Un buco nel tempo

Un buco nel tempo Libro fantascientifico di cui sono protagonisti due gemelli identici di sedici anni Barry e Harry In una casa ereditata da uno zio saranno coinvolti in una esperienza che porter Harry a maturare ve

  • Title: Un buco nel tempo
  • Author: William Sleator Andreina Tramacere
  • ISBN: 9788804372219
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • Libro fantascientifico di cui sono protagonisti due gemelli identici, di sedici anni, Barry e Harry In una casa ereditata da uno zio, saranno coinvolti in una esperienza che porter Harry a maturare velocemente a causa di una contrazione del tempo, dovuta a campi magnetici su cui situata la casa Verr cos a finire la sua dipendenza da Barry che, tra i due, aveva avutoLibro fantascientifico di cui sono protagonisti due gemelli identici, di sedici anni, Barry e Harry In una casa ereditata da uno zio, saranno coinvolti in una esperienza che porter Harry a maturare velocemente a causa di una contrazione del tempo, dovuta a campi magnetici su cui situata la casa Verr cos a finire la sua dipendenza da Barry che, tra i due, aveva avuto sempre un atteggiamento di superiorit.

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    1. I have been complaining a lot lately about the young adult authors of the '80s that I somehow missed out on, but William Sleator thankfully wasn't one of them. Interstellar Pig, which I discovered in fourth or fifth grade, is probably the first sci-fi book I ever read. I picked up Among the Dolls around the same time without knowing who wrote it and spent 1999 - 2009 trying to piece together my hazy memories to figure out who was responsible for the terrifying dolls that haunt my dreams (thanks [...]

    2. Ever since I read this as a kid I remembered the premise of this story, that a kid finds the other end of a singularity (the center of a black hole) in a shack on a relative's property. I didn't remember anything about the actual plot, so it was almost fresh to meet the main characters, twin brothers who don't get along great. As I read I realized part of the reason I didn't remember it was because I internalized it; I think I identified a LOT with the twin who is telling the story. In any case, [...]

    3. AH-HAH! I remembered this book for YEARS and could never remember what it was, but now it has been found for me!Now all I need to do is find a local copy and actually read it again.***So I finally checked to see if my local library had this book! Huzzah!Okay, so the plot doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that was never really the point. The point is the survival story angle of the boy who spends his year in the time-stretched shed getting a year older, and how it feels for him to get a year [...]

    4. I have always tried to find this book in libraries.e story has stayed with me since childhood. One of the most vivid books I ever read as a kid, haunting, mysterious.e characters and plot really pull you in. The funny thing is that for the longest time I swore the book was written by William Shatner, not William Sleator! Maybe that explains why I was never able to find it

    5. This was one of my favourite books as a child, and the first "scary" book I ever read. It's still every bit as magical to me now as it was back then, and I was just as reluctant to put it down before finishing.Harry and Barry discover that the garden shed in their grand-uncle's garden hides a place where time works differently. One second outside corresponds to an hour within. Harry is sick and tired of Barry always acting as if he's older, so he decides to stay in there for a night, so he'll en [...]

    6. This was always my favorite William Sleator book as a kid, and on re-reading I find that it still is. I love how Sleater injects fascinating and weird science into his books -- and also includes a dose of psychology and/or horror. His stories stick with you.This is the story of teenage twin boys who are checking out a house that the family inherited after the death of a distant uncle. The boys quickly discover something weird about the playhouse out back, where time runs differently than elsewhe [...]

    7. All of William Sleator's books are good science fiction for young people, even though most of them take overdone subjects for yet another ride. Sleator somehow does it differently and in a more character-oriented fashion.This one's about a room where time doesn't move the same as it's supposed to. Some of the book is dedicated to some kids figuring out its mysteries. But . . . then one of them figures out how to use this room to buy him some time for his own advantages. This was my favorite Will [...]

    8. Singularity was the first science-fiction book I had ever read, way back when I was in seventh grade. While I admittedly don’t have any real interest in science-fiction nowadays, this books will always hold a special place in my heart. Not only is the author William Sleator, one of my favorite authors as a child, but the book also features some realistic science behind it. PlotBarry and Harry Krasner are twin brothers whose family inherits a home and some land from an estranged great-uncle. Th [...]

    9. It must suck to be William Sleator. He writes fascinating, memorable plots that wouldn't be out of place in much more famous books, but no one can ever remember his name. I read this book after it turned up as the answer to a book identification question someone e-mailed the library with. His books are rivaled only by Ray Bradbury short stories in the frequency they appear on "what was that book?"-type websites.In Singularity, a pair of 16-year old twin boys arrive at their recently deceased gre [...]

    10. Barry, as usual, gets his way and him and his twin brother Harry are sent off to their dead great-uncle's deserted farm to "house-sit." Barry has always been more athletic and aggressive. When they fully understand the playhouse made on the property of their great-uncle - how time moves faster there, it's a link between this universe and another, and a monster is going to come through - Harry wants to tell the police and warn people before they get hurt. Barry opposes and threatens to stay in th [...]

    11. Thank goodness the book picked up near the latter third. I really hated the main characters. Truly, couldn't stand either Barry or Harry. Wanted to punch them in the face. Once it picked up though, (after Harry's decisive action), it got more interesting. Well, I suppose only more interesting than the first half. *sigh* In some ways, it reminded me of The Stranger by Camus. But mostly, it reminded me that I couldn't wait for this book to end.

    12. This book simultaneously frightened me and blew my mind when I was younger. To say why would spoil the ending.

    13. This book was super interesting. I read this probably 12 years ago, so my memory is fuzzy, but very positive.

    14. I first read Singularity as part of required reading in school. I immediately fell in love with it as it set my mind on fire with possibilities! I grew up as an only child and the mere thought of having a sibling was an unknown and amazing thing to me, then to think of what the twins relationship must have been like and for it to have been changed forever was simply unfathomable. To have an event like this happen that was exciting, dangerous, and should have been forbidden, filled me with wonder [...]

