Endgame Regret nothing Sirantha Jax has the J gene which permits her to jump faster than light ships through grimspace She loves nothing than that rush but the star roads have to wait Her final mission take

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  • Title: Endgame
  • Author: Ann Aguirre
  • ISBN: 9781937007744
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Regret nothing Sirantha Jax has the J gene, which permits her to jump faster than light ships through grimspace She loves nothing than that rush, but the star roads have to wait Her final mission takes her to La heng, a planet subjugated during first contact Since then, the La hengrin homeworld has been occupied by foreign conquerors All that s about to change.Regret nothing Sirantha Jax has the J gene, which permits her to jump faster than light ships through grimspace She loves nothing than that rush, but the star roads have to wait Her final mission takes her to La heng, a planet subjugated during first contact Since then, the La hengrin homeworld has been occupied by foreign conquerors All that s about to change Now, as part of a grassroots resistance, Jax means to liberate the La hengrin But political intrigue and guerrilla warfare are new to her, and this will be the most dangerous game she s ever played spies and conspiracies, a war of weapons and hearts, and not everyone is guaranteed to make it out alive

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    1. Yes. This is Sirantha Jax. And I DNFed at 20%.Lots of cursing to be expected, don't say I didn't warn you.Congratulations Ann Aguirre, you managed to ruin what could have been the greatest series ever, with the most amazing heroine ever. Fuckup doesn't even begin to cover it. Oh you really excelled here. You actually did even better than KMM with Iced and Burned. Now that is setting the bar VERY high. I didn't think it was possible but hey, you did it. I DNFed your book when I managed to finish [...]

    2. Ever since I started blogging, I've been going on and on about Ann Aguirre's books and how much I love them. The time has come for me to tell you why. Ann Aguirre understands life, she understands love, she understands war and the very basic human nature. She knows what makes people tick and how far they would go to defend what they love and that knowledge reflects in her work. Endgame is no exception. If anything, it is the best of her books so far.In Endgame, last book of the series, Sirantha [...]

    3. (Note: Ann Aguirre provided the galley for this book. I LOVE her.)I love this series. It's been awesome since GRIMSPACE and has only gotten better with each installment. I love the world building, the characters, the overall plot, the individual novel plots, the evolution of Jax, and just about everything to do with this series. I have been heavily emotionally invested in Sirantha Jax and her life for a few years now. I was enthralled and saddened with the announcement that ENDGAME would bring t [...]

    4. I’m so glad that I picked up this series – it has been a diverse and turbulent road for Sirantha but a most enjoyable and intriguing one for me.Endgame is the final book in the series and it wraps up the series quite nicely with a satisfying conclusion. This series is about Sirantha Jax’s life journey, set in a science fiction world where Sirantha is determined to live life to the fullest and explore new planets and species. This is not a love story. It is my life, and as such, there is lo [...]

    5. This review is spoiler free, but assumes a familiarity with the Sirantha Jax series.I have put off writing this review, because it is, for me, the final step in accepting that the Sirantha Jax series is over. How do I write about a book that concludes one of my most cherished series, and somehow manage to do it the justice it deserves? I will certainly try now.Engame starts out with Sirantha Jax continuing in her mission to liberate La'heng from the Nicuan nobles. A long time ago when humans fir [...]

    6. No more hiding. No more secret schemes or sneaking around. It’s time to fight.If only there was more fighting and less useless bullshit going on. If only.Endgame is, as the title suggests, the final book in the Sirantha Jax installment. It's supposed to bring peace and happiness to us readers and fans. It’s supposed to. The painful truth is that it doesn’t. At least for me it doesn’t.I was a bit afraid of Endgame considering how strange the last two books were. Since it’s the end, I wa [...]

    7. I'm a little unsure about quite a bit of the content of this one. But, I (mostly) liked the ending. More to come, when I won't be spoiling it for my maniac mates Shelly and Sarah .

