Renaître; journaux et carnets, 1947-1963

Rena tre journaux et carnets Edited by David Rieff

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  • Title: Renaître; journaux et carnets, 1947-1963
  • Author: Susan Sontag
  • ISBN: 9782267020649
  • Page: 104
  • Format: None
  • Edited by David Rieff.

    One thought on “Renaître; journaux et carnets, 1947-1963”

    1. I can't imagine Susan Sontag as a young person because I've always encountered her as the staggering, cultured-to-the-umpteenth-degree uber-cosmopolitan critic that she is in her essays. It's hard to imagine someone like that ever being a kid. The journals in Reborn start when she's fourteen and she's already more complicated, moody, and painfully self-conscious than most people four times her age. You don't really see a development here as much as you get these brief, staccato flashes of intens [...]

    2. ما هي الفضيلة في فضح امرئ لقباحاته أمام الناس مبديا سوأته النفسية! في الاعتراف بحطته أمام الملأ؟ لم أستأ من كتاب منذ زمن كما استأت من اليوميات المبكرة لسوزان سونتاغ تلك السيدة التي كنت أعجبت بحدة عقلها و تبصرها في كتابها الرائع ضد التأويل ومقالات أخرى بتحليلاتها الذكية الوا [...]

    3. This is the first of three planned volumes of Sontag's journals, edited by her son David Rieff. This volume covers the young and precocious Sontag from age 14 to 30. It's a period of learning for her though she already appears learned.The early entries are about 2 primary awakenings. First is a blossoming intellectual strength through studies at Berkeley, Oxford and the Sorbonne followed by a return to the U. S. and a professorship at Columbia. The early 60s also saw her writing her first novel, [...]

    4. عند قراءتي لمذكرات أي كاتب ، تلوح في الأفق دوما لحظات قديمة في البال ، اشياء اشاركهم فيها سواءا بنفس الاتجاه او عكسه ، كأني بقراءة حياة الاخرين أقرأ حياتي ، أو كأني اضئ مصباحا لارى الشارع فارى غرفتي بالحين نفسه

    5. Three years ago The Guardian ran some excerpts from an upcoming edition of Susan Sontag's journals, and despite being at that time little more to me than a massive literary reputation, I was dazzled by her penetrating, often brutal self-dissection of her own personality and intellect. I even dared think I recognized a sensibility shockingly similar to my own. Fast-forward through several years and the journals, a compilation of her earliest, are here, and yes, my suspicions have been borne out. [...]

    6. As I read Susan Sontag's journals, I thought, as is I think kind of inevitable, where I was in my late teens and early 20s, when Sontag was off cavorting with geniuses in Paris and reading dense German romantic epic poems in the original. Let's face it, I was probably ripping a bong in an attic.Sontag's journals, fractured as they are, are a remarkably portrait of the inner thoughts of one of the 20th Century's big name intellectuals, as she went through book after book and a couple of what were [...]

    7. أعرف طبعاً أني فضولي. أو شديد الفضول. انكشف لي ذلك من حبي وشغفي لقراءة يوميات الآخرين. قديما كانت دفاتر أبي. وبعد ذلك كانت اليوميات المنشورة. في يوميات سوزان سونتاغ المبكرة  (1947- 1963) - ولادة ثانية، سيتكشف للقارئ جمال التدوين أو التسجيل اليومي. فالكاتبة طوال الوقت كانت منهمكة في [...]

    8. إنتهيت.السيره الذاتية - أما بتكون عبارة عن مذكرات كتبت في الماضي بدون أي نيةفي نشرها - فقط - كتابة ذاتية - لا غرض لها سوي توثيق لا يهم أحد سوي الكاتب نفسهفي هذه الحاله تكون أكثر صدقًا - اندفاعًا - بوحًابغض النظر عما تحويه - لكنها بالتأكد تحوي الواقع - الحقيقة دون أي محسَّنات أو تعد [...]

    9. En octubre leí un ensayo de la autora que me dejó completamente maravillada, así que en cuanto vi en la biblioteca la primera parte de sus Diarios, no me lo pensé. Decir que Susan Sontag está a otro nivel, es quedarse corta, en serio esta mujer con 14 años escribía cosas como esta:23/11/47Creo: que no hay un dios personal o vida después de la muerte. que lo más deseable en el mundo es la libertad de ser fiel a uno mismo, es decir la Honradez. Que la única diferencia entre los seres hum [...]

    10. "I am not myself with people [] but am I myself when alone? That seems unlikely, too."When reflecting on Kafka's diaries, Sontag rightly writes that "Kafka has that magic of actuality in even the most dislocated phrase that no other modern has, a kind of shiver and grinding blue ache in your teeth." Sontag also praises the "clarity and precision" of Gide's diaries, remarking that she feels herself rapidly 'growing' through reading them. The charm of Sontag's diaries lies elsewhere - I think, sim [...]

    11. في البداية أعترف أن محرر هذه اليوميات ديفيد ريف ـ ابن سوزان سونتاغ ـ لم يكن بارًا بأمه عندما نشر هذه اليوميات إذ لم تكن يوميات بالمعنى المتعارف عليه ولكنها ملاحظات مبعثرة لم تكتب بانتظام. ولدت سوزان في يناير ١٩٣٣ فهذه اليوميات تعتبر الجزء الأول من ثلاثة أجزاء شكل الجزء الاول [...]

