually have a job, keep a schedule and generally need to get on with the day to day process of living. It is hard to drive while holding a Kindle (probably definitely illegal too), it is also hard to bath, cook, write, eat and make sweet, sweet love. I've tried all of these while hold [...]

    2. Totally Amazing. Either this was secretly based off a true story, or this author has the most amazing creative mind EVER.

    3. I am acquainted with J.S. Colley through social networking, and was privileged to be a beta reader of this manuscript. She is also the most recent writer to have been invited to be a Booksquawk contributor. Neither of these facts should be taken as an admission that the following review is biased; I strive to be objective when I write reviews for the books of people I know.The Halo Revelations is an intellectual thriller that blends fact and fiction on a grander scale than the works of Dan Brown [...]

    4. The Halo Revelations is a fast-paced intellectual thriller which poses many wild questions, chief amongst them: what if the entire history of civilization has been diverted, influenced and guided by aliens? The story follows Henry, teenage son of an archaeologist who’s been missing for ten years. The body has recently been found and a belated funeral service is planned, yet the occasion provides no closure when Henry discovers a mysterious artifact his father found before vanishing. On the sce [...]

    5. Well, this is my first review. Might not be another one for some time as golf season is here. This book was on the Kindle my wife gave me. I usually like anything the wife suggests and I did enjoy this read. The story centers around an object that might prove aliens visited earth in the ancient past. The son of the archaelogist who found the object goes on a quest to find out if it is real or fake. Along the way, SETI becomes involved. Some of the theories seem a little far-fetched but, when you [...]

    6. "The Halo Revelations" by J.S. Colley is an interesting novel focused on the possibility that aliens may have visted mankind in the past and influenced their evolution and culture through these interactions. I have always been fascinated with the possibility of extraterrestial life and this novel tackled this subject in a fairly interesting way unlike many sci-fi books that focus on aliens waging war on Earth or some futuristic setting of humans interacting with aliens.While the novel features v [...]

    7. Engaging, fast-paced and well written, "The Halo Revelations" contains unique ideas that had me going "Huh" and sent my mind pondering on those "facts" we've always believed about our world. The bit about the Grand Canyon was magnificent!Nick first gets interested in truth versus YouTube manipulations when his mother gives him his father's journal. Nick is able to follow along with his father's last days, and this, along with the threats to his family and the interference of visionary author, He [...]

    8. This story is about a group of people caught up in the discovery of an ancient object. One of the main characters is Nick, the son of the archaeologist who first made the discovery. Nick is determined to find out the truth about the object, and to restore his deceased father's reputation. Another main character is Agent Vagnetti, an middle-aged overweight NSA agent whose job is to investigate unusual archaeological discoveries and phenomena that could have a profound effect on society.The book m [...]

    9. This is an excellent story and very well written. I especially liked how she wrote Nick, who is only 15 but is treated as an equal with respect by all the adults in the story. So many stories do the "You're just a snot nosed kid, you can't possibly know anything!" with kids and this one didn't.No long review with spoilers here, it's good, pick it up, you won't be sorry! Nuff said.

    10. Arrgggghhhh! If your publisher can't get the grammar in your blurb correct, get another publisher. If you self-publish, get another career."The video shows him wearing an ancient crown-like object, and acting so odd"No, No, NO! "odd" is an adverb: it should be "oddly". Where the F*** are the editors?

    11. I didn't dislike it, but when I finished it, I just kind of went "meh". It held my attention for 34 chapters, which is more than I can say for some Free Kindle books. Interesting plot.

    12. The Halo Revelations concerns itself with the hunt for a mysterious device, possibly extraterrestrial in origin, which may reveal the true origins of mankind and its achievements and therefore threatens the stability of today's human institutions - governments, corporations, science, religion. The story is promoted as a thrilling global hunt: Contact meets Capricorn One by way of The Da Vinci Code.As I read, I kept waiting for the story I was led to expect to kick in. It never did, and I find my [...]