    8. A little disappointed. Overall, I still liked the author's writing style, the character development, and the closure. YET.I feel like the end of the Jax-Vel-March triangle was a little too contrived to actually be the ending of the series. We're REALLY supposed to believe Jax & Vel are just friends, even after his speech about realizing just how much she meant to him and all the hints that in time there might be "something more"? We're really supposed to believe March is cool growing old &am [...]

    9. Spoiler alertis review is full of themThe Sirantha Jax series was the first series I read after Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. I cut my Ann Aguirre teeth on Enclave and was seeking another book in which to lose myself. I was thrilled to find stories that were as good as my then favorites, Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen. In past books, Sirantha Jax fights corruption, evil warlords, the terrifying Morguts, and the even the betrayal of one her own (aka Jael). I love Jax’s commitment to do [...]

    10. I caught this series at the tail end of it's publication. After reading Grimspace and subsequently devouring the next four books, it was tough to wait even the two months for Endgame to be released. As expected, I gobbled this book up as quickly as the rest. Aguirre's prose is both casual and beautiful, as always, layered with lovely turns of phrase without the pace suffering for it. Endgame does not disappoint.Jax has come so far since we were first introduced, and I think the events of this fi [...]

    11. What happened to this series?I remember reading Grimspace and being completely entranced - entranced by the universe, the action, the writing, and most importantly, the characters. So, it pains me to see the series fall so far, but I don't necessarily hold it against Aguirre. She probably got burned out with the series, or stuck, or unsure how to end it and well, Endgame is the result. But, alas - gone is the snarky heroine I've come to love. And without her, this book just crumbled.It didn't ta [...]

    12. Posted onUnder the CoversOpening line:This is not a love story.It is my life, and as such, there is love, loss, war, death and sacrifice. It’s about things needed to be done and choices made. I regret nothing. These opening lines summarize the entire Sirantha Jax series for me. What a journey it’s been! Ann Aguirre has accomplished a great feat with this series. Infusing love and war together to make a pulse-pounding, heart-breaking read, the Sirantha Jax series has become a series that will [...]

    13. Disclaimer: I am a tad biased in this review, and I am a fan girl! You've been warned!!!***Slight spoilers from previous books in the Sirantha Jax series***No matter how interminable something feels, there is always, always an ending. Sometimes that's good, and sometimes it's bad; sometimes it's a matter of indifference, and sometimes it's heartbreaking and your life is never the same thereafter. ~ GrimspaceOh, Sirantha Jax! How hard it is to say good-bye to you. You've kept me reeling through s [...]

    14. This one is so, so hard for me to rate. Honestly, I always kick out reviews (when I am going to do them) immediately after reading the book, when I'm still breathing the story but I wonder if I wouldn't be better off with time to digest. Ah well, onward.Let's begin with: this is one of my very favorite series ever. This book in no way diminishes that - it was a good cap to the series, and will keep it solidly in my favorites pile. But was it everything it could be? I just don't know. While I am [...]

    15. To read this review and others like it check out badassbookreviews Waiting to start this book was like a blessing and a curse. I was very excited to have an ARC from the publisher but I knew that every page I read would bring me closer to the end of Sirantha Jax's world. I shouldn't have been torn. Aguirre writes it brilliantly. Endgame will not disappoint readers and fans of the Sirantha Jax series. This review is filled with emotional reactions and no spoilers I promise. I will just say that r [...]

    16. Well the series definitely didn't go where I expected it to. For a while there it seemed like it was going the route of Jax always being the center of interstellar politics and it got to the point where it was a little much for one woman to play such a prominent role in such huge sweeping stories. It made sense to try to bring the scale of the story back down a tiny bit and focus more on the characters that we care about, while still having an important mission for them to focus on. Using the co [...]

    17. Rating: 4.5 StarsI thought I was ready to say goodbye to Sirantha Jax after Aftermath, but Endgame is such a brilliantly plotted novel that I feel nostalgic, bittersweet, and ever-so-upset after all. Aguirre's Endgame weaves together everything I've loved about this series since Grimspace: excellent world-building, blooming character growth, and complex relationships. Once again, Sirantha Jax is a solider, a fighter, a warrior. On La'heng now, she is determined to free an enslaved race of people [...]

