Scarecrow Returns

Scarecrow Returns From the internationally bestselling author the fourth novel in the thrilling Scarecrow series featuring some of the wildest and most sustained battles in an action thriller in a long time and a litt

  • Title: Scarecrow Returns
  • Author: Matthew Reilly
  • ISBN: 9781416577607
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the internationally bestselling author, the fourth novel in the thrilling Scarecrow series featuring some of the wildest and most sustained battles in an action thriller in a long time and a little bit of conspiracy Chicago Tribune.From the internationally bestselling author, the fourth novel in the thrilling Scarecrow series featuring some of the wildest and mosFrom the internationally bestselling author, the fourth novel in the thrilling Scarecrow series featuring some of the wildest and most sustained battles in an action thriller in a long time and a little bit of conspiracy Chicago Tribune.From the internationally bestselling author, the fourth novel in the thrilling Scarecrow series featuring some of the wildest and most sustained battles in an action thriller in a long time Chicago Tribune A Cold War doomsday device hidden deep in the Arctic A mysterious terrorist group about to unleash havoc upon an unsuspecting world Only one team close enough to sabotage them Captain Shane Schofield, call sign Scarecrow, and his ragtag band of Marines and civilians are outnumbered and outgunned But with only a few short hours till Armageddon, Scarecrow and his soldiers bravely undertake an edge of your seat, white knuckle adventure to save the Earth from total annihilation.

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    1. Easily the strongest book in this high octane, action-packed series. The Scarecrow (Shane Schofield) and his sidekick, Mother (Gena Newman), are working in a remote location in the Arctic Circle, in part because France has a bounty on his head. Meanwhile, a terrorist organization (the Gang of Thieves) has liberated men from two prisons and stolen what seem to be unrelated mostly military items, and seized an abandoned Russian base, where they seek to unleash a weapon to destroy much of the north [...]

    2. Scarecrow Returns is Reilly's first Shane Scofield novel since Scarecrow (2003), almost eight years earlier, and naturally I was looking forward to it. When I heard about this novel's premise, though, I had some doubts. It felt like a return to his older books (like Ice Station), which I'd enjoyed, but which he seemed to have moved past to more complex stories (like Scarecrow and the Jack West books). Additionally, two decades after the Cold War's end the idea of a Soviet superweapon would seem [...]

    3. Q. What do you get when you cross a GI-Joe with an Energiser Bunny, a Michael Bay movie, and explosions straight out of Team America? A. Shane Schofield – codename: ScarecrowMatthew Reilly’s sequel to ‘Scarecrow’ is every bit as exciting and tense as its predecessor with our dependable hero once again at the coalface of worlds end with little more than a maghook and small band of civilians and marines to counter an army – The Army of Thieves. The mission pits Scarecrow against a formid [...]

    4. Never judge a book by its Hollywood-grade blockbuster-like cover -- this is an exceptionally enjoyable piece of literature. Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves should win the Pulitzer Prize for best special effects or something. The author stated in book acknowledgement that he writes to entertain -- Mr. Reilly, sir, you did more than entertain. You made Action an art form. I challenge any of those award-winning postmodern Latin American writers whose names I cannot spell to write a faceoff scene [...]

    5. There is a small quote at the start of this book that sums up the great new installment in the Scarecrow series:"The President looked at a wall clock. I was now 5 pm, or 6 am at Dragon. 'Are you telling me that in five hours an unknown force is going to set off some kind of superweapon that will ignite the atmosphere or the northern hemisphere?''That's correct sir,' Gordon said. 'We have five hours to save the world.'"I was looking for a fast paced adventure/thriller novel a few years ago, I was [...]

    6. Awful rubbish, even by techno-thriller standards.Good grief this is terrible. I have not purchased this book, nor do I plan to ever buy anything written by Reilly, this book really is that bad.First how I came to read it (or rather the first thirteen pages and skimmed the rest); I was waiting for my niece in a bookstore and decided to sample the book. That's several minutes I'd like Mr. Reilly and his publishers to return.OK, it's a techno-thriller so characterisation, plot plausibility, dialogu [...]

    7. Ok,I am a great lover of Matthew Reilly’s books, I have read them all. I find them exciting, action packed, edge of your seat reads that always leave me breathless but with the urge to go and join the marines.And Scarecrow and the Army of the Thieves didn’t disappoint………much. It had all the things that make the Scarecrow novels brilliant, fast paced writing, huge action sequences, thrilling escapes and diabolical bad guys, but this one just seemed, I don’t know, a little forced. The [...]

