It's your move, Wordfreak!

It s your move Wordfreak Keynote A sizzling contemporary love story that starts on an online scrabble game Key Features Mass market appeal Light and humorous reading With Internet dating becoming and common these days many y

  • Title: It's your move, Wordfreak!
  • Author: Falguni Kothari
  • ISBN: 9788129119377
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • Keynote A sizzling contemporary love story that starts on an online scrabble game Key Features Mass market appeal Light and humorous reading With Internet dating becoming and common these days, many young people will be able to relate to the story and the characters About the Book Its Your Move, Wordfreak Wordfreak, the guy and Worddiva, the girl got instantKeynote A sizzling contemporary love story that starts on an online scrabble game Key Features Mass market appeal Light and humorous reading With Internet dating becoming and common these days, many young people will be able to relate to the story and the characters About the Book Its Your Move, Wordfreak Wordfreak, the guy and Worddiva, the girl got instantly attracted to each other Playing game after game every night leads to fun and flirty chats and a heavy dose of cerebral attraction The scrabble crazy duo forms a perfect virtual relationship where the past doesn t matter and neither do their names A bond forged by cheesy words and raucous laughs But will it be the same when the lovebirds meet in the real world The simple and uncomplicated equation is shaken when Alisha Menon, parental divorce survivor and successful divorce lawyer meets Aryan Save the Planet Chawla on a blind date As reality intrudes on their online romance, the rules of the game change forever Soon, the two realise that some words cannot be taken lightly Can the real Wordfreak and Worddiva spell love in capital letters or is the game of life a deal breaker for them About the Author Falguni Kothari Born and brought up in Mumbai, Falguni Kothari currently lives in New York with her family and one utterly spoilt dog When she is not playing Domestic Goddess, Soccer Mom or Canine Companion, she is found embroiled in scandals usually on her laptop This is her first novel.

    One thought on “It's your move, Wordfreak!”

    1. Scrabble, the poor game, a mere pawn, regaled to the back as the backdrop of this book. Scrabble should complain. I would if i were Scrabble and if i was such a fun game and you sold books using me and my sterling credentials to promote it. Without Scrabble this is a sappy, romantic not for me kind of book.

    2. Delightful read! Perfect mix of romance and drama. Totally loved Alisha's self-assured, independent, mature and pragmatic character versus the charming, brooding, moody and self-doubting character of Aryan. All-in-all, a thoroughly enjoyable & engaging read!

    3. I had no idea what this book was about when I picked it up - I liked the name and cover. Yes, I definitely judge a book by it's cover. I was very pleasantly surprised and rooted for the hero and heroine to resolve their issues and realize they could find a HEA together. Even though they came from different worlds they shared a passion for Scrabble. The heroine keeps telling us her actions are out of character; something about the hero causes her to be not her normal self. And yet, he fits into h [...]

    4. I received this book through First Reads.I loved the premise of this book (& the darling cover), but unfortunately, it fell far short of what I expected.My first disappointment stems from the book's description. I feel mislead, I expected more of the actual courtship between Alisha & Aryan. But the book starts with their blind date. I felt left in the dark about how they met, only being told throughout the novel now & then that their chats were flirty, risque, or witty.I never felt [...]

    5. Hats off to Falguni for writing such a sweet and loving book. I loved loved loved this book a lot. I especially loved the way Aryan calls Alisha Sunshine even at time when he is brooding. All the characters in the book are well-defined and you can easily visualize them.After reading this book I am sure Falguni must be damn good at the game of Scrabble. I loved the way that she played around the words to give us a wonderful and extremely enjoyable book.If given a choice between two books of Falgu [...]

    6. 4.5 stars! I was thinking I'm jumping into a light read but this was far from it. It started off a little slow but picked up the pace soon after. I had really low expectations for this one but I'm glad it surprised me. The characters and the plot were interesting and I related so much to it. I loved how the setting was in Mumbai and had some references which I understood as I am an avid fan of Hindi movies. The "Page 3" thing was new, though. Kudos to the author. I loved the journey of reading t [...]