    12. This is the first thing I've read by Sontag, and perhaps a strange place to start. As reading enjoyment the beginning was the most compelling as Sontag undergoes swift changes in her intellectual landscape and social life. Her endless list of books to read are all inspiring and act as doorways to other people to check out (Kafka's diaries, Gide). The latter part is a little more scattered, but still filled with interesting and often pretty dark views into her psyche while leaving her family behi [...]

    13. Como no tengo idea de qué estoy haciendo con mi vida, leer que Sontag tampoco tenía idea es un alivio. Bueno, no, pero es algo. No sé todavía cómo procesar lo que me está haciendo sentir leer sus diarios. Ampliaremos.

    14. I read The Volcano Lover: A Romance a while back and seem to remember enjoying it, or at least not hating it. I meant to read more Sontag at that time, but then as typical I got distracted by something else. But then I came across this in the store, flipped through it, and fell in love.I love journals. My own, artist's journals, writer's journals, your journal, whatever. If I'm given permission, I'll read it. But it's sort of a touchy thing with me, one that causes a lot of internal conflict. On [...]

    15. Can't score her lower, wrote this at a such young age, mostly about her bisexual life in NY Chicago SF and Paris, should be more real if David didnt delete so many words! No wonder she was buried in Paris, Paris for her is the city where inspirited all her thoughts. Gedanke! All things about her relationship, early marriage, David's childhood are so attractive. And I knew it's something about me! Irene is one of the most important girl in the journal, and philip Rieff as well, but actually you c [...]

    16. Great book but be warned - it is what the title says it is. This is her journals and notebooks. They are not edited, and not all necessarily meant for publication.But they are an insight into her raw thoughts - and worth a look!

    17. С'юзен Зонтаґ ціле життя вела щоденники. Після її смерті увесь її архів перейшов у власність університету і потрапив у відносно відкритий доступ, себто публікація щоденників стала справою часу. Видання врешті підготував її син, який сумнівався у доцільності публікації, ал [...]

    18. Ironically, nearly my favorite part of Reborn: Journals & Notebooks 1947-1963, edited by her son, David Rieff, is his painfully straightforward preface to the book. The NYTimes review captures the tone of it perfectly in this quote:"All but visibly wincing, he states that he would rather have left them unpublished. They are raw and unvarnished and perhaps that is a virtue; still, they contain “much that I would have preferred not to know and not to have others know.” Reading her entries, [...]

    19. Ta książka przypomniała mi czym jest pisarstwo na najwyższym poziomie. Erudycja, elokwencja, intelektualizm Susan Sontag - nawet w zapiskach tworzonych przez nią gdy miała kilkanaście lat - wciąga w świat niesamowitej głębi postrzegania i refleksji. Zdawkowe komentarze, czy to o życiu, czy filozofii albo zaskakują znakomitą trafnością, albo pobudzają do empatycznego wczucia. Po lekturze tkwi we mnie jednak obawa, że przeprowadzona przez syna selekcja zapisków jest zbyt skromna [...]

    20. 1. One must bear in mind, reading this selection from Susan Sontag's diaries, why they were edited and published in the first place: Sontag sold her diaries, along with all her writings, to the UCLA library, and since there was no clause limiting rights to access or publication of these materials, her son, journalist David Rieff, decided to order and publish the diaries as a form of preemptive strike (feeling/phrasing mine). 2. Three planned volumes are to represent nearly 100 notebooks.3. The d [...]

    21. No one can deny that Susan Sontag was brilliant. Her way with words, even in journals, completely astounds me. But reading this without any serious biographical notation or experience with her other writings from this time left me feeling unhinged and unconnected to her notes. I feel guilty giving a star rating to anyone's journals, but as an edited and published book, I think I can make an exception. Still, my three stars should not discourage anyone from reading this who is already a fan of Su [...]

    22. this was such an interesting read; had the effect of making me feel like a huge underachiver (when Sontag was my age she was already a college freshman?? I'm freaking over a-level philosophy and she's read so much so deeply so varied???) but it's also cool to get this insight into her mind, to see that there were ideas/worries, things weren't always perfectly formulated, etc. some parts I skimmed over - there are a lot of lists! fun to write, less fun to read, I think? some documentation got a b [...]

    23. "بالنسبة لآي، حب أحد ما يعني كشفه. بالنسبة لي، حب أحد ما يعني مساندته، الوقوف معه حتى في أكاذيبه."

    24. Ótimo livro! É impressionante ter acesso a um percurso tão intrincado e rico, que interliga, de forma expressiva e potente (como só um diário poderia fazer), conflitos amorosos, familiares, profissionais e intelectuais com reflexões sobre literatura, música, cinema e filosofia. Um livro que reúne tanto uma caracterização emocional quanto intelectual de uma grande escritora!Minha única ressalva são as intervenções um tanto arbitrárias do editor do livro (o filho de Susan, David), q [...]

    25. Lo primero que me llamó la atención de este libro es cómo una Sontag de 16 años habla de "renacer". Desde las primeras páginas tenía que recordarme constantemente que estaba leyendo el diario de una adolescente, porque sus vacilaciones, razonamientos y cuestionamientos sugerían mucha más edad. La capacidad de introspección tan profunda de Sontag se pone en manifiesto en este primer volumen de sus diarios. Fue una lectura maravillosa.

    26. The immensely rich mind of Susan Sontag, her thoughts, worries, her anxiety and loves, a reflection on writing, mental health, knowing oneself. Her theories made life, made self.

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