Time Enough For Love

Time Enough For Love Heinlein award winning maestro of the SF world surpasses himself in this his most powerful novel And there is time enough indeed for love as Lazerus Long s lifespan covers centuries He is the s

  • Title: Time Enough For Love
  • Author: Robert A. Heinlein
  • ISBN: 9780450022432
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heinlein, award winning maestro of the SF world, surpasses himself in this, his most powerful novel And there is time enough indeed for love, as Lazerus Long s lifespan covers 23 centuries He is the senior the oldest man alive in the Galactic Year 2053 the man who is forever young And Heinlein traces his fantastic life or lives through many marvellous identitiHeinlein, award winning maestro of the SF world, surpasses himself in this, his most powerful novel And there is time enough indeed for love, as Lazerus Long s lifespan covers 23 centuries He is the senior the oldest man alive in the Galactic Year 2053 the man who is forever young And Heinlein traces his fantastic life or lives through many marvellous identities from Lazarus Long who lead the first great exodus from Earth, to Aaron Sheffield, interstellar star ship captain, through to Ted Bronson, the time traveller, catapulted through time back to Earth in 1916.

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    1. Was Robert A. Heinlein a dirty old man? Yes. But he was also a visionary who saw the trends of Western Civilization and expounded out into a foreseeable future, not just in terms of science fiction but also in regard to cultures, morals, sociology and ideology. Time Enough for Love demonstrates the fundamental attractiveness of science fiction, the eternal hope that things will get better. Dystopian fantasies aside, science fiction deals with the future, and that there are people in the future s [...]

    2. - Mr. Lazarus Long, since you happen to be passing through the early twenty-first century, could you give us a few priceless gems of homespun wisdom for the membership to marvel at?- Gosh darn it, when I see all the cute females on this site, how can I say no? Could you just pass me the cuneiform tablets? Papyrus rolls? Parchment? Oh yes, laptop. Sorry, hard to keep things straight. So1. If you're a tired SF hack who's completely run out of ideas, don't worry. Just recycle the old ones, and pre [...]

    3. People seem to have a love it or hate it kind of relationship with Heinlein’s Time Enough for Love. And I’ve gotta say I’m strapped firmly to the former bandwagon. Granted, I can see why some of the negative Nancy’s are getting their panties in a knot (okay, maybe the incest theme goes a little far), but Heinlein’s weirdness just doesn’t bug me. And I think some critics have missed the mark entirely, by focusing on the wrong stuff. Which is fully within their rights, of course, and a [...]

    4. There is plenty of Heinlein's reshaping/questioning of social mores in Time Enough for Love (much like Stranger in a Strange Land); however, without the driving force of Stranger's narrative behind it, Time Enough mostly feels disjointed and long-winded. The novel begins with a recalling of adventures from the oldest man alive. There are some interesting stories here (including one involving colonization on a more primitive planet and time travel to one's own youth); however, the more developed [...]

    5. (Read the other reviews for plot summaries. No point in rehashing.)Heinlein has profoundly influenced my thinking and life since I was but in my early teens, so I guess this review isn't exactly impartial. Still, there are books of his that bored me, among them Stranger in Strange Land. In other words, I know the man's limitations.With all this said, I still think that TEFL qualifies as a curmudgeonly masterpiece, and it banged my head against a wall again and again and said "Get a life, man! Ge [...]

    6. This is one of those books that I wanted to stop reading, but I persevered in the hopes that something would redeem it by the end. There was no redemption; only sadness and a burning expletive on the end of my tongue. In a book with over 20 characters, the only one I enjoyed was a talking mule. In a book with nearly 600 pages, only 30 of them contained a story I cared about.(view spoiler)[The author’s command of the English language was acceptable, but there were a few spelling errors that mad [...]

    7. I have a love-hate relationship with Heinlein. Some of his stuff is great. Some of it, like Farnham's Freehold, which I reviewed here, I simply hate. However, I like enough of his work that I seek more. This was a book that took me a long time to get through, but when I got done, it was well worth it. I read it back in 2002. From my journal back then: >>I found it to be a book that makes you think. I thought the opening was a bit slow, but once the narrative was set up, it got interesting. [...]