    7. Not in my usual genre, It's Your Move made me laugh, cry, held me captive, and inspired an urge to hug the author when finished. Good thing she lives over 1,000 miles from me!

    8. For a first timer, this book is very well written. The storyline is remarkable as it seems to be relevant in today’s time where each one of us is independent and wants our own space. Gossiping with friends, romancing your partner, dealing with professional turmoil or sharing some quality time with your family – all these aspects of our everyday life have been beautifully articulated in this book. We humans have a tendency to complex things while they actually are pretty simple. This book is [...]

    9. After a somewhat slow start It's your move, Wordfreak! really took off in the second half of the book. I adored the story of Aryan and Alisha. Alisha is a successful divorce attorney from Mumbai on her way to meet Wordfreak, the man she has played Scrabble against online for month. Alisha doesn't really have time for a relationship and isn't looking for anything serious but she loves talking to Wordfreak, real name Aryan. Aryan is an architect who specializes in design green buildings. These two [...]

    10. For the first time, I am saying “Buy this book”. I looked and unfortunately, it is difficult to locate. Next I want to say to Falguni Kothari, “Please write more!” I have not been so riveted to a book for such a long time. I took it with me everywhere I went.“It’s Your Move, WorkFreak!” by Falguri Kothari, pulled me in at first because I love Scrabble. I haven’t played for years with any one for lack of a player. The first part of this book is a delightful back and forth chitchat [...]

    11. When I saw this title in the giveaway pages, I thought, "Wordfreak, that's what I am." So I entered the contest and was especially happy when I won a copy of this book. Thank you, Falguni.One of the things that I liked most was that it gave me some more insight into what life in India is like. I recently read Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda, and though I found the book compelling, I also found so many parts of it sad. This book was definitely and antidote to that. Despite some difficult t [...]

    12. I received the book "It's Your Move, Wordfreak!" by Falguni Kothari for free through First Reads. I am glad that I entered the contest and won. I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue between the main character Alisha Menon and her scrabble partner Aryan Chawla. They met from an online scrabble site and after much prompting from Wordfreak (Aryan), Worddiva (Alisha) meet face to face at a restuarant. They find out they are very much alike and even live in Mumbai (used to be Bombay, India). She is a di [...]

    13. May appeal to teenage girls or adults who've just started reading English fiction. Here's the complete review of It's your move, Wordfreak! by Falguni Kothari.Extremely mushy book with a totally predictable storyline and "standard formula" packaging -- your regular teenage romance "love-hate-love" kind of story. The characters do come across well. Falguni Kothari shows a plausible grasp of human behavior and the various dynamics of relationships. Writing style was smooth, easy and witty, though [...]

    14. I found this book a delightful read. I found the author's description of the countries and cities of which she wrote rich with detail. Her characters were multilayered, inviting and likeable. Except for Alisha's clients ex- husband. And this too was eye opening for me, to read about this character and how in this culture his actions towards his wife were tolerated, however slightly. The love scenes were tastefully done, respectful yet sassy at the same time. Alisha and Aryan's love affair is com [...]

    15. * I got this book free through a giveaway *I loved this book! I hesitate to call it a romance novel though I guess technically that is what it is. Two very headstrong individuals go from online acquaintances to. (I don't do spoilers). It is definitely worth reading. The characters are fun and the plot is interesting. I didn't lose interest even for a second. The pacing is good and the story is realistic. It is a testament to the characterization when you can think of people you know that are ju [...]

    16. I just reviewed this book on my blog.l in all i really enjoyed this bookWhen i read it i desperately needed a good dose of romance and i sure got it :)thoughtsunrestricted.wordpress

    17. Its was so funny to read and it was just my kind of book to read on a Sunday. It take you to a places that you never want to leave.

    18. I realy love the consept of adding Scrabble and making it the centerfold of the story and the characters.

    19. I loved this book. Didn't want to put it down. A very quick read.Looking forward to more of Falguni's work!!

    20. I laughed and even cried. This book is ridiculously funny and for scrabble fanatics like me, the plot is long overdue.Ms Kothari - When is the sequel coming out? :)

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