    13. Da Vinci Code meets Chariots Of The Gods would be an obvious tag line to attach to this book, but depending on your view on Dan Brown and/or Von Daniken that might be doing it an injustice. Conspiracy theories like the one that fuels this pacey YA thriller - aliens influencing mankind in ancient times, Illuminati-style secret societies etc - might have gone a bit out of fashion, but then again they've experienced a number of revivals in recent decades, what with the X Files on TV in the 90s and [...]

    14. Great Premise Fails to DeliverThe best part of THE HALO REVELATIONS turned out to be the -written descriptive blurb. There is nothing inaccurate about the blurb, but it contains just about all there is to the novel. I should also note that THE HALO REVELATIONS probably should be marketed as YA fiction as one of the principal protagonists is a 15 year old boy who is at least as clever and brave as any of the other adult protagonists.Young Nick Farrady is the son of famed archaeologist Doug Farrad [...]

    15. The Halo Revelations begins with 15 year old Nick trying to come to terms with a You Tube video gone viral, painting his long dead father in a very bad light. In the video, the respected archaeologist is wearing an ancient crown, and appears to be having a nervous breakdown. The appearance of the artefact sets off a string of events and parallel mysteries.Nick's sister and his father's old partner are kidnapped and the ransom demanded is the artefact, the halo. Enter the NSA an organisation not [...]

    16. The premise of this book was great. This author really did her homework and posed some interesting ideas about aliens and the ancient world. As for the actual writing, the dialogue was forced. I feel like there were details that were extraneous and broke you from smoothly reading the story. An example of this that really sticks in my mind was where the main character gets to a hotel and the hotel clerk tells them about getting them all new clothes and shoes. The main character then thinks back a [...]

    17. Was so very excited when I got this ebook for free from - I am very much a fan of Ancient Aliens [the documentary on History channel] and had always been looking to read a contemporary fiction surrounding the theory.What a let down. Spotted at least 5 typos/grammatical errors - yes, I reported them to . And the first half or so of the book felt like it was written by a high school student - very sorry if that sounded harsh, but the author clearly needs a good editor.I just wasn't drawn into the [...]

    18. If you haven’t yet considered the strange mysteries in our history, then this book will nudge you into seeing. If, like me, you thrive on them, then you’ll love how they are used to drive this story.After an artefact is discovered in the Himalayas (the Halo), many questions are asked about the truth of alien visitation to our world. There is more to this story though, such as debunking, murder, kidnapping, pointing telescopes into space, a boy seeking to clear his father’s name, an NSA age [...]

    19. J. S. Colley, who acknowledges his debt to Ericb von Daenichen's Chariot of the Gods, is a lively adventure/mystery novel with overtones of The X Files and Contact. An artifact is discovered in the Himalayas and smuggled to the United States, where the SETI project, intelligence agencies, the military, and even the Vatican all take an interest in its contents. The narrative panders to so-called creationism more than some might like and has a few contentions that stretch plausibility, but the sto [...]

    20. If there are two things I normally avoid in books it's sci fi and YA books but I happened to pick up on this one and it sounded interesting. I wasn't at all disappointed. It was actually a very mature story and I loved the young boy, Nick, who wants to clear his fathers name when all around thought him mad. The characters were interesting and convincing, the plot moved well and it was a very satisfying read. Well done Ms Colley on your first book. I hope there's more.

    21. What I think The author should have a part two to this book. Cause the adventures Farrady's are not over. Plus I want to know who gave the card to Nick and what will they leaarn from Ronnie's discovery while working with the Catholic church . So much needs to be answered and yet left un answered. If you like authors like Dan Brown and that genre then this is a must readIf anyone would like to discuss the book in detail can always message me Happy Reading!!!!

    22. One of the best mystery/action books I have read. I would probably drop it a notch to 4 1/2 just due to some of the complex and competing interests that unfold - especially later in the story.You hear the word "Page Turner", but I seldom agree. However with this one it kept my interest from front to back. Well thought out and researched.Worth paying for.

    23. Overall a good read for historical and/or sci-fi fans. A little like the Dan Brown type books if you like those you'd probably like this too. The ending left a little to be desired in my opinion. Character development a little lacking but the plot was good and kept the book moving.

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