    8. High Speed Low Drag! It's really the only way to describe Reilly's latest Scarecrow novel. Reilly is the master of action, not realistic action, but crazy off the planet, balls to the wall, slightly obscene, blood curdling, adrenaline pumping ACTION! You come away from one of his novels with a high heart rate and that woozy post roller coaster feeling. This is what Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves promises and by f#$k it's what it delivers.Beware. fans of Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn or d [...]

    9. I was sent this book to review by a local newspaper. I didn't like it. A GI Joe episode on steroids with similarly two-dimensional characters. The review I wound up writing was however not the rant you might imagine but an attempt to write a responisble, honest review that diplomatically stated my opinion while giving enough information for a reader to determine if they might like the book. Nothing like my reviews on , in other words.

    10. This thriller is a thrill ride of military action and escalating tension. While the ending may be pre-ordained the roller coaster is one fast fun book to read. Unbelievable plot, but Reilly pulls it off. Read it in a New York minute.

    11. After reading Hell Island, I was excited to begin reading about Scarecrow on Dragon Island. A remote island situated about the North Pole, Dragon Island is, or was, the Russian's secret experiment lab, having been taken over by a rogue army. The Army of Thieves. Scarecrow is on assignment close by trying to keep a low profile but when the Defense Department says fly, Scarecrow flies. I swear, I get half way through and I think the battle is over and Scarecrow as well as his team have saved the w [...]

    12. In this novel, Shane Schofield and squad are tasked with taking down a mad man who is hell bent on creating global chaos. In a smart move, the bulk of The Army of Thieves’ tasks place over the course of a single day. It’s a supremely effective plot device when it comes to a thriller. The characters, and the reader along with them, don’t even get time to blink. The pacing is truly relentless.My favourite Reilly character continues to be Gena ‘Mother’ Newman and she makes a welcome retur [...]

    13. Marine Captain Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield has been slowly mending in mind and spirit since that last devastating incident. He had even been teaching some of the new recruits. Now his superiors have sent him with a research team up in the Arctic. It seems that the French are still a little bit peeved at Scarecrow and have a bounty on his head. After the third assassin attempt, the government thought it might be prudent for him to lay low for awhile. However, a little group calling themselves the [...]

    14. "he stood up and laid down a shitload of fire"There, that's my man Reilly dishing out an action scene the way it is supposed to be. Profanity, heart thumping last-second action sequences, claustrophobia inducing movement depiction, a robot going ape shit on your enemies, Ospreys, missiles, submarineshold onlet me catch my breath a bit, OK?.ew!where were we? Oh yeah, describing a quintessential Matthew Reilly book on Scarecrow. Look, don't pick a Matthew Reilly book looking for logic in story dev [...]

    15. Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves sees the return of Matthew Reilly's original all-action hero, Shane Schofield, in a full length novel for the first time in 8 years. I've never like Scarecrow as much as Jack West but he still makes for a good action hero. Dramatic, violent past. Extremely talented in all manner of weapons and vehicles. Ability to think so fast he can coalesce hours of thinking into milliseconds. Totally unbelievable, completely badass.This time Scarecrow is in self-exile after [...]

    16. The worst piece of fiction Reilly has ever written. And that's coming from someone who has been a big fan since first reading Contest in high school. His prose is barely readable and is not of a publishable standard, in all honesty. If this was a manuscript from an unknown writer it would have been binned. He has lost his grasp on the English language and doesn't excite or interest the audience at all. It's painful to read at some points and there are whole pages of cringeworthy prose that no pu [...]

    17. Another fraking awesome adventure featuring Scarecrow and Mother. Well worth the wait- crazy action, over the top bad guys and some sucker punch emotional moments.Only 4 stars for me as there were some technical issues with the writing that pulled me out of the action a bit towards the end, but not enough to detract that much!

    18. Review originally at Fantasy Book Critic ANALYSIS: Matthew Reilly’s story to publication is one as wondrous as one of his books. Borrowing money from his parents to publish his debut book and then doing his own publicity and selling the book to local bookstores was quite a task. His book then caught the attention of a publishing persona and based on the potential seen in the book, lead to him being offered a two book contract. The first of those two books was Ice Station & since then Matth [...]

    19. I laughed when I read the prologue. That's right, I laughed. Laughed and then sat there with a shit eating grin ready to get my mind blown. Reilly was back, Scarecrow was back, entertainment is back. Reilly's books are all the best action films of the last millenium liqufied, mixed with Gold and hallucinogenics and made into ink from which this brilliant, glorious material is born. This isn't a deft book, this is explosions at dawn followed by adrenaline shots for breakfast and action throughout [...]

