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Monkee Music Here they comeIn Monkee Music Andrew Hickey examines the music of Micky Mike Davy and Peter from their debut with Last Train To Clarksville through to their reunion album JustusA must for any

  • Title: Monkee Music
  • Author: Andrew Hickey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: ebook
  • Here they comeIn Monkee Music, Andrew Hickey examines the music of Micky, Mike, Davy and Peter from their debut with Last Train To Clarksville through to their 1997 reunion album JustusA must for any Monkee Maniacs

    One thought on “Monkee Music”

    1. Pretty much exactly the kind of book I wanted to read on the Monkees, giving a good overview of their career through the lens of each recorded track. Information about studio personnel and behind-the-scenes politics cleared up some questions about the songs and album track lists that had come up for me while listening through their discography.

    2. I'd say that Andrew Hickey's "Monkee Music" is the book a lot of fans of the musical aspect of the Monkees' phenom have been waiting. No more speculation if Mickey played drums on this or that, etc. Song for song it will tell you who did what within the group. There are some gaps, especially with the early material (but then again, they really only sang on those songs for the most part.) Peter Tork is given a great deal of credit for his musical versatility on "Headquarters" (the only full Monke [...]

    3. A discussion-provoking examination of the Monkees music catalog on a track by track basis. Author's bias is on display, but he admits it (i.e. Davy - a true professional, but often a music hall hack; Peter - undervalued and underrated as a musician in all respects; Mike - country rock genius, but often lazy; and Micky - if left to his own devices, might have eclipsed the rest of the group in terms of sheer wasted potential in terms of songwriting and performing skills). Highly recommended for Mo [...]

    4. I reviewed Andrew's volume on the Beach Boys music from 1970 to 1984 a few weeks ago. I want to echo the comments I made in my previous review. The five stars are for Monkee fans. Or fans of the 1960's Pop and Rock. There is some, but not a lot, of music jargon. Now me, I can't get enough of this stuff. But it is not for everybody.Five stars if you fall into the target audience!

    5. A very authoritative and comprehensive guide to the Monkees' recordings (including bonus tracks). A very easy read.

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