    18. Several times over the course of the last two books in this series, I found myself wondering whether this is what Ann Aguirre had planned for these characters from the beginning. We have ended in a place so very different from which we began, and in so many ways. This book felt nothing at all like Grimspace. The characters have changed drastically. Their relationships are fundamentally altered. Even the focus feels less about Jax and more about a bigger picture. It’s almost like reading an ent [...]

    19. Catch-22, damned if you do, damned if you don't. Fidelity, immortality, and cross species devotion, Aguirre has written a relationship unlike any other. In ENDGAME Aguirre attempts to offer these beloved characters closure. This last book doesn't dethrone AFTERMATH as my favorite in the series, but it did make me nostalgic to go back to book one and start reading this series all over again. Poised between futures with Vel and March, I could have been happy being left with only Sirantha's possibi [...]

    20. Endgame is a satisfying conclusion to the Grimspace series. The whole series ended up being different than I expected, not having one epic story arc with a cataclysmic ending. By the time I reached this book, I understood that better. The entire book takes place on one planet again, involving the long struggle for freedom for the natives of La’heng. I have to say that although I missed Grimspace and some of the crew from the past, I was still captured by this story. I love Jax's relationship w [...]

    21. I know others in my circle didn't care for the last two books in this series, however I did. I thought the ending of this series was epic. Such an evolution of characters. Difficult and touchy, I thought the author gave me an exquisite study of love and friendship. More thoughts to come.

    22. This world is so rich, and there's so many more stories that can be told. I hope Ann starts a new series with a different POV. The nephew, for instance. I started the first book four different times before I got into it. I'm so glad I stuck with it!

    23. After Aftermath I was a little nervous about reading Endgame, I was worried about the direction certain things went and I wasn't happy at what seemed to be turning into a love triangle between Sirantha, March and Vel. As it turns out I'm actually quite glad that I did read it, if nothing else it means I have closure on the series and there were things I really enjoyed about the story.To start with the positives I was really pleased to see Sirantha follow through on her promise to Loras to help h [...]

    24. I am so, so sad to say goodbye to this amazing group of characters. They have been with me for so long; it’s almost like losing a limb. I’m not even ashamed to admit I got weepy a few times. Nevertheless, in the end we must all let go at some point and spread our wings wide in hopes of experiencing even more wonder and amazement that is just waiting to be found. This is also what I believe Jax and Company are out there doing at this very moment. (I’m such a sap, I know.)I am very happy wit [...]

    25. I’m not sure reading all six of these books back to back was such a great idea. I kind of got burnout and had a hard time finishing. But at the same time, I really liked what Aguirre ultimately did with this series. I thought Endgame was a great ending and really served to showcase just exactly what was important to her about Jax and Jax’s story. Jax herself tells us in the opening sentence, “This is not a love story,” so I’m not sure exactly how much clearer Aguirre could have made th [...]

    26. "But the truth is, the longer you love the same person, the more mysterious they become. March is like a pocket universe, full of stars, and I will never learn all his light.""March knows what I want and what I can offer. He gets me down to my breath and bone; he will not try to change me. For him, I need not yield that which makes me Jax; I need not surrender the universe for March's sake. He will share it with me."I've been all over the universe with Sirantha Jax, March, and Vel. This was a fi [...]

    27. “This is not a love story. It is my life, and as such, there is love, loss, war, death, and sacrifice. It's about things that needed to be done and choices made. I regret nothing.”A perfect ending to one of my most favorite series. Ann Aguirre is an amazing author who has given me many hours of reading pleasure.

    28. Great ending to a fantastic series. I actually thought that book 5 was the end of the series (I don't know why!) and I thought it's bittersweet ending was perfect for Sirantha Jax's life. This was not quite as perfect (IMO) but I think other people will actually like this story more.

    29. I was so bugged with the choices Jax made that I couldn't finish the last few pages. Definitely not my fav.

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