    8. Holy fucking shit. I made a bad mistake, I'm never going to read 30 books in April now. This book is as long-lasting and stupid and boring and disgusting and horrifying as its main character. I'm almost halfway through it and I need to write a half review because I'm going to lose my memories just like Lazarus Long.#1. This isn't science fiction. This is a pathetic old man (Heinlein was 66) hanging on to his memories of a bygone era. Everything good is frozen in the pioneer era. Pathetic. They h [...]

    9. What would you do if you could live 4,000 years? Try out every profession at least once? Make enough babies to populate a planet? Travel as far as the galaxy goes? Lazarus Long has done all that and more. He’s about to die peacefully when he’s kidnapped and rejuvenated and coerced to tell his memoirs. I could read stories about Lazarus’ life for months, but unfortunately this book only contains two. The rest is action in the ‘present’ (4272 Gregorian), and at the end, an account of Laz [...]

    10. I love Lazarus Long. That is all.I think RAH transcends mere sexuality (or he's a horny old goat, one) and winds a tale in his 'future history' series that is unlike anything else I've ever read. IOW, I don't think he could have quite told the tale without sorta 'getting rid' of standard morals about sex and love.This IS one of my favorites of the series, but I've got to re-read it to remember why I was left with such strong sentiment about this particular book. It, along with Number of the Beas [...]

    11. This is one of his pivotal books. Until the 60s, he was quite constrained by what he could write by contracts (e.g Scribner Juveniles) & editors. After his big hit with Stranger in a Strange Land & several others, his popularity grew & the reins slipped off. In 1970, he had a close brush with death, was desperate to publish what he wanted without restraint, & did so. The result was I Will Fear No Evil, his descent into wordiness & weird sex. This book followed a few years lat [...]

    12. This is (probably) a great book, but it does have one significant barrier for the reader. I don't consider bringing it up to be a spoiler, since it's an idea and not a plot point, but if you hate even minor spoilage, you should stop reading NOW.Time Enough for Love consists of a framing story, set in (our) far future, about the oldest man in the universe, and his reminiscences. The final section merges the two. It's less a solid, streamlined novel than a fixup. Which is fine with me; fixups are [...]

    13. The calculation of literary kink: 2 stars for coming up with an interesting premise (2000 year old man reminiscing about life and his times among the stars) MINUS 1.5 stars for ignoring said premise and instead focusing on taunting every sexual more known to current cultural standards, culminating in time-travel visits to meet Mom and thus begin what I can only describe as pornographic Back To The Future fan-fiction.Plus half-a-star to have the willpower/stubberness/tone-deafness to continue on [...]

    14. Robert Heinlein was a brilliant author and an observer of the strength and frailties of man. He develops all of his stories around the relationships of the characters, and allow them to reveal the story and all its diversities in a natural flow and rhythm. Were he a musician, he would be a maestro.Lazarus Long is old and tired, and has come home to one of his favorite planets to die quietly among strangers. After 2400 years of life, and out lived many families, he has run out of reasons to live. [...]

    15. Not his best (in my openion). Tying up the Long's story. In his later years Heinlein got more comfortable with putting his thoughts into his books. I find him (and some may disagree with this or find it odd) very close to Ayn Rand in some ways.

    16. Presented primarily as the musings, ramblings, and experiences of one Woodrow Wilson Smith, aka. Lazarus Long, et. al this book has enough proverbs, pithy sayings, thou-shalt-nots, and who-begat-whom's to qualify as a potential "Hedonists' Bible." Unlike some of Heinlein's other works, the gratuitous sex is kept to something of a minimum (not ignored!), and he instead focuses on the attitudes and platitudes that have allegedly kept his main charater alive for 2500+ years in an exciting and dange [...]

    17. All right, another rating biased by the age at which I read this book. I read Time Enough for Love in what was then the Soviet Union over the course of a white night. I'm not kidding. At any rate, Time Enough for Love is a decent enough story and entertaining. Par for the course with Heinlein, though, is negotiating his complicated relationship to gender and his often overblown moralising. This is not to say that these issues are wholly negative; Heinlein's relationship to gender and morality is [...]