    20. I hate giving bad reviews, within every book/film/song i strive to find something i not only like, but also respect and admire. This novel has nothing, well next to nothing. The torture scene half-way through was pretty intensee only part of this action packed novel that is.My main issue with this story is the undeniable fact that it is a complete rip-off of Metal Gear Solid. Let me reiterate for you.In MGS an all star group of terroists (who are in fact a rogue US special forces unit/secret bra [...]

    21. Another book I would love to exceed the 5-star maximum on. Not only was it amazing, it was mind-blowing. From the action to the plot behind the action, I can say I've never read a book like this.(view spoiler)[A man by the name of Marius Calderon made a number of assumptions and predictions about China back in the eighties. Most of the intelligence community laughed at him, except for a few that took him on his offer: build an operation so deep and secret that nobody would even think of it as po [...]

    22. Scarecrow does return in this high-octane novel, but it's not quite as good as his previous outings. Reilly's books are the SyFy Original Movies of literature; they're so bad they're good. Deep in the Artic is a doomsday device, built during the Cold War. Because where else would you put it? A highly intelligent terrorist group known as the Army of Thieves has taken control of the abandoned base where the device lays and threatens to destroy the Earth if they are not given*pinky finger to lip* m [...]

    23. 27/5/2015I've reread Ice Station, Area 7, and Scarecrow over the past who-knows-how-long, so I figured it was time to finish off the Scarecrow series as it currently stands. This one's full of twists and turns, and features the return of some fabulous characters as well as some excellent new ones (namely Baba). There were certain moments that were so full of implausibility that my eyes nearly rolled out of my head, but on the whole it was fun. Although I didn't appreciate the "HEY LOOK I FOUND Y [...]

    24. Reilly strikes again! No one writes hard core action thrillers like this author! I am thoroughly amazed and gets totally blown away! This novel contains nonstop: explosions, bullets flying, rocket launchers boom'ing, totally unbelievable stunts, a litte bit conspiracy, a touch of romance, some lame conversations and our hero Scarecrow who handles it all. People with heart problems should be warned about this book, and action junkies can use this novel as their daily fix. There are no slow parts [...]

    25. Scarecrow Returns by Matthew Reilly / -1This book is garbage.The universal sign for no is a circle with a slanted line trough it. If you look on the dust cover of the “Scarecrow Returns”, you will see this sign over an A on the military aircraft. This stands for “No America”.This is a manipulative book about the US trying to destroy the rest of the world because we have lost our global mojo.This is also an attempt to exploit anti American sentiment by Matthew Reilly and the book publishe [...]

    26. The fights, shoot-outs and daring escapes are all totally bonkers!! But that's why we love Matthew Reilly isn't it?I was soooo looking forward to this book, I ordered it about 3 months before it was released. I love the character of Scarecrow and those of his team. This book has all the usual battles, a mysterious baddie, crazy gunfights and situations you just KNOW Scarecrow can't get out of, and wouldn't if this was real life. If you haven't read any Matthew Reilly before, they are adventure t [...]

    27. Okay, to be fair I gave it 3.5, not 4 stars.Reilly is one of my favorite authors purely in terms of kick-ass action scenes, remarkably descriptive combat sequences and simply implausible cliffhangers and escapes.His characters are not "deep" in any sense of the word, his plots are more like a video game than a book and his penchant for exclamation points drives me nuts on some occasions. ButHis stories just kill. The action, the pace, the perils and everything else add up to be "brain crack" and [...]

    28. Yet again, Shane M. Schofield and Matthew Reilly did what they do best. Mayhem on speed. Because as is obligatory in the Scarecrow series, the book sucks the reader in on the first page (where nothing really happens—only the description of the Army of Thieves exploits) and doesn't spit the reader back out until the last page (because the 'action' doesn't stop when the last bad guy is dead(view spoiler)[, because he might not be (hide spoiler)]).I loved it from beginning to endThe action, the r [...]

    29. THIS IS AN HONEST REVIEW, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.4 stars - ThrillerSuch an intense read! I started the book a few days ago and what a relief now that i finished it! True to the author's words, it's definitely not for the fainted hearts. I especially liked the torture scenes (e.g. Rat torture) omg it was horrifyingly gruesome! Anyway, i believe there will be an upcoming instalment in the series and all i can do is wait. Btw, the author's a character murderer. See my status updates me counting total [...]

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