    15. Quick read. I remember this being a favorite when I was younger so I decided to see if I remembered it correctly. Great little sci-fi book dealing with special relativity, though it never says that outright. Character development is clunky but appropriate for a young adult book. Overall fun

    16. I read this when I was a teenager and I remembered enjoying it, but I couldn't remember the name of the book! Fortunately, Mike Miller was able to help me out there.

    17. Singularity, by William Sleator is about two twins, named Harry and Barry, who travel alone to Sushan to watch over the house of their uncle who just passed away. There, after looking around, they discover a, "singularity" in a playhouse, where time moves faster in that certain space. In the playhouse, they find that a dangerous-looking creature is coming, but when Harry wanted to call the police, Barry threatens to lock himself inside to playhouse so that he could age a year over Harry and they [...]

    18. After their uncle dies unexpectedly, teenage twins Barry and Harry travel to the rural middle-of-nowhere to guard their new inheritance—their uncle’s house—until their parents can arrive to help divide assets. Upon arriving in town, Barry and Harry hear suspicious descriptions about their uncle: he only interacted with himself, he operated at oddly late hours of the night, and any creatures who stepped on his property aged significantly in a short period of time. The twins understand his o [...]

    19. Harry's got a twin brother. And Barry has always been the dominant twin, which irritates Harry, but he can't seem to escape it. He wants to get along better with his brother, and hopes their summer vacation at their weird old uncle's old house will help, but Barry just continues to boss Harry around and complain about feeling burdened by him as they investigate a mystery surrounding a shed on the property. Soon they discover that time moves faster in that room for some reason--entering the shed [...]

    20. So there's a very eighties young adult type of writing to this book, and the characters and plot aren't immediately interesting. That's kind of an expected thing in most William Sleator novels though. Another expected thing that sometimes doesn't always happen is how AWESOME it gets further in.I had heard great things about Singularity, so I had my expectations uncomfortably high. I was getting ready for disappointment the more I read, because I really wasn't sure if it was going to pick up. But [...]

    21. I liked the story and found it somewhat compelling, but true to Sleator's style and approach, it has a sad component to the ending. I have read almost all of Sleator's works and not every one of them ends that way but a significant number of them do, i.e. end with a strong, sad twist to the life of the main character or characters. The ending to this story isn't as devastating as the end of some of his other stories but there definitely is a sad aspect to it none the less. This story is about 2 [...]

    22. This is a book I read as a young adult and was never able to forget. Unfortunately I forgot the title (it was a library book) - for some reason I thought it was named "serendipity" - and I then spent years looking for the book so that I could re-read it and see if it was as compelling as I remembered. Fast forward 20 years, and I googled a description of the plot - I was astonished to find that the book wasn't a figment of my imagination, and promptly ordered it from .I think the brilliance of t [...]

    23. A short YA science fiction/horror book that showed up on my radar while reading reviews for collection development onI want to say Library Journal. Two twins house sit for their late uncle's home and find a shed in the back that contains a singularity where time moves much faster than outside. Days inside the shed are minutes outside, meaning if you got yourself locked in for a realitively short time on the outside with no food, you'd starve to death inside. Also, it seems to be sucking things f [...]

    24. I remember reading this way back in elementary school (about the same time the book came out) and enjoyed the science and suspense of it. Unfortunately then, as now, I was not able to connect with the main character, Harry, even though I was also quiet and bookish as well. Now, when I reread the book, I feel even more distanced and simply view him as whiny. While I understand this a period of growth for Harry, the feeling I get is the decisions he makes are more for story-value than realistic. T [...]

    25. Harry and Barry, twins, go out to their dead great-uncle's house in the country to see what they can do in terms of selling items and the property. The old house is full of strange things like a six-legged cat skeleton, and many different keys and locks. Soon, with the help of a neighbor girl, Lucy, they find the key to the playhouse in the middle of the lot. What they discover inside changes their views of their uncle and of space and time. Nothing will ever be the same.Frankly, I disliked the [...]

    26. sinularty is book about these twins who get sent to there uncles old abandond farm house to look over it so that there parents can get money for the house. they find mysyrious things around the house they find things in house and out side of the house. one day they found some keys to that go to the play house in the back yard. they meet a girl that is there friend. barry is the twin that thinks hess soo cool and knows everything but on the otehr hand harry just does what his brother says and fal [...]

    27. Barry and Harry are way identical twins, their uncle Ambros died and Barry and Harry's family obtained his property. They go down to his house by themselfs. Barry didn't really like Harry out of Harrys perspective. They meet a girl named Lucy and they find a play house on the property. One night they feel something like an earthquake and so they go down to the play house to check it out and find something unexpected. The plot takes an unexpected turn. It tells you that Uncle Ambroses place looks [...]

    28. I remember picking this up way back when at the school library. I think I had to have been around 11 or so when I read it. I've never been able to remember the name, but the basic plot of the story has stuck with me since then. It was probably freakiest/most suspenseful book I read in my childhood. I always knew I'd remember it if I saw the cover (even though I didn't remember exactly what it looked like, but I suddenly decided I really wanted to remember it tonight. So, I googled "book about a [...]

    29. I had read this book as a teenager, and wanted to read it again (to see if it lived up to my memory of it, and to see if it might be something my boys would like). I did still really enjoy to concept, really improves after the first couple chapters inside the shed, time goes faster. One twin (the younger one) decides to spend a couple hours in the shed (which would actually be a year inside)thus becoming older than his twin. Just the thought of the discipline, how he would live in one room alone [...]

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