    19. I'd been looking out for this one ever since I saw it new in the KL super-bookshop several months back. A few days ago I got it in exchange for AK from the American girl in my Kathmandu hotel. Unfortunately, as I read the first few pages I realised I’d made a terrible mistake. Lazarus Long, the main character from Methuselah's Children, is, inexplicably, 2000 years old and living on a distant planet. The leader of this planet has foolishly asked the rambling old man to tell him random and stup [...]

    20. I wanted a paperback to read on the plane recently, and this one was right on top of a stack of books, so I reread it. I've reread a few Heinlein books recently, and I realize as I have with so many other books that I read when I was young, (believe it or not, I think I might have been 10 the first time I read this, I was certainly no more than 12) how much they shaped my sense of myself. For instance, every Heinlein book has pages and pages devoted to math, and not glossed over math, real math. [...]

    21. A Review-----The Players-----Terence Ash – publisher and editorRobert Ash – younger brother, sub editorChartwell - Office assistant and explorer of the darker corners of staplesEdgar – warehouseman and dogsbodyHeinry Lein - writerTIME ENOUGH FOR LOVEHeinry Lein - Hello I wonder if you would be so kind as to look atthis.Robert Ash - What is it?Heinry Lein - A manuscript.Robert Ash - A manuscript?Heinry Lein - You Know Ink on paper .Words.Robert Ash - Oh! Mmmmm. What is it about?Heinry Lein [...]

    22. This book is very long; too long. It is a collection of anecdotes and tales linked together by a meandering conversation with much pontification. There are two 'intermissions' containing lists of Heinlein aphorisms and even a spate of doggerel. There is no real plot except for the ones in the individual stories. The predominant theme is incest. In the end, our protagonist, Lazarus Long, proves himself to be, literally, a motherf***er. says: "Three novels from (Heinlein's middle) period, Stranger [...]

    23. A number of fellow poly-folk and friends whom I respect highly had mentioned this book when discussing their awakening to their polyamourous natures, and so I decided to pick it up a while back. I'm normally a fairly fast reader, but this took me months to slog thru (with lots of breaks for other books). Heinlein's writing is difficult for me to read because I feel it's a bit convoluted and sometimes poorly executed, but he is a great storyteller, and while I can't say that I agree with all the [...]

    24. I can't make up my mind on this one. Lets see if writing a review helps. One of his themes is that any type of sex is ok, as long as no one is harmed by the action, which excuses a lot that many would find unacceptable such as statutory rape or incest, or when the story was published, homosexuality. His premise seems to be if they want it, they are old enough to enjoy it safely. I'm not necessarily so convinced of that. Kids may want it and think of nothing else. That doesn't mean they have the [...]

    25. Any complaints about Heinlein's "Time Enough For Love" that are centered around the absurdity and perversity of a two thousand year old man having sex with every single woman he ever meets, most of whom are descended from him or raised from childhood by him or gave birth to him (!!), are completely valid complaints. As much as I enjoyed this read, Heinlein's obsession with knocking down every possible sexual barrier got a little hard to swallow after a while and kept me from rating this a five-s [...]

    26. I'll be honest, I haven't actually finished this book. But I'm not sure I ever will. I got about 150 pages away from the end and was planning to keep going. And maybe it's terribly prudish of me, but then the main character slept with his two female, young teenage clones, and my stomach kind of churned. And I just don't feel the need to read any more of it. It's not like that was the first thing to bother me, I wasn't a huge fan of the main character to begin with. He was a long winded lecherous [...]

    27. My favorite book of all time. So many stories, so much wisdom, and a cast of characters I love spending time with. I can't give it an objective review. I'm just too much in love with it. This is the story of the lives of Lazarus Long, oldest member of the human race. He's been alive for thousands of years, and saw humanity go from the idyll of pre-World War I to the conquest of space and beyond. He's practiced nearly every profession, sired hundreds of children, and now he's bored with life and [...]

    28. This was the only Heinlein book we were banned from reading when we were kids because it made such a convincing argument for sex outside of marriage or any other social construct. This is also one of the best love stories of all time. Go Dora!

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